Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Lazy to post about the Fremantle Prison. Hence I will sidetrack with something else...

The first time I ate Gooseberry was in Beijing, China. And that was in 2002. I didn't know the name of the fruit at that time. Only a year or two back, I found out the name. Frankly speaking, I have no idea why it's called GOOSEBERRY. Which portion of it resembles a goose? :P

The gooseberries are also available here in Penang (import wan lah of coz). Saw it few times in the supermarket. Tastewise, it's sourish with tinge of sweetness. The sweeter version of tomato. I can imagine Misti's expression when eating it :)


moz monster said...

Yes, I had this before in China, and it's quite nice ... a bit like a tomato, but not as juicy ....

Pete said...

I have always wondered how gooseberry looks like. Thks for sharing!

angeles said...

maybe cos will give u goosebump (sour ma) that's why it's called gooseberry?

keeyit said...

I never had this before.. So how's the taste?

Pink Cotton said...

hehehe so this is gooseberry...
how come when ppl bcome 'bulb' it is also called "play gooseberry" leh??

day-dreamer said...

Looks cute... haha.

Wyn said...

ei? so cute eh...macam those little tomatoes...nice ar?

wer can get in Penang ar? i tak pernah tengok 1..

Kok said...

Never try this before leh...

fibrate said...

Gotta try this when I'm in Beijing next week. Hope it's not out of season

Furkids in Hong Kong said...

That first pic is really nice.

I'm ashamed to say that, I've never even seen, or known, the existence of such a fruit till I read your post.

Thanks for showing!

Chen said...

yeah, it's like the cherry tomato but sweeter. I bought it twice or thrice in Malaysia. Some are sweet, whilst some are sourish :)

U r mostly welcomed.
Yeah, blogging and reading blogs are educational at times.

Heheh, pandai juga si Angeles ni hoh?

Or.. might be hoh, the goose likes to eat this berry? :P

Chen said...

Some are sweet, whilst some are sourish. Hard to describe unless u taste it yourself. Hopefully u manage to find it in the supermarket :)

pink cotton,
Yeah, ini Berry Angsa :)

I'm not cikgu leh, hence i dunno how to answer your question.

day dreamer,
The gooseberries very happy liao cos u praise them cute.

Just like Ah Boy.. He feels happy also if ppl praise him cute or handsome :)

Chen said...

I like, but i dunno whether u will like it or not lah. Cos everyone has different taste :)

I bought it from Sunshine and Tesco before. But quite sometime ago already lah. This photo was taken more than half a year ago already :)

Come u manage to come across it in the future, then u can buy & try it :)

Wah.. u going to Beijing next week ah? So song. Don't forget to try to juicy Beijing peaches. So huge and so sweet. I lup :)

Thanks Pete. We learn new things each days. Glad u learn something here today ~ the Gooseberry fruit :)

ychu said...

hrm.. can I know how big is it ar? is it as small as 20cent or 50cent coin? How come I felt like I ever plug them from a tree directly and ate them back in my hometown, miri o..

btw, the first pic really looks nice!

mistipurple said...

*eyes squint small small*
*mouth crooked to one side*

Doreen said...

Never before seen! Interesting. May be goose likes to eat them thus the name? Hehehehe

Chen said...

Thanks ychu. The gooseberry fruit is around or slightly smaller than the 10 cent coin.

And Ah Boy looks at u one kind
cos your facial expression is cute :)

Wonder if there is any duckberry or chickenberry or cockberry :P

carcar said...

now i finally know what is the fruit that always appear on top of cake, as decor!

is gooseberry!

tks for sharing!~

Poh Nyuk said...

So this is gooseberry! Only got this colour?

Jun said...

oh, thx for enlightening this plant with a name and some pics. first time i came across it was as a decor on a slice of cake ;p of cors, i din eat it then haha...

kyh said...

looks like a nice thing! :P

rainstorm said...

Din realised is called gooseberry. Tks. Tasted it for the first time last year when i was in Kunming. It was sweet & juicy. Have seen it in Tesco too but din look that nice & much smaller compared to the one i bought in Kunming...

faizal kamal said...

Wow, awesome. . . '
i never had before,
i hope the taste is nice :D

Chen said...

Aiks, I didn't know gooseberry always appear on top of cakes, that means... i need to visit the bakery more often liao :P

Glad u learn something here.
Blogging & reading blogs are educational too at times, huh? :)

poh nyuk,
The skin has different colour,
Green when unripe and brown when ripens
But the flesh only one colour loh :)

Gee, I didn't know many ppl here dunno the name of this fruit till i read the comments here. I didn't know leh the bakery actually put gooseberry on the cakes. Must visit the cake house more frequently already. Hahaha..

Chen said...

Yeah, and u can eat it too..
Since it's not "meat" ;)

Thanks for dropping by.
Yeah, the gooseberry here is not as sweet as the one I tasted in China, and the price is much more expensive over here too :)

Thanks for dropping by.
The taste is unique.
Do buy some if u happen to come across it in the supermarket :)

ck lam said...

This is some thing new to me... will look out for it in the supermarket. Thanks for introducing it.

Chen said...

ck lam,
I think the fruit is seasonal, as I don't see it frequently. By the way, I took the photo quite some time ago already, can't remember whether it's few months back or more than half a year already?

Do look out for the fruits if u passed by the fruit section in supermarket :)

Snipe For Justice said...

Chen, nice photos you have on your blog. How long have you been doing photography?

Thanks for sharing. I will drop by often to check out your new postings. :)

Chen said...

Snipe for Justice,
Thanks for dropping by and your compliment :)

I bought my first compact digital camera in 2002, but during those days i only take shots during vacation & family photos. My interest in photography started in late 2005. Bought my first & only DSLR Canon EOS 350D with kit lens in March 2007. Bought the Tamron SP 90mm f/2.8 in February 2008. :)