Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Cicerello's Fish & Chips

A visit to Fremantle won't be complete without taking the famous Fish & Chips meal :)

After an eye opening and interesting tour to the Fremantle Prison (will post that up later on), it's time to fill up our tummies... with the Original & Still The Best Fish & Chips @ Cicerello's.

It's time to help ourselves with one set of Seafood and Chips and another set of Fish and Chips. Serving was huge. The above photo was taken after i ate halfway. There are calamari rings, crab sticks, prawns, fish, chips, pineapple and coleslaw. Salt and Vinegar is free of charge. Each sachet of tomato sauce or chili sauce costs 40 cents Oz dollar...

There are ample seagulls around the corner. But if u want to feed them.. think twice. Why so??

Cos hoh, they might S.O.Y. as warned by the signboard. It took me a while to figure out what is S.O.Y., which I presume is "Shit On You" :)

Yeah, this is the place where we sat and had our meal... for almost an hour.

Yeah, we get to enjoy the nice view while having a "hard" time finishing the food... Food was nice, just that the serving was too huge. LOL


Kok said...

I miss this Cicerello! But they claimed they have the best fish and chips in W.A., I don't actually know whether it's true or not. haha!

Yes, don't ever try to feed the seagulls! Actually they're just joking on the "Shit On You". If you feed them, more will come and you will be in deep sh*t! haha!

The fish and chips portion itself is not huge. Just that, the portion of CHIPS is huge! You should order one Seafood and chips and one just fish. Alamak! I'm now drooling liaooo...

If you anyone happened to go to Fremantle, there's another place for fish and chips; Kaili's. It's just next to this Cicerello. The fish is actually better but then, the portion is smaller. :)

Pete said...

Wah, nice food, nice view. Ha ha the sign on feeding the seagulls is real funny. LOL

Chen said...

Not only the portion of chips is huge, the chips itself is gigantic in size. The chips in Malaysia looks so puny in comparison with the chips there :)

We did passed by Kaili's. Went inside there to have a look to, but at the end, my hubby decided to have our meal at Cicerello. The crowds are larger in Cicerello. Yeah, Kaili is visible at the second last photo

Seeing the seagulls there somehow reminds me of the monkeys in Botanical Garden in Penang. Similar principle.. never feed the monkeys in Botanical Garden :)

Kok said...

That's very true! I think the chips tasted better that way. We can actually eat the "potato". haha!

I also don't know why Cicerello attracts more crowd as always. Perhaps, the words, "The best in W.A." do the tricks.

rainbow angeles said...

now i oso wanna remember my fish & chips in london... :p

S.O.Y. u sure is shit anot?? feed it and then kena shit? baaad bird!! :p

Chen said...

Just eating the chips alone will made me full. LOL

I had chips 3 times in Oz. First time is in this Cicerello's F&C. Second time is at Tony & Roma's Ribs and the third time is at one of the Italian Restaurant :)

I also wanna remember the fish & chips I had in Chinatown in London too. That was way back in September 2003. Actually hoh i can't remember how was the taste like liao since that was so longggggggggg ago :)

if not, S.O.Y is wat ah?
Smile On You?
or don't tell me it means...
Sampat On You?

day-dreamer said...

Nice view. And OMG you now make me crave for fish & chips. :x

Pink Cotton said...


that one not FISH n chips le..its SEAFOOD n chips :)

Chen said...

day dreamer,
Hehehhe, btw, the fish & chips there are much, much, much nicer than what we have here :)


pink cotton,
AIseh, that one is indeed SEAFOOD & chips mah.
We had 2 sets ~ 1 seafood & chips, and 1 fish & chips. The seafood & chips is much more worthy than the fish & chips set :)

khengsiong said...

How come the seagull wasn't afraid of you??? said...

Give lar some of the chips to me

may said...

I used to feed the gulls at Watsons Bay with greasy chips, but they didn't S.O.M wor... maybe it's just Perth gulls! :P

mistipurple said...

the calamari rings nice boh?
i want to order liao, hehe.
here got one shop just opened, oz style fish and chips, so now you make me crave for calamari. :P

Furkids in Hong Kong said...

The serving is still so huge after all this time. Deb and I had to share one - almost impossible to finish by oneself.

Doreen said...

Oh yum! You know what, when I first saw the first photo, I thought it was Cinderella's Landing! Muahahaha

Chen said...

cos i'm friendly? :P

Most of the animals or birds in Oz are not afraid of human beings. I think likely the people there are more friendly to animals, unlike Malaysians. :D

Ooi, since when u become seagulls ah?

*Throw few chips @ Yenjai*

Aiseh, likely the gulls there are more well behave and educated.. Might be they have attended schools? LOL

Chen said...

Nice, as the sotong is fresh
Prawn is nice too
Everything is fresh :)

and this is the first time i ate "fried pineapple". :P

We didn't know the servings were so gigantic earlier on, till we got our orders :D

Hahahahha, that's a good one :D

Wyn said...

Nice food and not to mention enviroment too...

1 portion can feed 2 person biggie 1...yummm yummm...

Chen said...

the ppl there really can eat hoh?
similar like US, whereby the food portion is equally gigantic too :)