Thursday, January 05, 2006

What's in the Name?

A name is something used to distinguish one from another. It is a label for a person, product, thing or place. It is universal for a person to have a name. Everyone has a name given to him/her mostly by the parents, some the grandparents and some by others. Some change their name later on in life for some reasons :)

Winn has her own brand washing detergent ~ Winn's detergent which can give you COMPLETE CARE. (How cool !!) She suggested to me to promote myself in my blog with CHEN-DOL, hahahha... What a great idea. I will do that later on. Now I know chendol has my name in it :D I guess the perasan illness spread very fast (sadly to say, no cure for this ailment at the moment).. This deadly ailment is started by the culprit Jellyfish.

On and off, I like to play around with names.. check their origin, history and popularity etc etc.. And somehow I found this crazy website... Check this out if you are free (not free also can have a look, since it won't take much of your time).. The cool Cyborg Name Decoder. And this is what I get for my name.

Cybernetic Humanoid Engineered for Nullification

Hah? Cybernetic Humanoid Engineered for Nullification for CHEN ? Huh???? Very confusing :P What weird things u get for your name?


JoeC said...

hehehe, sounds like a medic droid's name if there is ever one.... nullified... that sounds scary! cheers.

Chen said...

medic droid? Humanoid Robot ah? Hahhaa...

carcar said...

not bad lah cyber chen! haha...

sbanboy said...

Erm I tried out my name and erm .. hmmmm ... I dare not even share it on my blog ... it was out this world ... hehe

Tibbar de Gniw said...

Mine is nice! Check my blog!!

day-dreamer said...

Come on sbanboy! Be sporting a bit, will ya? LOL.

Mine came out okay... check it out if you like. :)

Winn said...

W.I.N.N.: Worker Intended for Nullification and Negotiation

Err...wat? sounds like a powerful diplomat, except that the 'worker' part makes me sounds working class. heheheheh.

i wan to see chendol.. n yes i can smell 'perasan' in the air. kekeke

sbanboy said...

ok day dreamer my cyber name will be up ... hehe for sbanboy .... erm my real name ? see how lah .... hehe

Chen said...

cyber chen? hahaha..

sban boy,
out of this world?u mean your real name ah?
okie okie.. I will try out myself and see what is it about :)

issit? will go and have a look later on :)

day dreamer,
okay, will go there look look see see later on to see what is it about :)

W.I.N.N.= Worker Intended for Nullification and Negotiation?
hahhaha... so funny :P

chen-dol will be up sometime later on :D

I see what u mean already :P

izchan said...

you now have my vote for most inteligent user interface. :P

Cynthia said...

Cynthia = Cybernetic Ytterbium Neohuman Trained for Hazardous Infiltration and Assassination

WHats that?? =)

sbanboy said...

hehe chen u know what I mean ... hehe ....

should try the sexy name decoder .... hehe

day-dreamer said...

cynthia... Oh dear... you are SOOOO dangerous! You are trained for hazardous assasination??

*kneel down begging* Oh please please please... don't kill me... please please please!!

*scared till cry*

Chen said...

hahaha... TQ :P

walao.. u sounds scary :O
please don't come near me :P

sban boy,
yeah I know..
Hah? now sexy name decoder pulak?

day dreamer,
yeah loh, cynthia is so scary :D
better cabut fast fast :P

Sharl612 said...

Very funny. I went and tried it myself. Check these out:

Artificial Biomechanical Construct Designed for Efficient Fighting, Galactic Harm and Immediate Judo

This one must be from Starwars.

Kinetic Lifelike Machine Normally for Online Peacekeeping, Quick Repair and Scientific Troubleshooting

Online Peacekeeping. Hmmm...

Upgraded Versatile Warfare and Xpert Yelling Zombie

Yelling Zombie!! Cool!!

Cynthia said...

heh!Chen and Day Dreamer.. that site hopeless lah. Me, NICE.. they transform my name to such an assxxxxxx =)
(im not that perasan as jellyfish) *cough*

Sam I Am said...

Now that is name,Cool:)it could be ..Burzum,meaning ..Varg Vikanez's band. a bit geekey (named after the plural for dark in elfish [lord of the rings]) but still a cool name

Robin said...

hmmm.. Chen is a easy to adapt name.

If you are a Indian, you could be Bala-chen (a fav food in Penang) or John Chen (meaning got knock down in Cantonese) and Tong Tong Cheng (in the mood for CNY)

Just Kidding...

Chen said...

The ABCDEFGHIJ sounds very confusing :D
THe Xpert Yelling Zombie is cool.. Hehhe..

I tried your name with the sexy name decoder and tralalala....
This is the result :D
C.Y.N.T.H.I.A.: Cutie Yielding Naughty Touches and Hot, Intense Affection
Are u happy with this? :D

Sam I Am,
I'm blurred... :D

Wah... Belachan also coming out? :P
Hahhaa.. luckily there is no one in my family with the name John Chen loh.. (really tai kat lai si) :P
Tong Tong Chen also included? Then I can imagine many ppl calling my name in the next few weeks since CNY is just around the corner
*perasan* :D

Jellyfish said...

i suddenly saw that im a culprit out of nowhere

like this oso can

Chen said...

All of these perasan thingy start from u..
so u are the main culprit.. :D