Monday, December 08, 2008

Marmite Breadstick

While buying my groceries @ Cold Storage today, I saw packets of Marmite Breadsticks on the shelf. I remember reading it somewhere (Can't remember whether is it from Fibrate's blog or somewhere else?). The product is pricey, one small packet for RM 6.99 (product from UK). But since I never tasted it before, and out of curiosity I bought one packet back home.

Errr.... My verdict is... I won't buy it again cos I can hardly taste the marmite. :( I rather have marmite on my bread or toast instead of eating this. Btw, that's just my own personal opinion. Anyone here tasted it before?


Winn said...


u have to use a lot of imagination lor...

Kok said...

You should buy some biscuit and dip it into the Marmite lah! hahaha!

You like Marmite spreaded on your bread? Hmm... seems like you're quite Aussie loh. kekeke.

Chen said...

Hahaha, farnie lah u :D

I will use the similar method when I eat the plain gardenia bread tonight... trying to imagine it as french toast :P

Hehe. I love Bovril and Marmite.

Besides spreading marmite on my breat, I also love drinking hot bovril or marmite drink, and eating porridge or oatmeal with bovril/marmite :)

TZ said...

How's the taste?

day-dreamer said...

Never seen it before...

I kinda like Cold Storage. Sometimes you can find things that aren't sold in normal supermarkets. :)

kyh said...

thx for being our white mouse. cos at least i dun need to feel gatal to buy it. :P

may said...

the ti(p)u kind of marmite breadsticks? you should have a jar of marmite and just use a spoon. or finger also can! haha said...

You and fibrate ...

giddy tigress said...

so this is supposed to be marmite without the mess is it?

Chen said...

Mmmm... i don't really fancy the taste. Biscuit with tinge of saltiness, but not the salty marmite taste.. Hahaha, I'm bad in describing food taste :P

day dreamer,
Yah, Gold Storage has good varieties of foodstuff, especially imported foodstuff, which is not widely available in other supermarket. On the other hands, the goods there are more pricey. Hence there's pros and contras shopping there :)

Hahahaa.. white mouse tim :P

Mousey year coming to an end..
Next year is Cowie year, hence i become a "white cow" instead :P

Chen said...

very ti(p)u indeed :)
Yeah loh, should have just use the conventional way..

*searching for teaspoon to scoop into marmite jar as dowan to dirty my fingers *

Actually hoh, I prefer Bovril more than Marmite.

giddy tigress,
Without the mess, hence without the real urmmph too :P

Doreen said...

Don't like marmite, don't want! Never buy!

Selba said...

What is marmite?

RM 6.99, that must be really expensive for a small packet.

Chen said...

Aiks, how come?
Both marmite & bovril r very delicious woh :)

I love marmite/bovril drinks :)

Oh, u have never tasted Marmite before? How about Bovril? Marmite is similar as Bovril, and I prefer Bovril than Marmite.

Marmite is a sticky, dark brown/black salty food spread made from yeast product. I normally eat it with bread, porridge or oatmeal or made it into hot drinks :)

U can google for it for more info :)

Yeah, the price is very expensive for a small packet of biscuit. I guess cos it's products of UK, hence expensive. If local product, the price will be cheaper :)

fibrate said...

Chen, DHL one packet over here purleeeez! :D Have heard rumours of sightings at Cold Storage but have never investigated. Will make my way to the nearest Cold Storage soon (like, 90 km away). I'd happily dip it into my jar of Marmite nyeh nyeh nyeh

ck lam said...

I just saw it last Sunday during my shopping outing...its available in Gurney Plaza Cold Storage.

Its found on the highest shelf nearer to the Japanese snack food corner. Took a packet but hubby put it back cos he says its a bit expensive :(

Selba said...

Marmite? *shakes head*

Bovril? *shakes head*

Hmmmm... are those british food? me so lost leh... hehehe...

moz monster said...

Long live vegemite :P

Nowadays, I buy vegemite home whenever I come from Australia ! :)

Good with toasted bread !

Michelle Mak said...

marmite isit like the chicken marmite?

Chen said...

Haha, no way i'm going to pay so much money for that pathetic packet of marmite breadstick again. Not worth it lah :)

Wanna hear what's your review or comment after u taste it. If u r going to buy it lah, of coz :)

Err... u r not supposed to dip the breadstick into the marmite jar leh. It is supposedly toasted with marmite already (but i can hardly taste the marmite taste though) :P

ck lam,
I went to the Cold Storage in Island Plaza. The small little packet of marmite breadstick is indeed expensive for the price of RM 6.99. Since I never tasted it and curious how it taste like, hence i give it a try :)

Chen said...

I'm kinda surprised u have never tasted Bovril or Marmite before. The one i had is from Britain. I'm not sure whether any other countries start producing them too or not. The previous Bovril has beef extract, but since the mad cow disease mania in the past, all bovril extracts are now yeast extract (but the taste is still similar) :)

How about Vegemite? Have u tasted or heard about it before? :)

Eee... I wanna have Vegemite too :(

Yeah, Chicken Marmite is cook & coated or spread with marmite :)

angeles said...

hey! i also saw this in cold storage 2 wks ago but when i saw the price, i said, chi sin!! so small summore!

but now, i know i made the right choice hahaaa :p

i've not had marmite or bovril since i was... less than 10 yo.. :PPP

Selba said...

Vegemite? *again shakes head*

Hmmmm... probably I'm not aware of those names.... Do Asia countries produce these food?

I guess I should try to go to the imported supermarket to find out :D

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

Yeah I luv borvil and marmite

those rock!

you can also put in hot steamy rice and when you eat it
you in heaven.....

peteformation said...

Ha ha, no marmite taste. Probably they only add 1 table spoon of marmite into a big tank of biscuit mix before baking. LOL

Chen said...

Hahaha, yeah loh so expensive. I bought one packet cos I wanna know how it taste like. And that will be my first and last time buying it :)

Err, u no likey Marmite or Bovril meh? I love Bovril since childhood time. Used to eat porridge with bovril or white bread spread with bovril since school time :)

Those i bought r UK products. So far I haven't come across any Asia countries producing it. If there is any, might be I'm not aware of it loh :)

Yeah, u should check it out. Would love to know whether u like it or not. Some says either u love the taste or u hate it. Hehehe... I still love it up to these days :)

Chen said...

pisang goreng,
Guess what? Seeing your profile name "Pisang Goreng" mades me wanna eat pisang goreng (cos i haven't have it for quite a while already) :P

I never tasted Bovril or Marmite with rice leh. But i love the taste when eating with hot porridge :)

Kekkee, I guess so?
To get maximum profit? :)

Doreen said...

I love bovril, but not marmite. Marmite taste weird.

Chen said...

hehehe, if asking me to choose between the two, I still prefer Bovril than Marmite :)