Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Economy Rice

This is what I have for dinner tonight. Something simple (and cheap as well :D) Lazy to cook dinner. So I bought some food on the way back home. White rice and green veges and salted egg. Yeah, salted egg... I haven't eat salted egg for quite some time already. I guess the last time I ate it was more than a year ago. So I decided to give it a try again after so long.

I prefer eating vegetable much more compared to meat. Kangkung, petai, brinjal, tomato, bean sprout, tofu, kailan and other green leaf vege, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, lady finger, long beans etc etc... All my favourites :) Oops.. forget to mention my favourite jungle fern, bilin.. Aiyks.. How can I forget that delicious jungle fern ???

I know most people prefer eating meat rather than vegetable. I guess I'm one of the odd ones. How about u?


Sharl612 said...

I like Spinach. (This has nothing to do with Popeye *lol*)

sbanboy said...

I like vegetarian food ... :)

Chen said...

hahha.. why u mention nothing to do with Popeye so early?
or else I will imagine something... something like your bicep muscle becomes more muscular after u pop in the spinach.. :P

Another vege lover :D
next time when we meet up, we go for vegetarian food :)

Godknows said...

I love bean and egg. Your simple dinner look great. Nice blog

day-dreamer said...

I don't exactly prefer vegetarian food, but I'm a veggie lover! The dining table MUST have at least one green veggie on it, if not it'll be not complete...

Hey... what you have listed are ALL my favourites, except bilin (never try before), tomato and cauliflower.

Vegetables are BETTER than meat!!

izchan said...

and so the invasion of the vegan's begin.

food must be taken in moderation, purely consuming vegetables are not good. Meat is part of the whole meal.

Why the hell am I lecturing a DOCTOR on healthy eating?

Desmond said...

I think we all need to eat veggies and less meat - and Reverse Osmosis Water. Why?

After reading the report by Dr. Balwant Singh Bains "consultant physiotherapist who counts VVIP's and even members of the royalty from the Middle East as among his stroke patients, blames it on the "teh tarik" phenomenon and Malaysia being a very high meat-consuming nation."

Can you confirm that Doc?

Winn said...

i love veggies over meat toooo...

we are not odd..other ppl are odd. keke..hm..our dogs are odd!

actualli i tried having lucas to eat veggies meals for a few days when me n my family have to 'sek chai' for a mth.
His appetite shrunk and refused to eat. Wat a picky eater.

Alicia said...

hmm u're not a wierd one.. i like veges too xD.. mebbe i shud say i luv both :P

Robin said...


American Cancer Society

Because recent evidence indicates that diet modification may be one of the most effective ways to reduce the risk of cancer, the American Cancer Society has published the following recommendations for healthier eating.

Eat more low-fat, high-fiber foods. Specifically, eat more fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains.

Decrease fat intake: select lean cuts of meat; trim all invisible fat; bake or broil instead of frying. Choose low-fat or nonfat dairy products.

Use cruciferous and green leafy vegetables often.

To reduce carcinogen intake eat fewer charbroiled, salted, smoked, and pickled foods.

Decrease total fat.

FH2O said...

Robin! aiyah the ang-mohs always like that one. talk so much for so long and yet no cure for cancer!
meanwhile can u please kindly pass me your spore bak kua to enjoy! haaaaaaaa!

Loc Kee said...

Doc, heard from jellyfish you not well wo...

Just hope that you get well soooon.

Happy New Year :>

fish fish said...

My dear, you definitely is not the odd one. You know you have me to share the same like as yours. ;)

Man~ I want a Ham Dan sooo much now.

Chen said...

Thanks :)

day dreamer,
err? u don't like tomato & cauliflower?
It's good to see so many vege lovers here :)

I see most people who commented here like vege :D
Btw, I didn't say I don't take meat, just take I prefer taking vege :)
And, I have lotsa vegetarian friends including vegetarian doctors as well..
One can still lead a healthy life without eating meat :)

I guess Robin gives a good reply up there in his comment :)

yeah yeah.. other people are the odd one.
We are normal :D

kekkek... u need to train Lucas to love vegetables.
My Ah Boy will sapu all the vege I feed him ~ including tofu and bean sprout :P

Yeah, Now I know there are lotsa vege lovers :)

Now I know u r indeed a very health conscious person..

sounds like the spore bak kua is very delicious..
I want to taste it as well.. :)

Loc Kee,
I'm well already, thanks for asking :)

Fish Fish,
True true.. now I know there are lotsa vege lovers over here :)
No Ham Dan in Japan?

Robin said...

hehe.. Blog must also be educational mah!..

Cannot always ask people to eat Hum dan and preserve Kana.

Winn said...

i love your ah-boy...he has got 'garbage' attitude. more garbage than lucas. hehe.

jus make sure he doesnt sleep near garbage bin.

Chen said...

hahaha... Have u hear the somebody story? Actually nobody ask anybody to eat preserve Kana :D
too educational is very boring :)

Chen said...

Garbage attitude? hahhaha... what a description :P
Tell u something.. He likes to guard by the garbage bin after we eat chicken..
Cos he wants to steal the chicken bones..
He will act suspiciously near the garbage bin everytime after we eat chicken..
He doesn't understand why we throw away such delicious food..
And he doesn't understand why we rather throw it away than feed him the bones :P

Nope, nope.. my Ah Boy has his own special comfy bed to sleep on :)
He even put his soft toys on his bed :D
So cuteee....

Jellyfish said...

i like.............

Cynthia said...

ah! i like vege too, actually. just that steak is sooo cheap in aussie =) seafood is sooo yummie.. ekekke

I LOVE TO EAT LAH.. (jus put it in that way, ok? )

*wink wink*

Greenapple said...

i prefer veges over meat too. gawd i miss economy rice. such thing don't quite exist here ... ahh!

yvy said...

hehehe!! i love FOOD!! actually, between vege & meat, i think i slant slightly towards vege. :D

btw, i thought it was BIDIN, not bilin....i like it too. almost similar to our pninsula's paku pakis, right?

Chen said...

I know u like crabs, since u like to post crap.. kekkee..

Good to know that Cynthia, the meat person also likes vege.. :)

I guess there are more different varieties of food in Malaysia compared to US?
When u coming back home?

there's lotsa different name for that jungle fern ~ from bilin, bidin, milin, midin etc etc.. but all refer to the same thing :)
Good to know u like it.
That's my favourite vege. Something that I won't missed out each time I balik kampung.

yvy said...

first time to kuching was a fwe months back n the locals said i MUST have it n so i did. loved it! ;) love those longish seashells too...dunno wat it's called.

Chen said...

i see..
yeah, the jungle fern is one of the MUST HAVE food in Sarawak :)

The longish seashell? I don't know whether u r refering to the bamboo clam or ambal? There is picture on bamboo clam or ambal on one of my earlier post. Is this the one?