Sunday, October 26, 2008

Lok Lok @ Padang Brown

Nowadays I seldom take food pictures when dining out at hawker stalls nor restaurants in Penang. But today I decided to bring my camera again. The highlight for the day is none other than my all time favourite, Lok Lok.

Had it together with a colleague of mine at the old hawker stall at Padang Brown, Penang.

The difference of having lok lok here is one can actually sit down and enjoying the lok lok instead of the norm.
A pot of boiling water in the middle of each table, and the boiling water was clear initially...

My all time favourite and something not to be missed out ~ the bloody cockles :)

Next on my list is the sotong + kangkung skewer :)

I don't really fancy the "balls", be it fish balls, meat balls, sotong balls or whatever bola :)

Minum bola, makan bola, tidur bola...

Chili sauce is a MUST :)

Satay sauce ~ Err, not really my cuppa tea sauce

Wantan is available too...

And not forgetting the fried wantan :)

Sotong oh sotong... (no wonder Sotong missing in action for ages...)

And many other varieties which I lazy wanna take photos d, cos I wanna makan :)

And btw, this is not on the menu. The cat was sleeping underneath the table next to the gas tank. I was joking with my colleague, whether the cat is still alive or being "cook" already...

At the end, our pot of clear boiling water changed colour, just like chameleon.. One of the main contributing factor is the bloody cockles :)

And not forgetting, a plate of nyonya beehoon from the nearby stall.

And last but not least, presenting the "backbone" of the dishes, aka the skewers. Nope, that was not the total number of skewers I had. I don't have such a huge stomach :P


rainbow angeles said...

last time my dad say there got the fehmes ago-go char hor fun.. :p

ago-go cos that guy goyang his body when frying the hor fun.. :p

iml said...

Padang Brown has been around for a long long time. Your post brought back fond memories.

Doreen said...

Penang lok lok is so different from Kuching!

Kok said...

At first glace, I thought you're going to talk about Kok Kok. haha!

Actually for this lok lok, normally you'll have one stick after another without knowing that you've actually had a lot. Just like satay. hehe.

Tried cat meat yet? hahaha

Wyn said...


nak makan....keke..

Pink Cotton said...

wow so interesting!

how much ah?expensive or not?
the lok lok here in kch not like this le...this one more like lok lok steamboat style already...heheeh

Chen said...

The popiah and nyonya kuih stall there is famous too.

Didn't know about the ago-go story :D
They really call that io kah chng char hor fun sifu as ago-go ah? Hehehhee

That's true. The stalls there are old, and quite a number of the hawkers there are in their 50's :)

This stall is different than the other lok lok stalls.
Most of the lok lok stalls here, the customers have to stand and eat by the road side wan, and everyone dip their lok lok and share the same boiling pot :)

Chen said...

Kok Kok? Hahaha, sounds like ayam berkokok pulak :P

That's true. Cos it's not that filling, hence can eat a lot without realising it :)

Nope, no cat meat for me :P

Hehehe, and I still remember u told me the eating lok lok story of your cousin in the past :)

pink cotton,
Not expensive, but depends on what lok lok u had loh. Generally it is much cheaper than KL :)

I dunno how's the lok lok stall in Kuching. This particular lok lok stall is different than the other lok lok stalls in Penang. Can sit down and have own table :)

Most of the lok lok stalls here, the customers have to stand and eat by the road side wan, and everyone dip their lok lok and share the same boiling pot. And the sauce from the lok lok skewer can drip on the floor while eating wan :P

ck lam said...

Nice photos of the skewers...its been some time since I last had the lok-lok, how I miss the cockles...

ck lam

Chen said...

ck lam,
Thanks. I love lok lok but didn't have kaki to go out with previously. Lately I found out a colleague of mine also loves lok lok. Hence i can go out for lok lok session more frequently :)

Most people loves cockles, and it's my favourite too :)

ychu said...

OMAGODNESS, I feel soooooooo hungry after viewing your food pictures at this wee hour. >< I better go sleep now, bye!

p/s: keke... blog-hopped here thru kok's blog. HI! Hope I won't be chased away. Hehe... said...

it amazed me that with such good food in front, you still have time to snatch such a piles of photos :P

Chen said...

Wah, u r still awake at 2:47 am? :)
I guess what u can have at that hour is.. Maggie Mee?

Thanks for dropping by,
hope u enjoyed your stay here,
but not when u visit with a hungry tummy. LOL

Actually hoh, I took most of the photos after eating.
Service there is efficient and good.
And the boss is very friendly too.
They fill up the food pretty fast,
Hence u see the plates are still full although I half way or almost finish makan already :)

Selba said...

