Monday, October 06, 2008

Who Am I?

Can u recognise who am I? :)

Don't cha think I'm cute? Geee....

*Photos taken with Canon Powershot S5IS


Jun said...

u're in perth!!?? :D

L B said...


rainbow angeles said...


Pink Cotton said...

woit?u pegi australia ka??

day-dreamer said...


mistipurple said...

he/she is ahmay's friend. ;P

mistipurple said...

opps.. wrong part of oz. hahah

Doreen said...

Cute! I hope to see them soon! *wink*

may said...

misti, that's my cousin la...

Shionge said...

Hiya Chen, thank you for visiting my blog ;) Truly appreciate it and yes she is truly a beauty :D

fibrate said...

Kanga and Roo!

doc said...

your label to this post is a dead giveaway...duh!

Chen said...

I was in Perth few days back, but now I'm back to Msia d :(

Skip skip skip
Hip hip hip
Hop hop hop

The poor skippy fall down pulak :P

Skippy Hoppy :)

Chen said...

Pink Cotton,
Now balik already lah..
I will go there again in the future :)

day dreamer,
Mr Kang and Miss Roo :P

Mr Kang & Miss Roo r good friends cum relatives of Ah May :P

Chen said...

They are indeed cute
Can pet pet their head,
touch their fur
feed them..
and hug them if u want :P

And I saw some of the kangaroos there scratching themselves too
cos itchy mah :P

1st degree cousin or 2nd degree cousin? :)

Chen said...

And people in Oz eat kangaroo meat leh.. (and they are so cuteeee)

Oops, I bought a packet of dried kangaroo meat too (out of curiosity) :P

Kekkekke, good one :)
Let me introduce to u officially,
Mr Kang and Miss Roo :)

hehehe, i just wanna see what creative answer ppl can come up with, such as skippy, hoppy, ah may's cousin, kanga & roo :)

I call them as Mr Kang & Miss Roo :)

Wyn said...

jiejie pigi australia??? wonder MIA so long...keke...

Mr Kang n Ms Roo hiao hiao lor...pose pose sumore...=P

papercrazy said...

senyap senyap pergi down under....u got carry wombat or not???

Chen said...

not so long lah
one week only mah :)

Lotsa Mr Kang & Miss Roo there
and they are all so friendly :)

where got senyap-senyap woh.. :P

i didn't get to carry the wombat
i only pet pet the wombat's head :D
also pet pet the kangaroo, koala, snake, lizard, sheep, goat, camel etc :P

Pink Cotton said... sound no sound sudnly fly to aus

Chen said...

pink cotto,
Err, need to announce to the whole world before flying off meh? :P

sarawakiana said...

lovely post. Strawberries must be excellent there.

Hope all is well with you. God bless

Chen said...

Yeah, the strawberries there are sweet and juicy.
Met up with your son there too in Perth
Will send the photo to u later :)
God Bless :) said...

no wonder you disappear for so long

Chen said...

Hehe, u r very slow liao if u just found out now :P

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