Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Baby Kanga

I didn't include in the following photos in my previous Caversham Wildlife Park as I had posted too many photos there. However I decided to change my mind after reading some of the comments.
Presenting the little baby kanga, Ah Roo being wrapped up and carried by one of the rangers. The way she carried it was just like holding a human baby. So cute. And summore she wrapped up the baby kangaroo with clothes. If u looked at the photo carefully, you can see that Ah Roo is crossing her hands and her "right hand" is holding some yummy snacks aka leaves.

Baby kanga Ah Roo is hungry, hence she started munching to fill up her tummy.. Yum yum.. So cuteeeeeeeeeeeee...

p/s: Ah Roo is just the saja-saja nickname for the baby kanga :)


Kok said...

I saw that kangaroo too! But I still prefer the big, fat wombie! haha!

For the previous comment:
Aiyo, no choice leh. For the sake of family, have to come back for good. I also know it's better to work there but hmm...

Seems like you left out a lot of good places leh. Did you visit the Bells Tower? Did you visit up north? Ahhhh!!! Most important! Did you visit my uni?!!??!?! UWA!!!!! That's a must!!!! If not, you must go back next year! I'm more than willing to tag along, provided I have the money and time next year! hahaha!

I miss Perth...

Chen said...

Hahaha, the big, fat wombat is still the cutest. So gigantic, like a huge soft toy :D

I know many friends who study in Oz earlier on subsequently regret coming back to Malaysia :)

I visit some other places too, just that I haven't post them up cos... lazy lah. And up to date, I still haven't finish posting the Silk Road tour series yet :)

Yeah, I visit the Bells Tower, the St George Cathedral, The Supreme Court Garden etc. Didn't visit up north as I will go back there again in the future :)

Oops, didn't visit UWA leh. But I did pass by Curtin uni. I will definitely go back there again.. I mean Oz :)

L B said...

Ah Roo, Ah Roo!! Looks just like Ah Boy!! Got BBBB?!!

day-dreamer said...

Kawaii neh! :)

Pink Cotton said...

hahahaha so cute ho!
got bring food to eat while the ranger talks...

Doreen said...

How old is Ah Roo har? So cute neh~~~~~

Chen said...

Both of them can become good friends
Ah Roo hasn't master the skill of BBBB yet :)

day dreamer,
she is one of the star of the day :)

pink cotton,
Yeah loh, very clever huh that Ah Roo
Even human baby also is not that clever :)

Dunno leh
Should have asked the ranger her age :)
I meant Ah Roo's age, not the ranger's age :P

Wyn said...

so cute little RooRoo...keke...=P

y here dun have 1??ish ish...!!!

Kok said...

Did you notice? Most animals in OZ are slow and lazy. Just like the wombie and koala! hahaha!

Hmm... I don't know if I'll regret later in life. Maybe I shouldn't come back. I'm not sure... But still, I hope I didn't make the wrong choice... *Big Sigh*

Haha! That always happens to travelog. I haven't even finished my last post of my Melbourne trip back in 2007! I haven't even written anything about my trip for my convo! I haven't written anything about my sis' convo! Arggh! Lazy lah! hehe. Somemore, I doubt if anyone would read my post. hehe.

You didn't go to UWA!? Arghhh! You missed something great lah! Next time if you happened to go to Perth, remember to visit UWA especially at night. The clocktower in front in just awesome! Or maybe I should share some photos with you. :)

fibrate said...

So it's called Roo after all? ;)

Chen said...

Yeah loh, so many cute and adorable animals not available here :(

Hahaha, that somehow indicates the life pace in Perth? :P

It's good to write travelog posts so that one can read back again later in life. It serves as a diary too. But most of the time, I'm too lazy to write in the details... ;)

I see. We didn't rent a car mah when in Perth. If have own transport, then more easy to travel around :)

Sweet right the nickname I give to Roo? :)

mistipurple said...

sooooo cute!! really like baby. if i am the ranger, i will carry roo until she/he grows big. because no heart to let go mah. :P

_butt said...

baby kanga kuchi kuchi koo... *pinch cheek*

sbanboy said...

Wah so cute !!!!!!

Chen said...

Wah, good lah u
Ah Roo is quite heavy leh
much more heavier than a human baby :P

later Ah Roo kick u then u know

Lotsa lovely and adorable animals over there. Can spend hours inside the Wildlife Park :)

sarawakiana said...

lovely pics ...make me want to go over....