Monday, September 22, 2008

Moon & Mooncake Festival

This year, I was in Penang during Mid Autumn Festival or Mooncake Festival (which falls on Sunday, 15/9/2008), but I didn't really celebrate it.. In fact, most of the time I was outside Penang during Mid Autumn Festival
2001: can't remember where was I..
2002: Kelantan, Malaysia
2003: Germany
2004: Jingzhou, China (taking the Yangtze River Cruise)
2005: Penang , Malaysia
2006: Brunei Darussalam
2007: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (had dinner at Thai Restaurant in MVM together with Angeles)
2008: Penang, Malaysia
When I looked out of the window, I saw the full moon.. Just as I started shooting, the cloud started blocking the view.

Within few minutes, the cloud blocked the view of the full moon.. Such a gloomy Mooncake Festival in Penang island. How's the weather elsewhere?


cc said...

I kinda like the second picture, the clouds added that mystical quality to it. It was a clear day over here. said...

i didn't see the moon because I was in Melbourne busy in my apartment probably. lol.

Kok said...

In Miri, we couldn't even see the moon. Probably it's playing hide and seek. :P

VampireM said...

nice pic
very good for usage in werewolf movie.

Doreen said...

Couldn't remember the weather here that day....not bad gua...I finally had mooncake yesterday! A little bit late but better than never! Woo-hoo!

Wyn said...

eh..i remember that nite hor, at bayan baru area, moon nice nice wor..

no cloudy cloudy...

Chen said...

That's great.
Did u capture any moon picture that night?

Busy studying inside the apartment in Melbourne?
or busy partying? :P

U flying everywhere lately hoh?
Now in Perth pulak..

At least I can get a glimpse of the full moon, although just for a short while. The moon came out early that day.. Can see the moon around 7 pm when the sky was not dark yet..

Chen said...

How about Vampire movie?
Aiks, reminds me of the Blood Lust game..

What mooncake u had?
Lotus with double egg yolk? :)

I didn't had mooncake on the Mooncake festival itself, but had some earlier on. If I didn't remember wrongly u mentioned last year u want your parents to keep some durian mooncake for u too (inside the freezer) :)

Wah, u go pak toh at Bayan Baru area that night ah? Woofy got sing the song "The moon represents my heart" or not? :)

fibrate said...

Inspired by your earlier shots of the moon, I set out all eager to shoot the full moon....but it didn't appear the entire night. It rained later :p

Jun said...

at least u were in msia. i was in ang moh land. sigh.

Chen said...

I managed to view the full moon from my window several times since the previous shots of the moon few months back.

I guess it's luck that counts gua?
Hope u r lucky the next time. :)

and somehow this reminds me of the old chinese phrase ~ "The oversea moon is always rounder" ;)

and.. mooncake in ang moh land really cost a bomb... o.O

rainbow angeles said...

wah.. one year liao.. thx for that treat! :P

may said...

amazingly, I didn't have a single mooncake to eat this year... and I don't miss it!

Wyn said...

nonit sing kolot...hehe...

my grandma stay at bayan baru mer...=)

L B said...

OMG, when was Mooncake Festival? I still have that box of Mooncakes from Angel!!! Arghhh! :-)

Darren said...

Wow so wonderful that u enjoyed the mooncake festival around the world. and the greatest thing is u remember with who and where is the place. awesome.

Jackson said...

happy belated


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Chen said...

Time really flies huh? :)
Still remember that night u ate till the food is up to the throat level. Kekkekeke...

Then we jalan-jalan at the pet shop, at the Apple outlet, and had a look at your Doraemon bag shop too :)

I guess I won't miss mooncake too if I happened to migrate oversea in the future.

I still remember the China mooncake, so sweet and so dry... Different from the mooncake in Malaysia :)

I see. So go there visit grand ma lah :P

Chen said...

Over already leh..
Wah, Angel gave u one box of mooncake ah? So nice.

But remember to consume it huh prior to the expiry date & don't leave it inside the fridge till next year. Kekekkeke...

And I remembered the mooncake in China too. Very dry and sweet. Unlike the local version in Malaysia :)

Happy Belated Mooncake festival to u too :)