Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Size Does Matter

I loves the Aussie Strawberries. Not only they are SWEET, they are HUGE too !! This pack of gigantic strawberries cost me AUD 5 (There are cheaper wan but much smaller in size lah).
First time I eat such a gigantic strawberries... Tua-tua liap. Sweet & Juicy

This one is even better... What shape is this ah? (Actually hoh, this is a "conjoint twin" strawberries). I LOVE Oz strawberries. Now I dowan to eat the small & sour strawberries in Malaysia already lah...

*Photos taken with Canon Powershot S5IS


fibrate said...

Yum! I have a sudden urge to make strawberry smoothie! :)

zeroimpact said...

So the big
A bit scary also... but sweet is good

Kok said...

Where are you now? Aust?!?!

I miss the strawberries! I've blogged about it before. You can get the strawberries dirt cheap when it's the season. I wanna go back Aust!!!!

Chen said...

Kekeke, I want I want
Make extra for me :P

First time I see such gigantic strawberry. Syiok leh eating it. So satisfying :D

I was in Oz last week and now I'm back to Malaysia already :(

U should go back & work in Oz leh.
Living condition and the salary there is much much much better than Malaysia. Just that, no more hawker or street food or kopitiam lah :P

L B said...

Where are the GIANT fresh figs?!!!

rainbow angeles said...

looks yummy!! u got tapao back for ahboy ah?

Chen said...

still searching for the fresh figs..
looking under the table
searching inside the cabinet
and not forgetting the supermarket

None geh :(

not only looks yummy,
but it tastes yummy too

Shhhh.... Don't tell Ah Boy regarding the SB,
cos I gasak all in Oz d :)

day-dreamer said...


Wish I could have some.

may said...

I've been overdosing on strawberries in the last couple of months too.

next season - peaches, nectarines, apricots... cherries!! said...

no fresh fig at this season lar..

Chen, strawberries here also not always so sweet n big one. u lucky come at right season. :)

Doreen said...

Malaysian's strawberres very small meh? I didn't notice, in fact I hardly see strawberries when I go back. Now, I want go buy strawberries also.

Furkids in Hong Kong said...

Mouth watering doc.

I agree that having had Oz Strawberries (in season), I just don't like the all-season soury strawberries from Asia. Never was a fan of (especially soury) fruits. But those sweet big strawberries changed my view.


Pink Cotton said...

wahh ada orang hao lian liao woh..
don wanto eat malaysian strawberries liao...


dobbs said...

Wah those strawberries are huge! Looks delicious :)

Chen said...

day dreamer,
Hopefully u can have some, some time in the future :)

it's sweet and juicy :)

so nice :)
I love peaches, nectarines, apricots, cherries and all the berries :)

Angel managed to find fresh figs in Malaysia a year or two ago (somewhere in July, I think?)
Too bad I can't find any this year :(

Hehehe, the other time that I tasted sweet strawberries was in China, before the cruise to The Three Gorges aka Yangtze River (in September few years back) :)

Chen said...

very small leh, about the size of 10 cent M'sia coin to 50 cent M'sia coin. Next time u can check out in the supermarket for the sizes when u came back to Msia :)

Very yummy indeed.
Now I dream of the sweet gigantic strawberries again :)

pink cotton,
Once u eat the gigantic sweet strawberries, guarantee u also no syiok the small tiny sour Msia strawberries liao :P

First time I saw such gigantic size strawberries. Hehehe. We had some smaller sized strawberries few days earlier on during our visit to Swan Valley, which is equally sweet & juicy too, just that those are smaller in size :)

mistipurple said...

got little little bit sour or not?
my degree of tolerance very low. i find golden kiwifruit sour also.

TZ said...

yummy! can send some over to Uganda Africa :-p

Jun said...

yaya it's see-toh-beh-lei season now!!! eh u go perth must buy corica's apple strudel ok!! :D

Chen said...

There's a slight tinge of sourness (less than 1%), not exactly the total 100% sweet leh, hence it can be considered as sweet liao loh :P

Hehehe, by the time the setobeli reach Uganda, it will become setobeli juice liao :P

I'm now back in Msia d :(
Didn't know about the corica apple strudel earlier on :(

But never mind...
I will get it the next time I visit Perth :)

Wyn said...

wah...itz really huge leh...

here 1 kecik kecik and sumtime not sweet at all...

i wan i wan...!!!

khengsiong said...

Wah... just came back from Silk Road went to Oz again... I hope I have money to go also lah.

Chen said...

Yeah loh, the setobeli here is so pathetic :)

I don't spend money on most other stuff, hence can save some for traveling. And up to date, I'm still driving the cheapest manual "made in Msia" car :)

akiart said...

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