Saturday, October 08, 2005

View Tower, Mt Brinchang (Cameron Highlands)

The highest peak on Cameron Highlands is Gunung Brinchang; at 2,030 metres or 6,666 feet (What a number - 6666 !) above sea level . This is the "highest point accessible by road" on the Peninsular.

This is another challenging and thrilling journey- drive through the long, winding, steep and narrow road (the width of a one-car lane) to reach the summit.. For those who are adventurous, there's jungle trekking and mountain hiking all the way up here (takes approximately 2 hours).

A Telekom transmitting station resides at the top, and there is a 15 metre high Viewing Tower. Climbing up the View Tower on top of Gunung Brinchang is another "challenging" experience, since the ladder is very steep with narrow steps ;) Going up is still alright. The difficult task is when coming down, really have to watch out cos the steps are indeed very narrow.. ;) But I will say, it's worthwhile to go for it; for the bird's eye-view of the magnificent view.

The View Tower was constructed of steel and it was as rigid... but I must lament at the amount of rust which has enveloped over most of the metal surfaces of the tower, including the handrails..

I will say it's quite misty upthere.. We have to wait for quite a while for the mist to dissipate for the clearer view.


Darryl said...

Since when tea leaves became interesting to see? :)

Sharl612 said...

Yeah, what a number 6666! Good thing it is not 666, else it will be a "devil" peak!

Cynthia said...

yay.. the view tower is really cool! =)

Chen said...

It's just like one man's meat is another man's poison :P

This is even more devilish ;)
6666 = 6 devils' peaks

Climbing down the view tower is indeed challenging... :P But I manage to find out the "safe" way to come down..