Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Melon Stall

Today we continue our journey to Hami (哈密). The road condition to Hami is bad. Bumpy all the way. Although the distance is only 400 km, it took us 7 hours plus to reach Hami town. Sitting in the bus till almost become Momon.. And the interesting thing is.. there are no toilets on the road. When nature calls, u have to do your biz by the roadside. :P
Blue-blue sky. No clouds woh.. U can imagine how hot it is in the desert...
This is the unique scene. One side of the road is the desert (rock and sand) whilst the other side has green trees.
Dunno what ocipala stuff is written here.. Although I learn Jawi during primary school days, but 99% are given back to the teacher liao. Only 1% left (I could still recognise some characters) :P
Yeah, this is the "greeny" side of the desert. Eye soothing :)
Yeap, there is one melon stall (the one and the only stall) in the midst of the desert. :)
Hami is famous for the sweet melons. In fact, the name Hami in Chinese = Melons :)
This is the camera shy aunty selling melon :)
Remember the air dry room saw in Turpan in the previous post? The fresh grapes are dried inside the air drying room with the help of the hot and dry airflow for about 2 weeks. There are plentiful of these raisin air dry rooms in the desert on the way to Hami.
This aunty stays here in the desert. Her house is just behind the melon stall.
Our sifu (tour bus driver) bought one water melon from the aunty and belanja us all makan. Thanks sifu for the melon. It's nice to savour the thirst quenching melon in the hot weather, furthermore inside the desert :)


rainbow angeles said...

hami lai?



Will said...

lu kong hami? :P

day-dreamer said...

But then the cloud-less blue blue sky also look quite nice right? :D

Chen said...

Ocipala lah u
Piak u with hami melon then u know :P

U ocipala here too?
piak u with hami melon too :D

Day Dreamer,
True also. And we had been traveling in the desert with cloudless blue sky for several days. It's very rare to rain in those area. We experienced sand storm on the way too..

kyh said...

cutting melon at road side later sand dust fly into it how? :P

why so ocipala go and learn jawi? :P

but even though u know jawi 100%, u wont be able to read those completely cos got different one. (like english and german although using roman alphabet but still we cant read them if we dunno how) :)

ehonchan.com said...

har? hami su?! :P lol!

Chen said...

Will add extra flavour loh
more yummy then

Actually hoh we didn't eat the melon there and then after buying, but in another desert.

It's compulsory to learn jawi during my primary school days. Jawi is one of the subjects in school and we have to sit for exam too every semester or academic term, just like sitting for exam for other subjects :(

Piak u for making fun of Hami Town :P

Neo said...

Wow, I haven't been to a desert before!

Doreen said...

I feel hot after going through all your pics...thanks for warming up my winter! *Take one melon*

Chen said...

That was my first time to the dessert too. The weather is too hot and too dry, to the extend that my skin cracks :(

Did someone mention Winter?
The weather here is hot..
Have to on the air cond when i'm at home...
Luckily it's hot and humid,
not hot and dry as in the dessert :)

Now I feel like eating melon pulak
Will buy watermelon the next time I visit the market or supermarket. I love eating the slices of cold water melon sprinkled with salt :)

Wyn said...

hami? ha? hami oh....??kekeke...=P

but hami like "ha mai" "heh bi"..hehe...

mistipurple said...

watermelon with salt you eat?
like tomato put with sugar.
acquired taste wan.
and i see wrinkles yeaaaahh happies!

mistipurple said...

how it feels in the desert ah?
very uncomfortable like veryyyy dry and veryyy hot liddat? feels like oven?

Pinky_piglet said...

hihi, long time no see you, u go to HAmi le ar...hehe...

Chen said...

Wah.. everyone making fun of the name Hami.
Poor Hami
Btw, Hami actually hoh, is the name of the famous Hami Melon leh in Hami :)

very nice leh eating watermelon with salt. U try before or not?
I'm lovin' it :)

Hhehehe, more wrinkles photo on the way :)

It's the dryness that matters..
Can still tolerate the heat lah..
Cos we travel inside the air cond bus mah, LOL

pinky piglet,
Hi, long time no see
I go there and come back liao :)

Redsponge said...

so nice geh ur bus driver...

mistipurple said...

haha. i forgot all about aircon bus. silly moo.
*meoooowww* *wink*

Chen said...

red sponge,
yeah, he is very nice
and very professional too in doing his job :)
One of the best sifu aka tour bus driver :)

If need to sleep inside the tent in the desert then totally different story liao.

Even now I'm staying inside air cond room.
Panas lah..

p/s: But Ah Boy dun like air cond..

mudpie said...

waaaa your in Hami now .. teleported???

khengsiong said...

Your tour lasted 10 days, and you spent 7 hours to travel to Hami. How much time you actually got?

I also wish to travel to Silk Road, but my estimation is that I need at least 2 weeks, preferably 3...

Chen said...

Heheh, the "today" mentioned in the post was just the sequence of the story telling...

I'm now in Malaysia liao.
I was there 5 weeks ago, @ end of May :)

The good thing of traveling during summer time @ Silk Road is the day time is extremely long. The sun comes out around 5 am in the morning and only gets dark at 10 pm at night. So we still have enough time to walk around since the "day time" is long :)

I feel tired and exhausted already by the end of 1 week. Likely due to the extremely hot and dry weather. Couldn't wait to come back home to Malaysia at the end of the tour, unlike the other time when I went for vacation elsewhere... LOL

Jason Chan said...

ha ha ha, i like the first 2 posts..
huh? hami, hami HAMI, LU KONG HAMI!!!

wah, now i understand why you were so tire and need 1 week sleeps to replenish!

Chen said...

Hami Melon is the famous melon in Hami town. I presume that's how the town get's it name kua? From the Hami Melon :)

The hotel we stay that night in Hami display several types of melon :D

Yeah, this is sort of like a "suffering" tour. LOL, hence it's not that popular compared to other tours :)

And at the moment, i only posted up to Day 4 of the tour :P

khengsiong said...

You felt exhausted? That's why I prefer to travel on my own instead of following tour. But of course the downside is that I need more time...

_butt said...

open air toilet! pray pray that you won't have to do 'big business' that day. :P

just one question. how come you have to learn Jawi back in schooling days de?

Chen said...

I felt exhausted not becos of following the tour or the rush..
It's just that the weather there was too hot and too dry :D

I even had cracked skins on my legs (luckily not cracked lips) as I didn't apply enough lotion the first two days :(

Hehehe, Thank God i only hv to do small biz. No toilet on the way not only for that day but for the subsequent few days too. So, we kinda used to it already the subsequent days :D

Why ah? I also dunno leh..
It's incorporated into the syllabus in my school, and one of the languages that we need to learn. It was taught as one of the subject, with exam too, just as English language and Chinese language.

I learn Jawi from Primary One till Primary Six leh. Don't play-play. Hahhahhaa

seefei said...

from the beautiful pic, i realise there is no wide angle landscape shot at all. Maybe you should invest in wide angle lens. something in the 10-20 range will be good.

seefei said...

btw, hami is really the origin of the hami rock melon. did you try the melon here? suppose to be super sweet!!

Chen said...

I did take some wider angle landscape shots but didn't post up here.

Thanks for the suggestion, Seefei. I had bought two lens this year (the tamron SP 90mm and the sigma 18-200 mm DC OS this year), and that costs me quite an amount of $$$ already. Yeah, the wide angle lens is good to take landscape photo, but i won't buy any lens this year. Might be in the future :)

Yeah, the hami is famous for various melons and the hami rock melon is indeed sweet :)