Thursday, January 26, 2006

Going Nuts on Nutty Year :)

Going nuts on Nutty Year?? Oops.. I hope these won't attract monkeys... By the way, No open house for monkeys :)

Cashew Nuts..


Wasabi Green Peas... These is really hot stuff !! The wasabi gives the greenish colour to the white coat :)


Green coloured pumpkin seeds..

Which one is your favourite ?


Jellyfish said...

ada garam, ada sedap :D

but i see manyak garam = manyak sedap

Chen said...

oops.. u forget to add in..
manyak garam = manyak rambut gugur, nanti jadi botak :P

too salty is no good leh.. :D

The Yongs said...

Nuts, nuts and more nuts! Is that in our CNY menu this year?? Will find out when we get back to Kuching! The pics are great... makes nuts really yummy!

Chen said...

the yongs,
thanks :)
This is my own CNY theme :)

Sharl612 said...

Hmmm... a nutty post. Kuaci must have married Peanut to join the nutty family. ;)

Chen said...

hahhaha.. u notice it, huh? :)
mata tajam :D

yeah, kuaci falls in love with peanut, so join in the crowd loh :)
One big happy family :)

sbanboy said...

I am going nuts looking at all these food ... tomorrow I will be home ... kekeke

Cynthia said...

yum! i love cashew, almond, ground etc etc.. and this nut called 'Gua Chi" LOL

Chen said...

I guess u can go back home very soon, since u have done your last on call of the month already :)
Have a safe journey back home, and Happy Chinese New Year :)
Eat more nuts :P

hahahha.. yeah yeah, "Gua Chi" is the new (?illegal) member in the nut family :)
Almond is nice.
and I always call walnut as "brain nut" cos it looks like brain hemisphere :)

Anonymous said...

i like cashew nut. i like ang pow also. can u give me ang pow aaa chen??

FH2O said...

I've gone POTTY and you have gone NUTS!!

Here's wishing you and your family and everyone a very Happy Chinese New Year! Be Well!

Chen said...

cashew nut is nice..
We always but lots & lots of cashew nut (& cuttlefish as well) whenever we visited Thailand :)
angpow ah? mmmmm... Give u one big virtual angpow, okie? ;)

hhahahha.. which one is better then? going potty or going nuts? ;)
Happy CHinese New Year to u and everyone in da house :)
Gong Xi Fa Cai :)

Jacky said...

Wah, the cashew nuts at first glance looked like donuts because they are so closed up :)

Why don't have my favorite "kom pian" lol

Chen said...

kompia is not CNY food leh..
and it is not member of the Nutty Family :)
and.... I can't get it in Penang ;)

yvy said...

garam is good!! ;)) but i like the kacang biskut, kuih kapit, bak kua, nien kuo.....wah!!! hungry liow!!! lol

Alicia said...

o.o cashew and pistachio.. we normally dun have it for new yr.. :/ but we do have it for other days

Pandabonium said...

Nuts are a weakness of mine. Healthy in moderation, but Once I start eating them, they are soon gone.

If forced to pick just one, I'd say cashews. But I want them all.

Chen said...

another garam lover :P

most people will have groundnuts and kuaci for CNY :)

just like eating pringles ?
once u start, u cannot stop ;)

fish fish said...

No. 1!!! Mum's one the best. ^_^

Chen said...

fish fish,
home-cooked food is always the best ;)

Furkids In Hong Kong said...

Sigh, how dare you put pics of my favourite nuts (pistachios and cashews)up to tease me, especially when we've got none at home. :(

Must run now downstairs to get some.


Cynthia said...

yeah.. i like walnut carrot cake.. yum yum~! love eating the brains! LOL

Chen said...

Furkids in HK,
oops... So I presume u bought some already by now? :P

like the old Chinese sayings; drinking "pig brain soup" will make us more brainy..
so I presume eating walnut will make us brainy as well, since walnut has the shape of the brain hemisphere, hahah...

tom said...

Definitively pistachio are my favorite ones, 2 of them i havent ever tried which are wasabi green peas and cashew nuts :) looks nice tho.

Chen said...

the wasabi green peas is very 'hot' :)
those who loves hot & spicy food will love the wasabi green peas :)

tom said...

wah.. i must try it then. i know what wassabi is tho. considered as the hottest spice ever. i havent ever tried wassabi nor those green peas ><
from hot stuffs all i had was tabasco, chili sauce. they were very hot to me in the begining but after some time my tongue got accustomed to those, and now its just numb when i eat those :) still brings pleasure tho.

Chen said...

yeah, it is worth trying :)
hot stuffs are nice.