Wednesday, January 25, 2006

CNY : Some of the Do & Don't

I guess many of us do not believe in or do not follow (strictly) the so-called Chinese New Year (CNY) taboos or superstitions.. I'm one of them :) However, some of these traditions and customs are still practised.

*Sweeping the floor should not be done on first day of CNY for fear that one might sweep away the good fortune. Err... I don't believe in this or follow this.. I will sweep the floor if necessary.

*We are not supposed to wash our hair because it would mean we would have washed away good luck for the New Year. Unless I stay indoor the whole day.. If I go out visiting relatives/friends, sure I will sweat (hot climate all year round).. Washing hair is somehow unavoidable..

*The entire house should be cleaned before CNY (hence spring cleaning), to get rid of the old and welcome the new. Mmmm... Lazy to do spring cleaning

*Settle all the debts before CNY to avoid a bad financial year. Any debt from the old year carried into the new year bodes back luck. It is believed that if one start the new year with debt, it will set the precedence for the rest of the year, that is.. spending the entire year owing people $$$. .. Attention, attention !! Anyone owe me anything? Please settle fast :) Oops, I haven't pay my credit card yet :P

*Wearing new clothes on CNY, and red-coloured clothing is preferred. Red is considered to be very auspicious. Wearing new things are believed to bring good luck. It is believed the appearance and attitude during CNY sets the tone for the rest of the year. I don't follow this :D Sometimes, I even wear black-coloured clothes during CNY ;)

*One should celebrate the New Year with happy mood and not sad mood nor crying. There is the old belief that if one cries on CNY, he/she will cry throughout the year. Therefore, elders and parents will try to tolerate the children even though they are naughty.

*Avoid negativity. This includes bad thoughts, language (bad or negative words, foul language or unlucky words) and actions. Be positive and friendly to all. This one is easy, cos I hardly say bad words or foul language.. Hahaha.. I'm a very polite person ;)

*Shooting off firecrackers on CNY Eve to send out the old year and welcome in the New Year. Also, there's the belief that this will frighten the evil spirit away. However, firecrackers are banned in Malaysia several years back. However, firecrackers are still available in the blackmarket. Not many oblige to this rule.. .. I guess I'm one of the "good" ones and I haven't touch fire crackers for ages... Hahhaa.. The last time I played firecrackers is during my primary school days.

*Reunion Dinner. On CNY Eye, everyone in the family will try to gather for a reunion dinner,which serves to bring families together. Reunion dinner which usually consists of various delicacies. Those working outstation or studying abroad normally will take the effort to come back home for the reunion dinner.

*On CNY Eve the light should be kept on the whole night (to attract the God of Fortune?). I don't believe in this cos I'm a Christian :)

Err.. If I continue on babbling, this will be a non ending list.. So, I guess I better stop here :)

**How many of you still follow these Do & Don't?


Desmond said...

Gong Xi Fa Chai :)I don't know much about the dos and don'ts except for the sweeping... we have our dos and don'ts for Gawai also but its nice to believe it once a year :)

sbanboy said...

Erm ... my family still follow some of the dos and donts ....

For me... Chinese New Year is a time to spend time with my family and old friends and also for me to catch up on my sleep ... hehe

And also a time for me to grab some ang pow .... :)

Sam I Am said...

We have lerned something new thank you for sharing.Nice reads!!!
OH.Them cookies look real good ,Next time send some our waaaay!

Wilson said...

Doc, there you miss out one 'Do', that is Do give Wilson a big ang pao =P
Gong Xi Fa Chai :)

Winn said...

wah. thanks for listing them down.

i kinda know these 'rules and regulations' but i dun follow them.. n kinda forget abt them ..

i tell teach lucas the same.. will dress him up as mickey mouse this year.

his chinese horoscope is rat? errr..heheh

Cynthia said...

heheh..Happy CHHEEENA New Year~!
I still follow most of the rules uncautiously, except the last one. I didnt know that. But, the firecraker thing..ehehe, cannot do it lah neither at home or aus..cos i dont want Police DiRaja Malaysia visit my house =) I only want "God of Fortune" come =) We (family) not pantang, not really superstitious, but we still follow old traditions loh.. at the end of the day, we are still Chinese =P

Chen said...

