Thursday, October 30, 2008

Of Horse & Grapes

The budding grape flower in Swan Valley but no fruits yet. Yeah, grapes is not yet in season.

I'm so used to seeing Dalmation dogs, but this is the first time I come across a Dalmation Horse. Should we call him Mr Pokka Dot Horse? :)

And Brownie is hungry... Nope, the kids were not feeding the brown horsey with grapevine (in case if u wonder) :P


rainbow angeles said...

look as if the horsey makan the girl's hand! LOL

giddy tigress said...

Nice horsey! Seems like he is really hungry too!

Kok said...

Which wineries did you go in Swan Valley? Tasted any nice wine?:D

If you want grapes, you should go Perth in March or April like that. hehe.

Selba said...

Hahahaha... the horse aka Mr Pokka Dot looks that he got chicken poks!!!

Chen said...

looks like angeles needs to start wearing glasses liao.

giddy tigress,
The horsey are eating grass at one corner till we came. Then they started looking at us, and subsequently came to us :)

We went to Jarrah Ridge winery in Swan Valley. Tasted some wine and we bought 3 bottles back. Wines there are cheap and taste much nicer than the wines in Malaysia. Likely cos of the weather :)

Haha, don't tell me Mr Pokka has horse pox :)

moz monster said...

Is the horse in the last photo eating the poor little girl's hands ???

doc said...

if i have just a week in Perth with the family, what are some of the must-see places or must-do stuff? said...

again i come marfan you
I want the first photo for wallpaper

Doreen said...

So cute the dalmation horse! I want one too!

Wyn said...

a cross breed horsey...hehe..

dalmatian + horsey = dalmation horsey...keke...=P

Pete said...

Imagine seeing 101 Horses. So may dots, pengsan lorr!

mistipurple said...

lol at pete. if sotong here wait kena piaked. :P

Chen said...

The horse is not so desperate yet leh till become omnivor. It's still herbivor :P

My main reason for going to Oz this time is not for vacation, hence I didn't visit many places, just few of the interesting one. It's definitely worthwhile to visit the wildlife park, as can get upclose with the animals instead of visiting the Perth Zoo. Perth Museum is worth a visit too especially if u r bringing your kids together.

A trip to Swan Valley (visiting the vineyards, strawberry farm, ice cream factory, chocolate factory and wineries etc would be interesting too, although i didn't do so as lack of time. I only visit the wineries. A trip to Fremantle is recommended too since it's located nearby Perth. If u hire a car, u can travel further away to nearby cities which I didn't do so this trip.

There are several museums in Perth. If u r a person who loves history, u might love visiting it.

Chen said...

How come sometimes yenjai and sometimes chinese yenjai geh? :P

Sure, no problem. But i need to search for the photo first before sending to u :)

Besides getting a dalmation horse, get one dalmation dog too leh, then they won't become lonely and have companions. Both also pokka dots.

And when u wear a white dress with pokka dots and take photo together with them, that will be nice ;)

Chen said...

If u google for dalmation horse, they are not that rare leh. Wonder if there's any dalmation cat or dalmation rabbit etc.. LOL

Hahaha, we can produce a new movie liao, and will invite u as director for the new film :P

Sotong is now busy searching for Dalmation Sotong, hence no time to piak ppl :)

doc said...

thks for the tips.

Wyn said...

but i tak pernah tengok ler...=(

Chen said...

u r mostly welcomed. AA is now offering free tix to Oz, but the traveling date is one year later :)

Don't worry. U r not alone cos i also tak pernah tengok sebelum ni :) said...

that depends on whether I am surfing chinese based or english based blog

At times I forget to change

Chen said...

luckily u only have 2 blogs.
If u have Malay blogs, then there will be liao :P