Saturday, October 11, 2008

Caversham Wildlife Park

A visit to Perth, Australia is incomplete without visiting The Caversham Wildlife Park, which is located inside the Whiteman Park. A place where you can get upclose with the animals, petting them, feeding them food, riding camels, etc and not forgetting the farm show. Entrance fee AUD 20 (adult) :)

Yeah, no running around in the park, else u might upset the kangaroo. And yeah, no touching the Ms Roo's pouch or disturbing her little babies too :)

Yes, kangaroos need to rest too. They get tired too after entertaining the tourists all over the world :)
Someone trying to take photo of the baby kangaroo :)

The sleeping "Drunk" Kangaroo (Too much wine, perhaps?) LOL

White Kangaroo woh :)

Itchy lah. *Scratch scratch*

Someone disturbing the kangaroo lifting up the kangaroo's tail.. :P

This kangaroo is even better.. scratching armpit openly with so many pairs of eyes staring at it :)

Cute leh the little kambing inside Molly's Farm

Bambi is here too? o.O

Wah, this rooster looks like a white & furry feather duster :P

Baa Baa Black Brown Sheep have you any wool?

Little boy admiring the cute little sheep, who is busy sniffing ?? :)


Camels in Oz are single-humped, unlike the double humped camels in Silk Road, China.

Yeah, u can ride the camel too (at AUD 6 per head)

Sheepish Camelish grin :)

Pigs can BITE. Hence, don't play-play :)

Cute leh the piglets :)

First time I get to see and pet a Wombat. Nice to cuddle :P

*Yawning*. Btw, The Dingoes are kept inside the "electric fence".

The Sleeping Beauty. Koala sleeps 16 to 20 hours a day. They really know how to enjoy life, huh?

Koala Bears enjoying the Eucalyptus leaves.

This resembles a huge, gigantic rat !!! o.O

Last but not least, another rat the Tasmanian Devil says Hi to everyone :)


Kok said...

You were in Perth! Argghhhh! I miss the life there. I brought my family to this Caversham Wildlife Park during my convo. It was quite far from Perth city but it's all worth it!:)

Did you go to Swan Valley or down south, Margaret River? Or did you go to any strawberry farm? And and, how bout up north? I hope you didn't miss out Fremantle and Subiaco!

Aihhhh... this made me miss Perth more and more!:(

rainbow angeles said...

in my nxt life, i wanna be a koalazzzzzzzz....

L B said...

I was the Tazmanian Devil in a past life... said...

dingoes should be killed.. they're pest.

mistipurple said...

i must have been a camel then..
that camel looks like wearing dentures, hahah.

Doreen said...

The kangaroos are soooooo cute, in fact all the animals are sooooo cute lah. I just wanna pet them and hug them tight tight leh. That rooster really looks like a duster. I still can't work out where the eyes are...

Chen said...

If i were u, i will choose to continue working in Oz after graduation leh.. That is a much better country with better life quality compared with Msia :)

I did went to Swan Valley but didn't visit the strawberry farm. Went to Fremantle too, and did the Prison Tour, tried the Fish & Chips there, visited the Maritime Museum etc. I will go back to Oz again, might be next year? :)

Wah.. u wanna tidur 16 to 20 hours a day ah?
But hoh, being a koala, u cannot eat sashimi and other yummy food liao. Your diet will only be the boring Eucalyptus leaves. Jialat woh.. LOL

Aiks, another huge rat on the move?
Yeah yeah yeah, this is Mousey year :)

Chen said...

Cannot kill all of them too, else the future generation won't get the chance to see Dingoes d :)

Heheh, u r no more Ostrich d?
The camels are cute though..
and I had taken several photos of the camel grinding and moving his mouth and teeth :)

There's another few photos of the baby kangaroo being wrap up and carried by one of the rangers there. The way she carried it was just like holding a human baby. And the baby kangaroo was holding some leaves and munching. I didn't put the photo up cos too many photos already. :)

hehe, if u right click and zoom in the photo, u will be able to see the eyes. There are several white rooster in the Molly's Farm. I didn't count but definitely there are more than 30s :)

Wyn said...

jiejie, u sure dats a rooster??fury furry 1 1 no bulu 1...keke..=P

kangaroos so cute many pose 1...hehe..pandai pose lor..

mistipurple said...

the ostrich and camel's face quite similar hor?
*examine my own head and taking own temperature*

Chen said...

Different species of ayam kua?
I see lotsa different species of birds, plants and animals in Oz which I never see in Malaysia. And the crows there are gigantic :)

So farnie lah seeing the kangaroos scratching itself :D


What's your body temperature?
Hopefully it's just low grade fever. :P

fibrate said...

I'd totally go ballistic in a place like this! In a good way, of course...with my camera :)

may said...

that ranger's brave to hold the wombat - I heard they can be quite 'vicious' and a handful!

*hoppity hop*

keeyit said...

If I got chance to visit this zoo, so good le..

Pink Cotton said...

so many animals!!! ^_^
so cute!...
i wanto feed the mek mek with nen nen 'x'

hahahaha cannot touch kanga's pouch..if its me early early already kena tikam keluar from the park

Pink Cotton said...

i mean feed nen nen from bottle! 'x'

mistipurple said...

LOL at pink cotton!!!

Chen said...

Yeah, can spend hours and hours inside it.
At least half a day :)

I didn't bring my DSLR to Oz, cos i lazy wanna carry or bring around the lens. I used my prosumer camera instead. Lighter and more portable :P

The wombat is so cute
and so huge too...
and their feet are so tiny :D

Wooo.. I didn't know the wombats can be vicious :)

Don't visit the Zoo lei cos u won't be able to get upclose nor personal touch with the animals. Visit the Wildlife Park instead, such as this one :)

Chen said...

pink cotton,
Yeah, can spend at least half a day inside the wildlife park. I have taken 300+ photos inside the park, and of coz having fun playing around with the animals, including petting the snake and the lizard. LOL :)

The kanga might punch u lei if u disturb their pouch.

Btw, I had taken few photos of a ranger holding a baby kangaroo in such a way that resembles how a mum carrying her baby. I didn't post that up earlier on as too many photos already in this post. Likely i will post that photo up later :)

LOL, luckily u mentioned..
Else imagination might run wild :P

She is so farnie :D

khengsiong said...

"Yeah, u can ride the camel too (at AUD 6 per head)"

Human head or camel head?
If 2 persons ride one camel, will that cost A$6 or A$12?

Chen said...

I thought it's pretty obvious per head means per person? Else I will use per camel liao. :)

_butt said...

seriously, pigs will bite? :P

all these animals here so cute adorable! heart the kangaroos and koalas hehe :-)

*waves to Tasmanian devil*

Chen said...

might be they will bite if being provoked? I dunno leh...

Btw, the Tasmanian Devil really have the devilish look, huh? :)

AddictionWriter said...

WOW. That wombat is huge. I am soooo jealous. I want to be there instead of heading to work. Enjoy.

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