Saturday, October 18, 2008

Australian Black Swan

We are so used to the White Swan in Malaysia. But Black Swan? I can't remember whether I had seen one in the past or not. Might be I had...

In case if there is any blur sotong out there, these are not swans. Sweet leh seeing the mother duck with her 7 little ducklings. Only 5 are seen in this photo, the other two are behind the mummy duck.

Yeah yeah yeah, this is the Black Swan.

Ugly leh the little cygnet.. But when it grows up, it's the contrary. Remember the Andersen's Fairy Tales "The Ugly Duckling" (丑小鸭) ? :)

The birds here are friendly and sociable, including the cygnet.

The duck caught my attention again. She is searching for something yummy inside the pond.

I presume she found something already since she lifted up her head from the water. Or.. might be she needs to breath? :P

Cute duckling (in comparison with the cygnet) :P

The poor little duckling is hungry... So everything also she sapu.

Okie, okie.. back to the black swan :)

I can sit here for hours looking at the black swans, ducks and other birds... But I can't do so cos we need to catch the flight back home in few hours time.

Quack Quack (Duckie way of saying good bye). Bye bye lah little ducklings. Goodbye Vincent. (Btw, Vincent is not the name of the ducklings, it's the name of the town where the lake is located :P)


Kok said...

Those are the famous black swans in Western Australia. :D

Aiyo! You like animals, you should have gone to my uni lah. UWA has ducks and ducklings also. Sometimes you can see red head parrot. And in the morning, you would see burung gagak (the most ugly bird)! And best, UWA has the famous peacocks in the uni! We also have white peacocks!

Chen, you made me miss Perth more!:(

Chen said...

Yeah, i like animals, parks and nature, much more than visiting museums :P

Wah, so many animals in your uni wan ah? Sounds like a mini zoo :)

I had seen the burung gagak in Perth. It is much bigger than the gagak in Malaysia. I have seen the white peacock in the Wildlife park too :)

I will go back to Perth again. Will visit your uni the next time :)

Kok said...

Same here! Museums are ermm...boring? haha!

Yaloh, you should have visit my uni lah. The peacocks are actually a gift from Perth Zoo long time ago. Now their "home" is at the school's art building.

Scary right the gagak! Somemore, they WUAKKKK WUAKKKK WUAKKKKKKK so loud! hahaha!

Yaya, go back to Perth and visit my uni! And don't forget to bring along your dslr that time cause my uni is one of the best place for photographs. :D

Chen said...

Hahaha, i ditto with u.
But my hubby enjoys visiting museums. Hence sometimes i have no choice :(

Yeah, the gagak is very irritating and noisy.

Sometimes I lazy to bring the dslr cos it's kinda heavy and bulky. The prosumer camera is more portable, such as the one I used this time when visiting WA. Picture quality quiet decent but not as sharp as DSLR. And the photos are more noisy in low light ambient, unlike using DSLR :)

Btw, all the photos here were taken with the prosumer camera Canon Powershot S5IS :)

day-dreamer said...

Black swan also nice ah... :)

Doreen said...

The black swans are beautiful and elegant. I like swans. I like the fact that they're always together in blissfully romantic....

Wyn said...

i saw black swan b4...i saw it wen i was at bukit tinggi last time...

there got 1 ekor hitam and 1 ekor putih...

QUACK QUACK ~ reminds me of the new Digi ad thingy laa...keke

Chen said...

day dreamer,
as long as they have good and caring heart, then they are nice. (In fact, animals are much better than certain human beings, judging from what's going on in our country)

Woh, I didn't know they always come in pairs. No wonder lah, there are 2 black swans swimming and walking together when I was there :)

One black and one white swan?
Then their offspring will be what colour leh?
Zebra stripes?

Aiyak, I didn't know about the new Digi ad. Proven I seldom watch local tv channels liao :P

rainbow angeles said...

why our parks here dun hv these kind of ducks/swans wan? aihh... i oso wanna take a walk back to memory lane in Hyde Park liao :p

Pete said...

The black swans are beautiful and the ducklings are cute. Got your link from Misti. Hi!

carcar said...

hey.. like the photos, can see the water 'motion' in circle... nice!

fibrate said...

Nice collection Chen. Like I said I'd go shutter-crazy there! :)

Anonymous said...

Eh I m the one retired but u r the one going ngam bo?...kakakaka..


khengsiong said...

I haven't seen white swan for a long time...

Pink Cotton said...


roast duck...

Chen said...

might be cos hoh..
people here more ganas...
they will hunt and eat the birdies..
hence the ducks and swans won't dare to visit the lakes here :P

Thanks for visiting :)
Hope u enjoy the ducklings' and the swans' company here ;)

Yeap, i love the picts too
if not becos i need to go to the airport to catch the flight back home, i can stay hours there leh..
So serene and so peaceful...
I lup :)

Chen said...

Thanks fibrate :)

Hahah, i bet :)
U can spend hours there too :D

Siapa cakap oni retired ppl can go places ah? Might be hoh, who knows? I might retire soon too.
Hahaha, how i wish :P
*day dreaming nia*

How about black swan? :)

pink cotton,
Ini pink cotton
baking and cooking too much liao ah?

really deserve to be piak-ed...
for having evil thought of the cute ducklings :P

Wyn said...

keke...maybe ler...den become new breed...Zebra Swan...=P

Leonard said...

the black swan is quite cool with the red beak! iLike!!

mistipurple said...

no wrinkled face swans hor?

giddy tigress said...

Oh yes, I remember these beautiful swans back in Perth. What pretty pictures they all are!

Chen said...

Hehehe, zebra swan :)

God's creation is indeed awesome.

Misti is too obsessed with wrinkles d :P

giddy tigress,
Thanks Giddy tigress.
I can spent hours there if time permits :)

13th Panda said...

I just love black swans. I fell in love with them when I first saw them at Guangzhou's zoo. They look so graceful..