Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fishing Boats @ Gurney Drive

Do you ever wonder how the fishermen reach their boats which are placed quite a distance away from the beach?
This is how they reach their boats.. :)

By using another "mini boat".

Or to be exact, it's more like using a piece of modified floating wood/plastic?

Another fisherman rowing to his boat :)

Both of them have reached their "destination" :)


day-dreamer said...

Nice observation there... haha.

Pink Cotton said...

wah!...so long din read your post...
now your post is so rare...can put in museum kind! 'x'

Doreen said...

Oh so this is how...interesting. How come you don't blog much lately? Busy ar?

Chen said...

day dreamer,
I was looking at the fishing boats earlier on, but then suddenly i saw the "interesting scene".. :D

pink cotton,
Lately i malas and seldom read nor write blog post, blame it on FB, and also some other commitment lah (besides FB). LOL

Well, i have really "retired" yet :P


Not really that busy.
More of.. I was kinda lazy lately.
And I have some other personal stuff to settle/handle.

I do go online but spend time mainly on FB. Haven't blog hop for quite a while already. Lotsa things to catch up :)

And I noticed yesterday when i wrote the post that this was my first post in March ;)

mistipurple said...

hhahaha this post so cute/sampat! had me smiling.

Selba said...

Wah.. good job to those fishermen! :D

13th Panda said...

ahhhh...now i know! I thought they would swim 'x'

Chen said...

Hehehe, glad this post can bring u a smile. Actually hoh, this is an incidental finding. I was taking photos of the fishing boats, and then suddenly i saw this...


Interesting indeed. This is the first time I get to see such a scene. :)

13th panda,
Hehehe, the fisherman r very clever. They can reach their fishing boat without getting wet. :)

Wyn said...

so this is how they reach their boats...haha...

oceanskies79 said...

Interesting observations. :)

The title of the post reminds me of the nice times that I had spent at Gurney Drive, Penang a couple of years ago.

rainbow angeles said...

rojak rojak rojak...

oops.. out of topic tim...

gurney drive reminds me of rojak ma.. and sampat under the umbrella in the rain kkkkkkk ;P

JC @ Jessey said...

This is interesting, they have their mini boat and the other boat for cari makan one... lolx.. Nice shot!

sarawakiana said...

how are you? Beautiful photos as always.

Will be coming to Penang on 22nd-23rd May.

God bless

Jun said...

it means that the sea is too dirty for them to swim the short distances to their boats :<

Furkids in Hong Kong said...

An interesting mode of transportation. I remember my shipbuilding grandfather doing the same thing on a little makeshift canoe when I was a very small child.

Thanks for sharing.

yenjai.net said...

thanks for the lesson
an eye opener for me ^-^

sbanboy said...

WAh din know got people using this kind of boats there !!!!

I will be coming to Penang first week of April :) Give u a buzz.

Kenny Ng said...

This I called Kung Fu Fisherman... LOL

Jason Chan said...

ohhhhh... itu macam.... :-)

Chen said...

They r clever, huh?
I always wonder how they reach their fishing boat in the past :)

Nowadays gurney drive is not as scenic as before, and a large portion of the place is muddy. I have taken several photos of "the ugly side of the gurney drive" ~ muddy with lotsa little mudskippers hopping around :)

Hahaha, Our lomantic dinner under the huge umbrella in gurney drive, and not forgetting taking shelter next to the lok lok stall. So wet and sticky... What a night :D

Chen said...

Thanks for dropping by. I went there to take some shots of the fishing boats and didn't expect to see such a scene :)

Thanks Sarawakiana for your compliment. I'm fine here. I'm in Sarawak at the moment.

Looking forward for your coming visit to Penang :)

Hehehe, that's a good one :D

The other side of Gurney drive is muddy and dirty, with lotsa mudskippers. I will post up photos of that area later :)

Chen said...

During those days, it must be interesting seeing your grand dad on the canoe during your childhood time. :)

Glad u enjoy the simple lesson :D

Aiyak, our timing always not "ngam" wan. I was not around when u r here time. Hopefully we can go yum char & shoot photos the next time u r here :)

Kekeke, imagine them walking on the water surface like the scene in the kungfu show :P

ya leh, macam ini loh :)

FH2o said...

It's called "kayaking" ...

'Fisherman Kayaking @ Gurney Drive' could be an alternative title for this post.

Sharp observation Chen!

c a r c a r said...

wah interesting info! i always wonder how the fisherman reach their boat which is some distant from the shore...

nice one!