Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cheezels indulgence

Cheezels ~ The Ring of Power The Ring that Rules... Wanna wanna? :)


day-dreamer said...

Eee... me no likey Cheezels. Hehe.

rinnah said...

Me likey Cheezels veli muchiee! :o)

rainbow angeles said...

wanna! wanna!!!

Chen said...

day dreamer,
if that is the case, then u can give me all your cheezels then.
I hampalang sapu.
Ah Boy loves cheezels too :P

Bagus bagus bagus
we can share eating cheezels in the future :P

Angeles today not feeling well woh..
must drink more water and rest more
cannot eat cheezels today leh..
Have to wait till u feel better then ;)
Get well soon ya :)

yenjai.net said...

i like cheezel
But i take only like 2 or 3 bite each time when my wife buy it

_butt said...

Cheezels nice! but I liked Super Ring better... cheaper variation of Cheezels hehe

you could easily spot people having Cheezels in cinema theatre. the smell. :P

babe_kl said...

somehow the cheezels these days is no t as good as those from the days of the yore :p

fibrate said...

Always a guilty pressure. My mum banned all colored junkfood when I was a kid. But I'm gonna get a packet today ;)

By the way, remember those Oh Ya ads for Cheezels?

giddy tigress said...

I want I want!! Where do we meet?

mudpie said...

oooooooooooooowww i love em' very much *munch mucnh*

Chen said...

why only takes 2 or 3 bites woh?
issit cos your wife loves it also, hence u leave the rest for her?
Or becos u dowan to eat so much junk food? :P

the cheese taste of super ring is stronger than cheezel and i love it too. But then hoh, too much colouring leh :P

Might be hoh previously we don't have so much selection hence things taste nicer? Abuthen the chickadee nowadays is not as nice as those from the old days too :)

Chen said...

that's the difference of being an adult and children. Cos u can get what u want when u r an adult. LOL

Hehehehe, I have forgotten about the Oh Ya already till u mentioned it. Cos i seldom watch tv mah, but i saw the advertisement before :)

giddy tigress,
Let's meet up one of these days..
but not necessary to eat cheezels only during our meet up, right? :P

Now I feel like eating it too
*hungwee* :)

Wyn said...

wan wan....i wan...

me likey cheezels...yummm yummm...

anything with cheese, i also like like...=)

mistipurple said...

becos of u i'm going to 711 tomolo to get a pack.

Doreen said...

The Cheese of the Ring!!! I wanna, I wanna, I wanna EAT THEM ALL!!!! Muahahahaha

Leonard said...

its being a while i ate Cheezels..

doc said...

the downside is that it leaves a orangey discolouration on the fingers.

i've always wondered if the dye is safe for consumption.

Chen said...

*throwing one packet of cheezels*
Oops... accidentally hit on your head pulak :P

Anything with cheese u also like ah?
How about blue cheese? :P

Hehehhe, did u manage to get yourself one packet of Cheezel today? :P

Wah, don't lah eat them all lah by yourself :P
Leave some to me also lei..
and a little bit for ah boy too
and not forgetting piggy :P

Chen said...

since it has been a while u last ate cheezel, might be it's time for u to buy a packet?

Of course provided if u like Cheezel lah :D

Mmmm.. but at least the orangey discolouration from Cheezels is not as bad as the discolouration from Super Ring :)

mistipurple said...

i am now munching cheezels bbq cheese. only type available from 711. i told my colleague earlier, 'chevliu eating this, i must have it.'. hehehe

Wyn said...

errr....dat 1 ar? i pass that...hehe....ho chiak eh cheese i like laa...=P

aiya...hit my head d, BoBo makan d leh...another 1, please?

Chen said...

hehehhe... lidat also can?
Today I ate Burger King woh..
Wonder if Misti will eat Burger King too :P

Bobo is same like Ah Boy
He also loves Cheezel (and all other junk food too lah) :P

shinyin_jocelyn said...

guess what? i was munching on cheezels when i saw this pix.. haha! what a co-incident!

Chen said...

Hahaha, what a co incidence :)
might be u can strike if u buy numbers ;)