Thursday, July 03, 2008

Random Thought

The following are some quotes and phrases that I like.

Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.
Each day has enough trouble of its own. (NIV Matthew 6:34)

And there is one Chinese idiom which carries the similar meaning..
今朝有酒, 今朝醉. 明日愁来, 明日犹
Which basically means "Be merry and drink to your heart's content while you still can. Do not worry about tomorrow".

Well, Life is short.
We never know what might happen the next minute.
So, why wanna worry so much ???
Enjoy life while you can.
Cos we only live once :)

Just my 2 cents. What say you? :)


Chen said...

wahhh... so philosophical today haa? I like!

Chen said...

cos today i have fever
hence so philosophical :P
just pop in 2 tablets of PCM a while ago..

VampireM said...

Get well soon~!

rainbow angeles said...

dun worry be happy...
be happy.. like ahboy.. then we'll hv joy...
today is today.. tomolo is tomolo.. let go all the sorrow..

*lame poem*

hope u r feelin' better liao! XOOX

day-dreamer said...

Yalo. My lecturer said somebody predicted that it's the end of the world in 4 years' time. Dunno true anot... said...

Why got two Chens one?! *blink*

I just did my Pharm exam the other day and I didn't read that one of
PCM's ADR is philosophical ler.. :P

I say, when you don't learn to die, you never learn to live - Morrie Schwartz. said...

You did the translation yourself?
That is one of the best translation I have ever seen
Clap clap

Chen said...

Thanks. My fever has came down yesterday night after taking PCM.
Working and kicking today

Hahahha, yeah yeah
must be happy like ah boy
he has no worries wan..
except if i forget to feed him
poor thing :P


day dreamer,
siapa punya prediction woh??

Chen said...

the other "chen" is not me leh..
Chen is a very common name mah :P

Kakakakka, being philosophical is a newly discovered ADR of PCM :P
Not yet written in books yet

Yeah, i cincai translate myself wan

thank u thank u
*floating in the air*
Nope, i'm not hallucinating
Hhahahhaha :P

Beruang Madu said...

Wahhh yang pasti saya tidak pernah risau tentang tomorrow... rancana apa yg bagus langsung tempuhi...heppi heppi aja

Wyn said...

woh...jiejie sakit?must take care oh...

tomorrow is future, today is present and yesterday is history...

haha...wat am i tokking about...?? @@

khengsiong said...

Yeah, enjoy life...
But I am a tee-totaler.

_butt said...

but Doc Chen, I suspect that I was born a hopeless worrier. how? :-(

may you have a worry-free weekend! ;-) oh and get well soon ya. take care.

Chen said...

beruang madu,
it's good to be happy go lucky
there are quite a number of people that i know of worrying too much of this and that.. :)

fever is just small matter only lah
i'm okie already after taking panadol

Hehe, that is the famous quote by Joan Rivers. The correct version should be:

Yesterday is History,
Tomorrow is a Mystery,
Today is God's Gift,
That's why we called it The Present

Chen said...

Wah.. very hard to find a teetotaler leh nowadays :)

Instead of drinking alcoholic drinks, we can still enjoy life by drinking Coke, right? Hehehhehe

Must brain wash u liao..
kick away all those worries
cos it won't do u any good mah :P

Humming the song...
Don't Worry, Be Happy..

Thanks, i will do some grocery shopping tomorrow.
Happy weekend to u too :)

Doreen said...

Exactly! Things will normally sort itself out so why worry?

kyh said...

Don't worry, be happy. :)

Chen said...

Yeah loh..

Hi 5 and Cheers
Raising my glass of red wine :)

Kekekke, and I was just humming the "Don't worry, Be happy" song virtually to Butt a while ago :P

mistipurple said...

i kinda stopped worrying. maybe it's all subconscious worrying now, lol!

(i read psalm 91 often) winkwink.

moz monster said...

Apasal today so berfalsampah ah ? :P

Do today what you can do today ! That's my mantra !

may said...

remember the sunscreen song by Baz Luhrmann? I love that part about "worry".

Don’t worry about the future.
Or worry, but know that worrying is as effective as trying to solve an algebra equation by chewing

Chen said...

Occasionally I do worry about Ah Boy, cos he is notti at times.. :P

I love Psalm 91 and Psalm 23 too :)

Luckily this only occurs once in a blue moon. Hahaha, I just wanna take break from the Silk Road series mah, hence something different loh :P

Kakakaka, that is so cute :)

Redsponge said...

chen! why u r sometimes chev sometimes chen?!!! worry be happy :)

Chen said...

red sponge,
cos.. ikut suka hati mah :P