Thursday, April 02, 2009


Time really flies. It's already April 2009. Sorry for the lack of posts lately (till I kena scolding by someone for neglecting not updating my blog) :P

I'm now in Sarawak, went back for Ching Ming Festival (to pay respect to my beloved late daddy in Sarikei), and had a good time catching up with some old friends (old classmates) whom I haven't meet up for ages. Reminiscing those good old days. It is amazing how time flies. Everything seems like just happened yesterday. I went back to visit my old school too (my kindergarden, primary school and secondary school). Will go back to Penang this coming weekend. Will post up more pictures soon.


Doreen said...

Great to know that you're still alive and kicking. Hehehehehe. Update more lah, a few words also can mah. That won't take too long right?

fibrate said...

It looks like you're busy savouring the local delicacies too :)

mistipurple said...

hehe, happy to see you back. was worried your blog become another 'cannot see light' blog, hahha.

kyh said...

I'm extremely guilty of not paying a single visit to my primary and secondary school after I left it! Cos I dun feel like to. :P

c a r c a r said...

aih, sometimes is 有心无力 right? i always want to blog more, but end up... read more than blog.. hee..

tell the someone that scold u for neglecting your blog, tell her we still read but blog less ok.


have a pleasant stay in sarawak!~

Dragon City said...

Been few years already I didn't visit your blog and when I click on the link..IT STILL HERE!! Cool. Hows life? said...

Enjoy yourself
kolo mee?

izchan said...

kolo mee ... I miss that.

justin said...

I came from Sarawakiana's blog to yours!
What a wonderful blog !
Your pictures make want to travel even more.

Chen said...

Kekeke, I'm just lazy.
And also, I'm pre occupied with some other stuff. Aik.. Although I came back here to Penang last Sunday, up to date, I still haven't even go through the photos I took in Sarawak :(

This time, I didn't savour much of the local delicacies unlike during my previous tour. But I took quite a lot of photos :)

Aiyak, apa pasal "cannot see light" pulak? :P

I haven't tutup kedai yet lah.
Just that getting kinda lazy lately.
Hopefully I will start kicking again soon :)

Chen said...

Haha, u just left secondary school not long ago, hence u dun really have to visit it again so soon lah :P

I'm even more guilty,
I seldom blog nowadays and not really reading blog posts too. Too pre occupied with some other stuff. Hopefully the find back the momentum to do so again :)

I wanna update my blog later today.
I want...
Gee :)

dragon city,
Hi Sarikei folk, long time no see :)
Glad to see u here :)

I'm fine, and kicking :)
Yeah, my blog is still alive, although not as active as before :)

Chen said...

Ya, i did enjoy myself.
Including looking back at the old family photos and scanning many of those priceless family photos of yester-years. I think i have scanned 500+ photos or so :)

Kolo mee is not my cuppa tea lah :P
I just ate it once during my one week plus stay there :)

Long time no see, how's life? :)

Heard that kolo mee is also available in KL and there's a shop opened up by Sarawakian selling some Sarawak delicacies. Taste wise, i dunno lah :)

Thanks for dropping by :)
Hope u enjoyed your stay here.

I love travelling if time and $$ permits. Well, we only live once, hence must live life to the fullest :)

mistipurple said...

happy easter in advance, chenliu. :)

Chen said...

Thanks Misti. Happy Easter to u and your fishes too :)

rainstorm said...

ya la, din update ur blog. I almost give up....