Monday, January 02, 2006

First Mission of 2006

The first mission I need to accomplish in the beginning of year 2006 is to clear all the sms (short message service) in my handphone . I just scrolled through the sms in my hanphone and apparently there are 170++ sms in the text messages inbox, which accumulated in less than 10 days time. I didn't clear the sms since Christmas (cos lazy..) and over the one week plus, amazingly the number of sms increase to such a amount!! Most of the sms are the Christmas wishes and New Year wishes from family members, friends and colleagues.

Now I really have to do spring cleaning and exercise my right thumb to delete all the messages :) Really heavy exercise :D Hope I won't have sore thumb by the end of the day cos of the extensive repetitive and stereotype movements.

Hahhaa.. wish me good luck.


sbanboy said...

Aya .. I also sent u alot of sms ... hehe :) what to do ... I need antidote from jellyfish ...

sbanboy said...

Eh how come got burger one ?

Jellyfish said...


but hor...
u can keep your thumb fit

day-dreamer said...

I can imagine Doctor Chen's right thumb being heavily bandaged, as it was swelling terribly and looked as red as Rudolph(the red-nose reindeer)'s nose... Kekekkekekekke!! Just like the stupid Digi ad on TV long, long ago. Muahahahahaha!

Yalor... why is there a burger there? Don't tell me... your thumb is giap inside it? :O

Chen said...

next time when u meet up with him, remember to bring a blender together with u :D
It's very useful... I guess u know what I mean, right? :)

Burger ah? Cos I'm hungry when I posted this post..

where got people keep thumb fit? :D

day dreamer,
choi... :P
This day dreamer really very 口衰 :D
plaster your mouth then u know :)

How come I can't remember got such adv previously on TV?

Cynthia said...

so many sms.. msia sms must be damn cheap =)

Furkids In Hong Kong said...

Happy belated X'mas and New Year!

Sigh, spring cleaning real PITA - especially when we haven't done any housework for a month now. :(

Love your food pics!

Take care.


fish fish said...

Heeee... I cleaned my hp too. Geee... hard to believe quite a few numbers in it no more exist in 2 years time. Fast!

I did the cleaning on the train and the old ladies beside me kept looking at my hp. Disturbing!

carcar said...

haha , i stored up to ard 200 sms in my h/p..need to clean it as well, but some i kept it as memories..they are precious to me..

burger? hmm..bcos u were hungry when u post it lah? haha... or just try to make sure every single of yr post have FOOD ?

*don't throw me with yr burger ok*

chiehchee said...

Hi there all,
Happy New Year and ...still thinking of what it's with the burger?.... but since that it's lunch time, really can't concentrate on work looking at it...
Can see you all forumer having fun with this blog...can I join? need me to introduce my self?

Will be great to join you all!!


Chen said...

Hahhaa.. Cheap or expensive is something very subjective...
I don't know how much is considered as cheap to u :P

Furkids in HK,
Good to see that u r back :)

Fish Fish,
Hahaha.. the old lady wanted to read your message?
She is curious, I presume :D
I'm still half way deleting the sms..
Too many liao.. Hope can accomplish the mission by tonight :)

wow.. 200? that's a lot.
Aiyak, not all my posts have FOOD leh..
*I definitely won't throw the burger at u
cos.... the burger is to be eaten, not to be thrown at people... :P
or else defeat the purpose :D

Welcome to the crowd..
yeah yeah, pls intro yourself;
or wear name tag?? :)

I haven't take my lunch yet btw...

chiehchee said...

So, sit down, have lunch while I showing you all who I'm

Lew Chieh Chee 劉杰琦 just call me chee, been in your blog browsing thru some idea and forum about Cameron Highlands, know a lot about Cameron, been there some years ago, and returning every year, love Cameron like crazy.
I'm working as a graphic designer since graduate, and work with HVD sometime ago, you know HVD? pass story lah, but really happy working there.
Living in Kajang, since that you live to eat, try kajang satay before? love it? there is some weird story behind the yummy stick..want to know?
By the way, the fruit you mentioned on the previous post, we call it Sa Li in Hokkien, delicious eating with Soy Sauce mixing with chili and sugar.
And some more, knowing you that loving sushi, tell you my gal is half way japanese, and she know how to make sushi...yummy yummy, luckier then you...Hee :D

Chen said...

