Saturday, July 12, 2008

"iPhone without the Phone"

The properly "clothed" iPod Touch...

I was busy playing with my iPod Touch yesterday night.. and suddenly Angeles came up with this one million dollar question...

Angeles : So the iPod Touch is the iPhone without the phone? means it's only the "i"?
Me : err.. and minus the camera too :P

Hahahaha, I really chuckle when Angeles said that.. Only my dear beloved sampat Angeles can come up with such fabulous ocipala and funny idea. How can i not lup her? And not forgetting we have several GMTA moments too :)

The naked iPod Touch (without "baju" loh) :P

And not forgetting to surf online using the built in WiFi. But not that easy leh to "type" on the iPod Touch touchscreen using my index finger...

Addendum : And to those blur sotong out there, GMTA = Great Minds Think Alike.


Chen said...

did someone say naked?

day-dreamer said...


mistipurple said...

i had to read twice after 'chen' says naked.

rainbow angeles said...

kakaka.. sampat!

how cum now dun sound so funny geh? :p

i thot of a new nickname for u liao! kekekeke..

kyh said...

so sampat! yer i want one!

Doreen said...

Everyone is into "i" these days, ipod, iphone, iphone-3G, i-whatever...we had people queueing for 2.5 days here outside the mobile shop just to be the first in the world to own an iphone-3G!! (o_o)!!

iphone nice? Emmm...wonder if I should get one also...but so exp leh....

Chen said...

Hehehe, the naked gadget :P

But I prefer it to wear clothes since the naked gadget looks kinda fragile :D

day dreamer,

--> playing with emoticons ;)

very sampat lah u

so u found out where is the "naked" part liao boh after reading it twice? LOL

Chen said...

cos it's replay liao mah
Hehehhehe, hence the farnie essence gone by half liao :P

a few nicknames?
not one but few summore???
*Piak Angeles* :P

*point point finger*
The person above u is the sampat one :P

u want "iPhone" or the "iPhone without the Phone"? :P

And we have iWatermelon, iFigs, iPeanut, iRaisin too. Hahhaha

Queueing up for 2.5 days outside the mobile shop? Walao, that's so kiasu.. o.O

We don't hv the "official" 3G iPhone or the previous version of iPhone here in Malaysia leh. But my friend has one and i played with it before :)

fibrate said...

Don't tempt me!!!

Mr. Goober said...

you got it already?????????????????????????????????????

can do a detailed review?!!!!

Chen said...

ngek ngek ngek...

i'm now surfing online in oldtown kopitiam in Serdang with my Eee PC while Angeles is surfing using my iPod Touch..

ngek ngek ngek :P

Yeah, just got it not long ago...

detailed review?
sorry lah, as u know, i very malas to write review wan. Hence I never write any review about my handphone or DSLR or MacBook or EeePC in the past :P

Wyn said...

yerr....jiejie got nice nice gadgets de..

so syiok ler...

Chen said...

this is just a second hand iPod Touch leh, bought from my colleague. But he used it for less than 2 months nia :)

zeroimpact said...

I think after a week or so you will be using the keyboard smoothly especially if you just leave it it's own prediction of words
Good for music, photos and web browsing if you ask me
:) said...

Why need to surf with Ipod when you have Eeeeeeeee PC? :P

seefei said...

we get our iphone here in the little island free if we pledge 2 year loyalty to the same telco. easy right?

Chen said...

U r using it too?
That's great :)
I'm still exploring the gadget at the moment :)

iPod Touch is not for surfing only mah, got so many other functions. And it's even more portable than Eee PC :P

Summore i get it with such a good deal :)

Wow, so easy...
Dunno when the "official" iPhone will be available in Malaysia. But i don't think i will change phone so fast lah. Still pretty happy with my Nokia N73

Btw, did u sign up for the deal? :D

fibrate said...

Your ngek-ngek-ngeks are definitely PIAK-worthy!

Pink Cotton said...

gimme ur EEE?


Redsponge said...

iPhone is HOT!

Chen said...

if cannot ngek ngek ngek
then Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk loh :P
please don't piak me :P

pink cotton,
cos i'm using my Eee PC

red sponge,
i think i won't buy the iPhone lah in the near future even if it's available officially in Malaysia. Cos it's not that easy to type SMS using the touch screen leh. Will still stick with my Nokia N73 :P

kat said...

Am thinking of getting the 'i' for its surfing portability. Esp when I come back for hols. Dowan to lug around laptop in airport mah. Good or not? Took me this long to get a replacement for my stolen iPod classic...

ka..t said...

Can do YM chat? Got in-built webcam?? Got microphone?? Shud I get Macbook instead?? hahahha

Chen said...

It's easy to surf using iPod touch or iPhone, but still there are some limitation if comparing with UMPC or those mini notebook. I always bring my Asus EeePC whenever i traveling outstation cos it's so light & portable. Nowadays there are lotsa UMPC or mini laptop in the market, and Asus EeePC is the pioneer.

I don't bother to install any chat programme cos it's hard to sms or type using the touchscreen if compared with key pad or Qwerty keyboard. No camera nor webcam nor microphone.

If u want all those features, better get a UMPC than iPod Touch. MacBook is too heavy to carry around. Nowadays can get UMPC at affordable price, only thousand plus RM :)

Chen said...

And btw, i use my iPod touch mainly for songs, photo album, surfing online and playing games. I still use my pda (Palm Tx) for other applications as not all applications or software is available on iPod Touch :)