Saturday, December 13, 2008

Coconut Jelly

Yeah, Coconut Jelly. I'm not talking about Nata de Coco, but this....

I get to know about the Coconut Jelly (aka Manjung Jelly) from CK Lam's post few days back :)

Bought few coconut jelly back home since I love coconuts at the price of RM 3.70 per coconut (from the coconut shop in Dato Keramat Road, nearby the Patani Road Police Station). Instead of coconut water, u get the smooth and yummy coconut jelly. I'm lovin' it. :)


may said...

I miss fresh coconut juice, and the yummy flesh...

Doreen said...

What is Nata de Coco? This coconut jelly is same as those in "sea coconut"?

fibrate said...

Err, is the jelly de novo or added in by the distributor?

day-dreamer said...

OMG... can imagine how nice it is...

Kok said...

What's the texture like? Konyaku jelly? or those jelly powder or pudding or???

I wanna try this one out!

doc said...

oh yes, i'll be checking this out when i'm in Pg later this mth.

[SK] said...

this looks interesting and definitely refreshing, i would want to try.. where can we get it in KL??

Michelle Mak said...

yo..i miss this coconut jelly ler...
use to have it around in my taman..but now no more..have to wait till puasa only got....siiggghhh

TZ said...

how they make it ... take away the coconut water and pour the jelly in? errrr...

Chen said...

i love coconut juice, my favourite drink. Too bad now I cannot drink cold coconut, else i will start coughing non stop :(

psss..Ah Boy loves drinking coconut juice and eating coconut flesh too ;)

Err.. u never heard of nata de coco? It is common food product here. It is a translucent coconut jelly produced by fermentation of coconut water.

Err... I never eat the sea coconut jelly before woh :)

The ingredients r written as : air kelapa, serbuk jelly. I think they pour the jelly powder inside the coconut drink, and process it to become coconut jelly? :)

Chen said...

day dreamer,
It is nice. Can eat more than one, especially during hot weathers. Very refreshing :)

This product is from Manjung.
Hence it should be available in Ipoh too :)

The texture is similar like jelly texture (not the agar-agar texture, which is harder).

Dunno whether it's available in Sarawak or not. It's yummy :)

I bought this from a coconut shop @ Jalan Dato Keramat, nearby the Patani Road Police Headquarters. The shop owner is Joe (016 4409049)

Chen said...

Thanks for dropping by. U can try and look out for it in KL :)

The coconut jelly that I bought is known as Manjung Jelly, produced by Mae Tendernut Jelly from Seri Manjung, Perak. The company contact number is 05 6885654.

U meant the taman in KL or the taman back home in Penang? I just get to know about this product recently leh, and I love it :)

I guess they pour the jelly powder into the coconut water and process it to become jelly. The coconut jelly taste superb, and refreshing to eat especially during hot weather :)

I think I will go and buy some more coconut jelly again tomorrow, after work :)

sarawakiana said...

How beautiful the jelly must taste!!

Do you have the recipe?

I have four special coconut trees behind my house.

Lovely pictures as usual.

Pink Cotton said...

eee never try this b4...

Wyn said... cousin like it very much...

dulu cheaper lor...ard RM 2.70 lidat

Selba said...

Hehehe... you also tried the coconut jelly :) Me also want to try....

kyh said...

how they make the jelly oh? first time seeing this. O.O

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

coconut jelly?

I think it made from fresh coconut water and some how it turn to jelly.

Kenny Ng said...

Really macam macam ada...

giddy tigress said...

Oh my! I very nearly dove into my PC screen and ate that! It looks so good!!!

Anonymous said...

what a nice jelly..
All images in your blog are also very good.

Chen said...

The jelly is yummy, (= coconut juice jelly). I don't have the recipe.

4 special coconut tree?
They are special in what way?
I didn't pay attention to the coconut trees behind your house previously. Will look out for that the next time I visit Miri :)

pink cotton,
This is the first time I tasted it, and foolala.. so yummy :)

This coconut jelly is available for how long already ah? I didn't know about it till recently :)

Chen said...

I love coconut and i love this coconut jelly too. Just that it's a bit pricey. Do try it out if u have the chance. I'm sure u will love it :)

I didn't interview the seller. Do look out for it at the coconut shop and try it out if u drop by Georgetown :)

pisang goreng,
Dunno who is the one who came out with this brilliant idea. Now i feel like eating it again. LOL

Chen said...

Hehe, there is even frozen durian (they freeze the whole durian) in US. Get to know about that from Giddy Tigress :)

giddy tigress,
Luckily u didn't lick the monitor. Else Ethan will be wondering what is his mummy doing. LOL

It looks good and it tastes equally good too.

Thanks for dropping by and glad u like the pictures here. It's refreshing eating the jelly during hot weather, and it's equally nice eating it at rainy days too. :)

mistipurple said...

chenliu, the sea coconut that doreen mentioned, you can buy in tins at the supermarket. it's sweet and feels like nata de coco texture, but mostly softer, and golden dark brown in color. with dark brown syrup.
sometimes it's sold in dessert stalls. it's very common here.

mistipurple said...

er... tins = cans. haha

mistipurple said...

yikes. the explanation's getting worse. tin cans.

angel said...

* o p e n *

peteformation said...

Mnmmm, the coconut looks very meaty. Love the taste of the jelly too!

carcar said...

hmmm... how they made it? add in artificial thingy to turn the juice into jelly form?

well,i guess is nice in a hot afternoon.

the sea coconut jelly is 海底椰 is it?

Chen said...

Oh, that is the jelly Doreen talking about ah? I didn't call that sea coconut flesh as jelly mah. I ate that several times already liao :P

Don't pull out hair.
I know what u r talking about leh.

tin can tin ton :P

Suddenly i have the evil thought of throwing the whole coconut jelly to your opening mouth...

Ooops, don't worry
That's just a thought nia.
I won't do that leh..


Chen said...

The amount of fresh depends on the maturity of the coconut. The younger coconut will have less flesh :)

Despite young or old coconut, all the coconut jelly taste nice. In fact, I bought few back home yesterday :)

They add in jelly powder into the coconut water and i heard that through some heating and cooling process, the jelly is formed :)

It's heavenly to eat it during hot weather. So song :)

I guess so too that sea coconut jelly = 海底椰 from Misti's description. I thought it was something else earlier on :)

rainbow angeles said...

wah liu!! christmas kambing and u hv evil thots!

that's good...muahahahaaaha.. 3-8

mistipurple said...

so long we neber 3-8 already.
*open too*
suddenly think of tupperware, hahah. talking about which, the emperor is sleeping like a bear in winter hibernation, lol. :P

Chen said...

Just for few seconds nia.
btw, I went and bought few coconut jelly again today. :)

Hehe, talking about tupperware, Ah Boy is now busy looking at the tupperwares, and busy screening which one content ayam kicap ~ one of his favourite food :)

Michelle Mak said...

in kl..
wei chen jie jie..
i will be back on the 23rd...
but the 24th tak tau mau gi penang tak...n one more..sure sesat one!!!LOL

Chen said...

u will be in Penang for how long?

Better don't come on 24th Dec lah, u will sure stuck in traffic jam kaw kaw... Come other day lah :)

QuaChee said...

ive tried the coconut jelly once when in krabi, thailand. love it too :)

Chen said...

This was the first time I tasted it, and definitely won't be the last, cos subsequently I went back to the same shop few times to buy coconut jelly :)

Didn't know the coconut jelly was available in Thailand. But i never been to Krabi before, only to Bangkok and Haatyai in Thailand :)