Thursday, October 06, 2005

Microbes can be cute :P

Microbes can be cute as well :) Do u believe that? Hahaha.... I'm not kidding when I say this. I think you might agree with me as well after you click on this website : Plush Microbes :P You can have a closer look on each microbes on this website

When I first clicked on this website, my initial response is : Wah... So cuteeee. I really dunno the microbes/germs/bugs can be so cute, so adorable and so lovely, when they are made into soft toys :P The person who invented all theses soft toys is very "creative", to come up with such an idea. Imaging yourself hugging or playing with microbes...

Hahhaha.... And the best thing is when we give this as present to our friend(s) on their birthdays, we can actually tell them, "Hi, I'm giving you Flu virus etc for your birthday... This one is even better.. Imagine this, giving someone Gonorrhoea or Syphilis for their birthdays... LOL

Among all the little microbes soft toys, I like this the most.. The little helicobacter pylori bacteria... I always remember this joke, whereby we called this germ as helicopter for fun previously during my medical school days. Well, helicobacter sounds like helicopter, right? :P This little bacteria can cause gastritis as well as peptic ulcer :P


Sharl612 said...

Very cute wor! I don't mind getting these type of viruses for present. ;-)

Icey said...



jiejie i wan..


Chen said...

yeah, indeed very cute...... Same here, No taboo regarding getting these microbes for pressie :P

I also want leh.. kekeke...
u give me, okie or not? :P

Darryl said...

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Microbes are not cute! They are ugly looking creatures. Haha!

Doctors are just so cool. I am a big fan of House M.D.! Are you? My friend in Malaysia just told me House is played on Astro.

Hawks said...


Yes - imagine giving someone Gonorrhoea or Syphilis as pressie.

Cynthia said...

I am totally with you! in fact, when I look at the microscope for these bibrobes, i think they are amazing!! totally a piece of fine art! i was so in love and so "melted". =P Yeah! two bloody scientists from Perth had proven helicobacteria cause Peptic ulcer diases and they win Nobel Price recently. If im not mistaken, one of them drank a cup helicobac to prove his thoery. =)

babe_kl said...

kiutnya!!!! NAK!

Chen said...

the microbes soft toys are cute (and whether the real one is cute or not, I have no comment lah...) :P

House M.D. ah? I watch that series once only, cos I always forget to watch :P
Will remind myself to watch this series ;)
Yeah, the series is available on ASTRO ;)


Wah, OMG... issit true that one of the scientists drank a cup of "helicopter" to prove his theory? :O (btw, I like to call "helicobacter" as "helicopter", kekekkee...)

ask your hubby to get one for u loh :P
The common cold & flu microbes are equally cute as well :D

hobbes said...

Lovely little buggers! My Son would just adore these - he's very into science.

Jellyfish said...

eh... just see ur blog.. got cute microbes

Darryl said...


A scientist in Brisbane have discovered a vaccine for cervical cancer. It stunned many American researchers because of its effectiveness (i.e. prevented 100% of pre-cancerous changes in the women who received the vaccine).

Once again, BRISBANE RULES!!!

Read the ground-breaking news here.


Icey said...


not u gimme de mah?


Chen said...

those buggers are indeed lovely;
btw, your son is clever lah; having his own blog at such a young age ;)

nowadays we can tell people,
"hey, do u know that microbes are cute as well? :P"

Thanks for the updates :)
That's indeed good news ~ hope the vaccine will be marketed soon..
Brisbane rules, yeah :D

I also want the cute toys leh... :P

Jellyfish said...

this icey... MPPP muahahahaha...

izchan said...

plenty of things are being migrated into plushes .. :)

so yeah .. their cute.

Chen said...

hahhaha.. she already called u "sui yan", u stilld are to call her MPPP ah? :P

As long as .. can made $$$$ ;)