Thanks for the detailed intro :)
Nice meeting u.
I have only been to Cameron Highlands twice. The first time was 10 years ago. Definitely I will go back there more frequent in the future. The new Simpang Pulai route is much more better than the old Tapah route.

The HVD here, is it the HVD film production and something to do with the local tv drama series? If it is so, then I know about it :)

Hahha.. Kajang Sate. Yeah, the first time I tasted Kajang Sate was way back in 1993. During my first year in uni. During those days, the stalls during those days are different from what it is now.. So fast time flies. I have heard lotsa stories of how to make the soup tastier or thicker in texture or how to attract the customers to come back for more etc etc... Not only limited to sate but to other dishes as well; such as putting in panties or pads etc etc. Wonder what's the weird story u have? If u don't mind sharing it here, I would like to hear :)

Woh.. home made sushi? that's great :) U r lucky.

day-dreamer said...

You dare mah come and plaster my mouth lor... :D :D :D

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

I think you need to eat something to improve your memory. Go to the dispenser and get yourself some gingko biloba, doctor! Digi user also dunno got such TV ad from Digi... *bleh*

"Plaster lah... plaster lah... plaster lah... plaster lah..." Ne-ne-ne-ne-ne!!

*bleh* :P :P :P


Chen said...

day dreamer,
hahaha... I think u dunno I seldom watch tv :D
I watch tv like less than 5 hours a week :)
kekkek.. or sometimes only one or 2 hours a week :D
or can be one or two hours for a fortnight as well...
Hahha.. and I didn't really pay attention to the advertisements :D
Don't ask me what's the latest this or that advertisements on tv, cos the answer will be "I have no idea" :D

Err...I think I need to refer u to pyschiatrist liao.. Cos u behave weirdly today :D
or u want ECT ? Can do that FOC for u :)

Winn said...

The burger...and spring cleaning?
wats the relation?

I think i've figured it out oredi. it's the treat ah-boy give u if u finish ur job right. heheheh..

good chen.!

Robin said...

Good that you remind me,

I have 1526.. wowo.. dun know how I cummulate so much, and at least 100 from this New Year's greetings.

Chen said...

U r genius, come up with such a great idea :D
*salute salute*

my ah boy will never share his food with me leh..
So sad; What is his, IS HIS :(
He is very protective of his food...
cannot disturb him when he is eating, or else.. :P

wah.. 1526 sms ????
can go and buy number liao for those who are interested.. :D (cos I don't buy numbers or invest in such things)
time for spring cleaning :D

I almost finish clearing mine :D

agus said...

I got loads of wishes from unknown numbers too. They are probably from friends who changed numbers or who used up their credit and borrowed their friends' phones, or something like that. Yeah, spring cleaning comes early.

Chen said...

wow.. wishes from unknown numbers? :)
or is it wrong number? :D
this reminds me of a friend of mine.
He received few love message sms from unknown number..(He is married already btw)
hahhaa.. apparently that was just a mistake
(He called back the number and asked who is the sender for clarification) :D
luckily that mistake didn't cause any big huh hah in the family :P

SLeeK@ER said...

mm.....happy new year to you!!

Loc Kee said...

dont have your number... couldnt join the spam operation :p

Chen said...


loc kee,
spam operation? :O kekkeke... Luckily u don't have my number :P

day-dreamer said...

loc kee: You want her number?? *big eyes glistening*

Psychiatrist ar? No need lah, so expensive, I don't have $$... :(

ECT ar? Also no need lah, so expensive, I where got $$ to pay... :(

Chen said...

day dreamer,
Wah? giving out number without my consent?
I believe u won't do this sort of 没有道德 things :D

Too bad u r no longer a school student, or else u can get free treatment from psychiatrist :D
but since u look like recovering (and recovering well), so I can withold the referal thingy first loh :P

day-dreamer said...

Of course not... I'm a civilised person okay?

What?? School student can get free treatment from psychiatrist? You mean professional psychiatrist for free?? Oh my god, I didn't know that.

Chen said...

day dreamer,
from gov hospital mah.. of course not applicable to private hosp or clinic lah..
got letter from school to prove tat u are student, can liao :D