Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Something Sweet & Juicy...

The Cameron Jagung which needs no further intro ~ so sweet and juicy that it can even be eaten raw. I need to re-emphasize it again ~it's SWEET and JUICY!! Satisfaction guaranteed. Something not to be missed out if I visit Cameron Highlands (but I don't think I will visit Cameron Highlands in the near future lah). And that also means.. if u happened to visit Cameron Highlands, don't forget to buy some back for me :P


iml said...

I second you. Indeed I find this Jagung simply sweet and delicious!

rainbow angeles said...

ooo... chain kaler liao... :p

i'm not a corn(y) person haha..

day-dreamer said...

But it's not only available in CH wor... hehe.

ehonchan.com said...

can be eaten raw! interesting. i wish i go to cameron soon but i don't quite like the ride up there..

Wyn said...

yiih? black color background??

oooo...me likey jagung...

yaya, i like eat raw jagung too...hehe...very yummy de...=P

Doreen said...

JA~~~~GAUNG~~~~!!! (0_0)!!! My favourite, my favourite! I want! I want! Give me! Give me!

Doreen said...

Aiya, typo. I mean JA~~~~GUNG~~~ lah! hehehehe

mistipurple said...

lol at doreen, hehe. so excited until typo chor.
my colleague said he ever buy frozen jagung from supermarket in malaysia very very sweet and bursting with juice also. he cannot remember from which country.
i not so fansi of jagung, but can tolerate much better than sour fruits.

Kok said...

Send me some of these jagung!!! Such big grains!

Next time, if you happened to come to Miri and then go to Brunei, you could get some very sweet and juicy jagung on the way to Brunei. B$5 for a bunch. But then, not as big as this lah. hehe.

http://chinese.yenjai.net said...

I dunno
Everyone tell me it is nice
My wife also like it

But ..
I ...
just like the old kind of jagung

Pete said...

This Cameron Highland corn is nice. Just had some jagung susu for my supper just now!

moz monster said...

Wei ... this photo look like got copyright one ...

Chen said...

Glad u like the jagung too.
The cameron jagung is the most tasty and juicy jagung i have ever tasted :)

initially i thought what u meant by change colour. Think think for one second then only i realise u meant my blog colour :P

Next time hoh, u can pass all your corns to me, but not the corns on the leg lah of coz :P

day dreamer,
I saw it inside supermarket too in Tesco but i doubt the taste will be the same like the fresh one. Hence i didn't buy :)

Chen said...

Yes, i never know jagung can be eaten raw in the past till I visited the Cameron Highland's jagung stall. The seller asked us to taste it raw, and it's SWEET and JUICY :)

Nowadays the ride there is not horrible already with the new route. Take the new Simpang Pulai route instead of the old Tapah route :)

I had itchy hands that night hence i changed the blog background colour and the words colour too.

But not yet itchy hands enough to change the blog template yet :)

This batch of jagung i asked my colleague to buy for me wan as she and her family visited Cameron Highlands :)

Chen said...

sounds like jaguar to me :P

I didn't know u r jagung fan-see too. Is fresh jagung available in NZ? or just the canned wan?

I love eating canned jagung too
(the whole kernel wan, not the cream style wan) :)

Frozen jagung?
U meant those inside the packet wan ah? Or something else? :)

I never buy those iced jagung before leh (the pure jagung packets).. but i buy those mixed wan (jagung with peas and carrot cubes). Dunno whether u r refering to the same stuff or not :)

Don't worry, there are no sour jagung in this world. The most is only the hard kernel or tasteless jagung, like the one i tried in China :P

Chen said...

big fat and juicy kernel.
When u bite the kernel, the juice will percik out wan :P

Err, I can't remember seeing those jagung leh when I passed by on the way from Miri to Brunei. Is it seasonal? Or might be i saw it in the past but can't remember :)

u eaten before or not the jagung?
U r weird liao if u prefer the traditional jagung than this jagung :P

what is jagung susu ah?
I suaku :P

Err, Can't get what u meant woh.
I took the photo myself wan leh..

mistipurple said...

my colleague said the frozen ones he bought are already cut into halves without the outer sheath. seems imported. then after steaming very the nice. :)

may said...

I heart sweet corn! I have it for dinner sometimes... nyummmmm

Furkids in Hong Kong said...

I love love love sweet corn! Though I haven't tried this variety.

I'll keep it in mind that if I ever visit Cameron, I MUST have a few.

Thanks for sharing!

Kenny Ng said...

Balik kampung tanam jagung? Now I prefer makan jagung... hehehe

carcar said...

i love CH corn too, i remember i blog about this b4 too :)

btw i think your blog looks nice in black karer!

kyh said...

i want i want! so hungwee now...

Chen said...

Wah, without the outer sheath summore ah? Must be very nice & juicy then :)
Now I feel like eating jagung..
Well, can sapu the canned jagung ~ the whole kernel jagung, not the cream style jagung :)

Now I'm thinking of BBQ jagung applied with butter and sprinkled with salt :)

U will definitely love the Cameron Jagung. It's so sweet and juicy, and filling too :)

Chen said...

Hehehe, anyway.. Balik kampung makan jagung is better than balik kampung tanam jagung :P

Oooh, u blogged about the cameron jagung too in the past?
I lupa liao leh..
Nowadays my memory not so good already.. signs of ageing :(

Yeah, the black background will made the photo looks nicer, cos of the contrast but on the other hand, it's harder to read the text :(

Me too. I'm hungwee too.
I had oatmeal earlier on, now sudah lapar :(

rainstorm said...

Indeed is super sweet & super juicy. I love it ! However, some small children might find it hard to eat it raw...

mich said...

scared of jagung d...

cc said...

Oh yea? I'll let my mum know about that, it's her favourite!

JustJasmine said...

Ya I just tried that too this month after my sister came back from her honeymoon there... I ate it raw but I prefer it dimasak. :)

mistipurple said...

where are you chenliu?
still eating jagung ah? :P

sbanboy said...

Corn .. juicy sweet corn ... my all time favorite :)

Sorina said...

Hi I am new to your blog and I just wanted to say how much I’m loving it

Chen said...

All these while, I still cook the jagung although it's sweet to eat it raw, cos i found it easier to eat cooked food (sashimi is an exception) :D

Apa pasal scared of jagung?
Someone bully u with jagung ah?
Or having too much jagung liao over the last couple of weeks? :)

Your mum will definitely love Cameron jagung if she never had it in the past. It's so sweet and juicy :)

Chen said...

Thanks for dropping by. I prefer to eat the cooked jagung too although it can be eaten raw :)

Hehe, no eating jagung liao.
I'm still around, just that lazy over the last two weeks, and these few days i'm busy :)

Think about it also can salivate :D

Thanks for dropping by and glad u enjoyed your stay here :)

mich said...

too muchie of it..
jelak d

Doreen said...

Yes, yes, we got fresh jagung here too. I think sweeter than those in Malaysia ones. I also prefer whole kernel than cream one.

Chen said...

Previously u jelak spaghetti, now u jelak jagung tim. Wonder what is the next foodstuff that u will jelak of :P

That's great. I think the most tasteless jagung that I had tasted was when I was on my way to Chengdu, China. Hard and tasteless. Tiring lah chewing the kernel... :D