Saturday, September 27, 2008

Kuih Wajid Temburong

I was in Ulu Temburong National Park, Brunei several months back. While walking around in Temburong Market, I came across the Kuih Wajid. Kuih wajid is one of the delicacies in Temburong District, Brunei. The kuih wajid there is different from the local kuih wajid in Malaysia.

From external appearance, it resembles the Malay kuih we have in Malaysia.

Kuih Wajid was made from biji Wajid, cooked with palm sugar. Didn't come across my mind to take photo of the biji Wajid (yellow in colour) which was sold in the market. :)


rainbow angeles said...

tarak pernah makan kuih ini leh...

Kok said...

I've never tasted this kind of kuih before. Only available at Brunei eh?

L B said...

Got tapau for me? :-) Got?


day-dreamer said...

Hmm... apa itu? Tak pernah jumpa, tak pernah makan. Kakaka...

fibrate said...

Have been drooling over these ever since I was old enough to read mum's cookbooks! Never tried them though. Aren't they also called "wajik"?

VampireM said...

i often eat this during tea break.
there's coconut inti inside the yellow/brownish kuih.

mistipurple said...

*takes a bite*

Debra said...

I never heard of the country Brunei. So i enjoyed your blog and found new things.

thanks for sharing


john said...

i read about the riches of King of Brunei with his large palaces and it may take him seven years to sleep in the same bed again.


Chris said...

ohh Sultan of Brunei may be rich and excessive but he also gives a lot of charity. But here we are talking about Brunei food.


Wyn said...

apa ini? tak pernah makan ler...


cc of Quaint Melody said...

I think I've had that once before, can't remember the taste now.

To answer your question in the previous post, yes I did take some moon photos, one is on my previous post here.

Doreen said...

I have never seen this before. Looks interesting and definitely lip-smacking

Shionge said...

Very interesting, the one we have in the local market is the one with bananas or something.


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Bengbeng said...

very nice kuih. dont think i have tried it before

mistipurple said...

how are you, chenliu? you still eating wajid ah? :P

Redsponge said...

hmm no updates? ;p Go somewhere else har?

Chen said...

I think the ori one is only available in Temburong leh :)

I think so, from what what the guide in Ulu Temburong told us.

I saw kuih with similar name at other place but i think the ingredient used are similar.

Habis makan all liao leh.
Ah Boy also wanna have some but none for him liao :)

Chen said...

day dreamer,
Sekarang u jumpa loh
But too bad cannot makan, unless in the future, we can eat with our eyes?

I dunno whether there is any different name or not ah for this kuih. The name that i know of is wajid :)

i think the one u r refering is different kuih. :)

one bite enuff liao meh?

Chen said...

Thanks for dropping by :)

Thanks for dropping by :)

Thanks for dropping by :)

kuih made from biji wajid cooked with palm sugar (instead of glutinous rice or pulut which we normally had). Something different loh :)

The taste is unique.
I can't exactly remember how's the taste too since it was few months back when I had it :)

Thanks for the link to your moon pict :)

Chen said...

Do try it out if u happened to visit Ulu Temburong, Brunei in the future :)

Thanks for dropping by.
I tried the different version of kuih with banana or jack fruit too, which is available in the local market :)

beng beng,
If u happened to visit Ulu Temburong Brunei in the future, don't forget to try out this kuih :)

I'm fine.
Nope, didn't eat wajid liao, but eating something else, including kangaroo meat, steak & ribs, fish & chips etc :)

Was away last week.
But now I balik already :)

seefei said...

sound very sweet especially when it is cooked with palm sugar.

Anonymous said...

hello..boleh minta resipi kuih wajid ni?

Chen said...

Sorry, I don't have the recipe. :(

Anonymous said...

biji Wajid (yellow in colour) <-- I believe it is called Padi Jawa in Brunei. Basically there are 2 types of wajid can be found here in Brunei.

1. Normal wajid - from glutinous rice
2. Wajid Temburong - from Padi jawa

Anonymous said...

mun ngam cara masaknya..nyam ni ah..ganya ngapa inda disertakan cara menyediakannya.Aku ani kan mcuba masak tapi inda tau..cuba dih bagi resepinya.