Gong Xi Fa Cai,
It's nice to know about the culture for other races since Malaysia is a multi racial country :)
I don't really know about the "Do and Don't" for Gawai..
I have to read up more :)

hahha.. I guess u forget to add in this -> time to eat some good food :P

Sam I Am,
Thanks :)
It's always good to learn something new..
I get to learn lots of things about dog from your blog as well :)

the giving out angpow thing --> I purposely leave it out with words & substitute it with picture :P
So that it won't be so obvious & people won't notice it :D
Here, I give u a big virtual angpow
Gong Xi Fa Cai

Gong Xi Gong Xi
wow.. U made the "Rabbit" becoming "Mouse"?
Hahhaa.. I guess Lucas will then become more confused about his identity liao..
Aiks, I didn't buy any new clothes for my Ah Boy pulak :P
Now I feel guilty :D

Gong Xi Gong Xi
Normally I only watch other people playing firecrackers or fireworks :)
Watching is fun as well... Don't have to participate ;)
The sky will be beautifully lightened up with fireworks near 12 midnight on CNY eve :)
and very smoky as well cos of the firecrackers.. :D

Robin said...

Wah lau, you more Kay-poh then the aunty in the market. This cannot, that cannot... Haven't heard this since my grandma past away!

are you crowned Aunty of the Hospital? If not, they should !!


Anonymous said...

avoid the negativity. i like that!

Alicia said...

i think my family dun really quite folo evrything except for the sweeping floor thing...

Chen said...

UNKER Robin,
aiyoh.. u are a lawyer woh..
didn't u read carefully what I write?
*shake head*
next time please read carefully, or u need to change spect liao for a clearer vision? :)
or u need to wear the spect for the eldery so that u can read properly ??
or u too obsessed with your red car liao, till u can't concentrate properly? ;)
Gong Xi Gong Xi :D

yeah :)

nowadays too many people like to swear 4 letter words or use foul language..
really a sick sign :)
I will try to avoid talking to people like that :D

I know some people even though they sweep the floor, they will keep the "rubbish" or sweep it to one side :)

JoeC said...

yes, i no sweep floor or wash hair, shoot fire works and paint my house red and gold!

Selba said...

yesterday, during chinese course, my laoshi explained all the reason of 'do's and dont's'... quite interesting... it really makes us understand more 'why'...

FH2O said...

Call me old-fashioned or juz plain respectful of traditions; i follow ler ... to the extent that I can remember 'em only lah! to each his own and Happy Chinese New Wishes to One and Old, oops I mean ALL!! :)

Chen said...

Tong Tong Cheng..
I notice u changed your profile picture to the "chiu choi mao" :D
should use "chiu choi kao" mah, since this coming year is fire dog year :P

There's reasoning to each and every "Do" and "Don't" ..
including all the old wives tales as well..
It is interesting to know about it, for interest and knowledge purpose :)

Gong Xi Gong Xi
I won't call u old-fashioned ;)
but more of respect the traditions ;)

It is good to let the younger generations know about it..
follow or not following is one thing, but at least we know about the traditions :)
cos we are Chinese :D

Jacky said...

Ops, I still have tonnes of debts to settle!

Chen said...

oops, better settle it fast :P
anyway, I haven't pay my credit card yet :D

Sharl612 said...

All of these (except the wash hair) are so familiar but we no longer practice them. I miss the firecracker moments. ;p

Chen said...

I guess u can still watch neighbours playing firecrackers, right?

yeah... I know..
watching & playing are 2 different things :)

Robin said...

Wah so fierce... must be from one of those fierce small and specky aunty of the hospital!


Chen said...

unker robin,
Since this coming year is dog year, so every dog will have his day :)