Saturday, October 15, 2005

Sg Palas Boh Tea Plantation (Cameron Highlands)

Sg Palas Boh Tea Plantation is the third tea plantation we visited, located in Mt Brinchang in Cameron Highlands. The small winding road is fabulous. Another challenging and thrilling drive - through the long, winding, steep and narrow road (the width of a one-car lane). Need to honk at sharp corners as the road is very narrow. There was occassions whereby we had to reverse our car as some of the path could only take one vehicle at a time.

It's nice sniffing the smell of roasting tea leaves when we stepped into the Boh processing factory. A guide was on hand to explain the various processes. There were also signs with general information on the different processes. The factory visit was brief. I won't post any photos on this although I did take few snap shots inside the factory :)

There were overwhelming crowds in the Sg Palas Boh tea house but this didn't prevent us form having a cup of tea and a piece of scone over there. The cafe is overlooking the tea plantation. So we can really enjoy the nice tea plantation view while sipping the hot tea. The scone here is not as delicious as the one we have earlier on in T Cafe.

We visited the tea shop as well. Besides the tea accessories and linen, most teas sold there can be found in the lowlands. Didn't buy any tea products this time...


phangan said...

wah... neverending cameron posts.. :P

Gumboo said...

Wow.... Real nice pic!! i am feeling like i am out of the Hong Kong City....!! i really want to go there if i have chance....!!

Chen said...

not never ending lah.... hahaha.. :P

Btw, there's lotsa nice places to visit over here in Malaysia ;)

Cynthia said...

nice green, so heaven.

Furkids In Hong Kong said...

Now that's one fine Cafe you have there.


carcar said...

hi chen, how do you pop into my blog?

i love yr blog very much... love all the picture, and your writing, and like yr friend too ^

keep in touch, and i'll visit yr blog regularly, thanks ~

god bleSS

Internet Street Philosopher said...

Incredible pictures of the tea plantations. I love it.

JoeC said...

i luvvv cameron, also fraser but cameron is better, never did go to the plantation, how far it is from town? do you need some guide to take you there, hows the roads going there? directions? Cheers!

Winn said...

I've been there.. me n my friend actually hiked up to that place.
we didnt know it'd b that FARRRRR ...
We didnt know it'd b sweaty and tired ..
but no regrets.^^

Chen said...

Green is good.. for the eyes :)

Furkids in HK,
yeah, nice to sip tea & look out at the nice scenery..

I was searching for any interesting posts to read in blogs and come across yours..
Thanks for the compliment :)

Street philosopher,
Thanks :)

I've never been to Fraser Hill before, but my friends told me it's boring.. Since I never been there, so I have no comment on that place :P

There are few tea plantations in Cameron Highlands. Depends on which one u want to visit. I have put up pictures on the other tea plantations as well in my previous posts.

The Boh plantation(in Habu) & Sg Palas tea Plantation (in Mt Brinchang) is quite deep inside with nice sceneries. The roads there are narrow.. Something like the width of a one-car lane. The Bharat tea plantation is viewable from the roadside :) U can go there by yourself, driving, or u can join the local tour .. It's quite easy to find the place cos Cameron Highlands is small.. U just need the CH maps (available at RM 3 to 4 per copy)

Wah.. u & your friends hiked up? :)
I heard that it takes around 2 hours to hike up :)

JoeC said...

thx for the tip! Cheers!

Faira said...

Lovely pictures and it must have been a great trip. I would have liked to smell the roasting tea leaves. Here in Oregon, in the Willamette valley, we grow a lot of mint. I love to take a drive past all the Mint fields when they have extracted the oils from it and they have then dumped the still steaming mint pulp piles back into the field to plow under into the soil later. The aroma of mint is so strong in the air it can clear your sinuses! I love it!
Some people here use the mint pulp as mulch in their flower and vegetable beds, too.

Chen said...

Welcome ;)

Thanks :) Yeah, it's indeed a very enjoyable trip :) Mint? Can imagine how nice is the smell.. Must be superb :)

glutton rabbit said...

Doc, wow such nice pictures. Really looks like rest and relaxation. Feel like going to Cameron now...;p

Chen said...

U cannot go now leh.. Cos u are still working :P Sabar, sabar...