Thursday, December 04, 2008

It's Durian World

It's liulian durian season again... not in Penang, but in Sarawak, the land of hornbills.

I have no idea what is the English name for this species of jungle durian, but so far i haven't see it in Peninsular yet. I haven't tasted it for almost 10 years already... This time I was lucky, since it's durian season :)

Yeah, the fresh is orange and the seed is dark brown in colour. There is another different variety (yellow in colour, and the fresh is more sticky and tasty, with thinner but sharper thorns but I didn't manage to find it in the market) :(

Next, back to the "normal" local durian.. Unlike those durian with names or grades from Balik Pulau, Penang.

The white flesh local durian, which is equally tasty. :)


Kok said...

You're back here in Sarawak? Never find me? kekeke!

Hope you enjoy those yummylicious liu lian. :)

Chen said...


I went back to Kuching to attend my brother's wedding :)

Cannot find u leh, cos u r in the other part of Sarawak, in Miri woh. So far away :P

I didn't eat much, cos heaty mah..
eat few seeds only :)

day-dreamer said...

The colour really different from the normal durians we eat eh? :D

But now I sick, tak boleh makan durian. T_T

may said...

much as I grew up eating durian almost every season, I don't miss it at all... maybe it's a good thing, no stink in da haus! haha...

mistipurple said...

who farted?


kidding.. :D :p *runs*

Pink Cotton said...

saw the jungle durian a few times but nvr buy...heeheehee...nice meh? 'x'

giddy tigress said...

They have frozen durian here in the States, and the durian is frozen whole, as in with the thorns and all.
On a side note, I wished I could taste your durians from the pictures....

fibrate said...

I remember having these in the HO's hostel...a few of us polishing off a whole sack of durians!

moz monster said...

I'm patiently waiting for the next durian season ... to guzzle up tonnes and tonnes of durian !!!! =)

Selba said...

Yummmm... durian!!! :D

rainbow angeles said...

liulian liulian wo ai niiiiiii!

kyh said...

i prefer dark yellow than those pale yellow fleshes. cos sometimes those pale yellow ones r bitter blekkk

Doreen said...

Oh the wild durian!!!!! My favourite of all! The strong smell, I love! Send some over can?

Wyn said...

yummy durian...hehe...

i only eat white flesh durian...hehe...

mum say me very "yim chim" keke

Chen said...

day dreamer,
Those are jungle durians, hence the appearance is different :)

I'm sick too, hence we r in the same boat. I had very bad cough the last few days, and still haven't recover yet :(

Most of those who has migrated or working in other countries will miss durian, u r the exception :)

The orange flesh jungle durian in the first and second picture is not stinky, unlike the normal durian :)

i know, i know who is the culprit..

*Point finger at Misti* :P

Chen said...

pink cotton,
Cos u see it every now and then mah, hence u won't have the urge to buy loh. If u haven't eat it for.. let's say 10 years, I think u will buy too :P

I don't really fancy the orange flesh one, but i prefer the yellow sticky flesh jungle durian, which is much more nicer and tastier :)

giddy tigress,
My goodness, they freeze the WHOLE durian, including the thorns. Something really new to me :D

I have heard about the frozen durian flesh, but not the whole durian leh. Interesting :)

I can imagine how the HO hostel smells like after that. Btw, u stayed in which HO hostel previously? Block A or Block B? They have demolished Block A HO quarters already :(

Chen said...

Btw, when is the supposed next durian season? I'm confused already with the season nowadays. A decade ago, we only have two durian seasons a year, now we have like three or four durian seasons a year :D

And this reminds me of the "branded" Balik Pulau liulian again.. :P

Most locals here love durian, but not 100%, as I have seen few Malaysians who dislike durians too. Btw, is the durian in Indonesia similar like what we have in Malaysia? :)

Yeah yeah, I still remember u r a hardcore durian fansee :)

Chen said...

Err, I love those with slightly bitter taste woh.

More urmpph :P

Kkkkk, the only thing that i can offer is to send the liulian picture to u.

How nice hoh if we can eat with our eyes? :)

Huh? I thought the yellow creamy durian taste much nicer than the white flesh liulian? :D

lynnx01 said...

YUmmmmmmmmmsss... durians!!

And how vivid your photos are. :D

EastCoastLife said...

Wahhhh! The orange fleshed durian is so unique! I have never seen one like that! I want to go Sarawak eat durians!!

EastCoastLife said...

So long I did not come visit, paiseh.
Not much change wor.

mistipurple said...

hope your cough better liao.
ah girl comes and sayangz you.
(hehehehe. ah girl= moi)

fibrate said...

So they knocked down my Block A! Not much to room leaked whenever it rained and we never had hot water.

Haha...we actually had the durians OUTSIDE the block, at the entrance. Then threw the shells far far away (maybe block B) ;)

Chen said...

Thanks Lynnx. I dunno whether durian is available in other states or not at this moment besides Sarawak. I didn't see any durians in Penang :)

Yeah, haven't see it outside Sarawak. But the orange flesh wild durian doesn't taste as nice as the "durian" we used to have.

U need to go there during the durian season to taste it. I haven't have it for almost 10 years already, since everytime I go back home, it's not the durian season... :)

I didn't blog much lately, and didn't blog hop much too. Too busy with some other stuff :)

Chen said...

Thanks Misti. I haven't fully recovered yet, but I feel much better already. Last Friday, I can't help it but coughing while seeing patients. LOL

psss... My first impression is that Ah Girl is Ah Boy's girlfriend when I read the sentence, till I see the last sentence. LOL

*sayangz Ah Girl*

I stayed in Block A too in the past. I'm staying in Room 7. Lotsa nice memories there :)

Walao, u all so jahat.
Throwing the shell at Block B? :P

khengsiong said...

So yellowish... possibly genetically modified (-_-")

Chen said...

This is 100% wild jungle durian in Sarawak. Nothing to do with genetic modification.

papercrazy said...

wah...long time din visit blog liaw.

I likey the jungle durians...very nice and tastier than the normal durians...

but some people don't like the smell...I likey

Chen said...

Same here. I don't blog much or do much blog hopping lately too :)

This time i was kinda lucky.
It's durian season when i balik kampung :)