Ah... it's satay celup?

cute cat falling asleep coz' ate too much the left overs? hehehe

Chen said...

Mmmm... it's commonly known as lok lok here. We had another similar version called satay celup in Malacca, but the skewers r dipped into the boiling satay peanut sauce instead of dipping into boiling hot water :)

I joked with my colleague, asking whether the cat was still breathing or not. It must be enjoying the sauna session underneath the table :)

Drug Rehab said...

This post makes me starve to death. Beautiful food line up.

fibrate said...

Man, I love cockles! The bloodier the better :)
Will look for this place next time I'm in Penang

day-dreamer said...

I love lok lok with satay sauce! Always have 'em when I was in PJ... hehe.

I only eat the see hum that comes with char koay teow... haha.

kyh said...

the chilli dip looks fab!!!

where is this padang brown?

mich said...

feed me with some of it??

ahhhHHHH???*mouth open big big d*

yea yea..daddy also say got this person fry hor fun goyang his body one..hahaha

rainbow angeles said...

io ka chng.. kkkkk... (long time no kkkkk liao :p)

i remember last time we also went there for yong tau foo..

ilovebudu said...

i love that nyonya heaven

Chen said...

drug rehab,
Hehehe, Hope u manage to find something nice to eat to fill up your hungry tummy :)

*High 5*
Cockles is just too yummy
My all time favourite
But i only started loving it after coming to Peninsular, cos I didn't get to eat lok lok when I was in Sarawak.

No lok lok in my hometown mah :(

Do pay this place a visit when u r in Penang. There are lotsa other yummy hawker food available in Padang Brown :)

day dreamer,
I prefer lok lok with chilli sauce, cos spicy mah :P

Aiseh, but at least u eat the see ham with CKT lah. Some people don't eat see ham wan :)

Chen said...

Yeah, it's spicy and i know u love spicy stuff. It's located at brown field. No lah, it's located near the junction of Perak Road and Anson Road.

Open mouth big-big? u want me to throw the lok lok into your mouth ah? :P

Seems like this agogo char hor fun unker is very femes :)

Those were the good old days :)
I heard the popiah there is nice too, but service is a bit slow (referring to the popiah)..

Yeah, it's nice. I tapao RM 2 of the nyonya beehoon back home too :)

Pete said...

Fast food, asian style, lok lok. I love it, simple and nice.

sbanboy said...

a mistake to visit your blog early in the morning !!! Where can I find lok lok now !!!! Hungry lah

mich said...

u blow first let it cool down first k then only throw..hahaha

Chen said...

Hehehe, this is the first time I heard someone referring lok lok as fast food ;)

Wait.. I just saw the time of your comment. How come u r still awake at 4:42 am? Having insomnia ah? :P

i tot only grandma will do such stuff before feeding their grandchildren? :P

doc said...

the 2 of you ate all those dishes?? & you said you don't have a big stomach!!

Chen said...

Haha, thanks for thinking that we have the ability to finish all those food served on the table. Die loh if we really finish eating all those.

Those are pre-served food lah. U choose what u want to eat and they count the amount eaten by the skewers lah. Just like the normal lok lok stall in KL :)

mich said...

i didnt say anything!!

Chen said...

of coz u dun hv to say anything, cos u r not my grand dotter :P

a^ben said...

Ah chen! I want to eat those food larh~ benci u` hehehehe

btw! HELLOW!!! LONG TIME NO leave blog COMMENTS~! heheheh

Chen said...

Don't lah benci me :)
When u coming back to Malaysia or Kuching ah?
Time flies...
u r in Oz for 9 months liao leh :)

hcpen 彭皓全 said...

omg! i love ur food posts and daily snippets of ur life in Penang,,, brings back so many fond memories of me...i haven't been to Padang Brown in years!! but i still rem it has always been famous for its lok lok!!

Chen said...

Thanks for dropping by.
Glad u enjoy the posts :)

I also haven't visit Padang Brown for quite some time till I found out recently that one of my colleages loves lok lok. My favourite when eating lok lok is the cockles aka see ham :)

narrowband said...

I know this place I know this place! :p But didn't try as many food...

Szu said...

Hi! Bloghopping....OMG!! LOK LOK!!! I miss somuch and also my favourite...COCKLES!!!

Chen said...

I didn't try many of the foodstuff there too, cos I didn't visit that place so frequent as the hawker stalls only opened in the afternoon and closed in the late evening :)

Thanks for dropping by :)
Glad to know someone who loves lok lok & cockles :)

Penang Tua Pui said...

i love this lok lok la... taste fresh and nice...hee hee