Friday, July 18, 2008

Burping Diary

Sunday – Met up with my dear sampat partner in crime, Angeles who managed to find her way here. Burping Chicken Porky Hot Soup, stir fried green vege (supposedly we ordered tou miao wan) and curry sotong at Ahekor Hot Soup at Bandar Seri Kembangan. Nope, we were not "in Hot Soup"despite drinking the hot soup :P One of the waitress talked like machine gun and summore take the wrong order, and another one blur-blur tei. Asking tambah soup and she went to tapao our hot soup instead!! Earlier on we thought the shop might chap lap soon.. as we are the only customers there. But then hoh, mana tau, in half an hour time, the shop become full house tim.. Continue 2nd round of burping, this time burping cold chocolate drink, iced plain water and ice cream toast again at Old Town Kopitiam while surfing online and burping at twitters using Eee PC and iPod Touch at dunno wat plaza South City Plaza.

Monday – Gadget moment plus burping chicken, beef and mutton satay plus nasi himpit and coconut water with Sbanboy at Sate Hj Samuri, Bangi. Order too much satay till cannot finish... *burps*

Tuesday – Too much burping already.. So berehat seketika :P

– Catch up and continue burping chicken satay and nasi himpit plus coconut water again with few of my good old uni frens (coursemates) who are now working in UMMC, GHKL and PPUKM in Sate Hj Samuri, Kajang.

Thursday – Sampat moment and burping Bakuteh tom yam bee hoon, slices of watermelon and ice lemon tea with Angeles, LB and CP1 at ?Station Kopitiam in Mines Shopping Mall. Feel like kena ti(p)u cos the servings is mini in comparison with the one in the picture, and the waiters there are super sotong. (And not forgetting, we burped Vitamin C too ~ the Vitamin C iced lemon tea drink plus some 38 "no eye see" photo session). Since the food portion is not that big, we continue burping milk tea and peanut butter toast at Uncle John Kopitiam cos no StarBucks mah.. (No flying peanuts, duh). And also iPhone-ing, iPod Touch-ing and Nokia-ing, and almost Eee PC-ing. And the fat koi in the pond didn't get to eat the peanut butter toast crumbs.

Addendum : And also kena ti(p)u by the ?Bangla waiter who said there were WiFi in the Station Kopitiam but in fact there is none. He also dunno what is soy sauce. Fulamak..

Friday – Burping Diet Coke, French Fries and Double Black Pepper Burger at Burger King in KLIA. Can't wait to go back home as I wanna burp Penang Assam Laksa :)


And the Silk Road Tour series will continue after this :)


day-dreamer said...

Eee... kenapa tarak call saya? T_T

moz monster said...

Apasal no look me up one ?

Anyways, look me up oso no point ... me in Manila.

*burps up chicken adobo*

TZ said...

i didn't know u r burps with Sbanboy on last Monday... otherwise i would have join both of you and i could help to finish the satay... hehehe :-p Anyway, i bet you were enjoying your one week trip to KL eh! :->

Chen said...

day dreamer,
Oops, cos i'm in Bangi woh, hence i didn't inform many people..

Hehehe, cos u r in Manila mah :P
I saw your status in FaceBook

Yeah hoh, i forgotten u r in KL area tim. Else can meet up with u too.

Actually I was in Bangi last week, and as u know lah, Bangi... I stayed in a budget hotel over there. Although budget hotel, but surprisingly there is free WiFi :)

I can't wait to come back home in fact. But I do enjoy meeting and catching up with old frens for the past few days.

rainbow angeles said...

hahaaaa... sampat diary!! kakakka... pssttt.. itu is not chicken hot soup leh.. it's ocipala hot soup! i think it says there "special hot soup".. sumting liddat... haha.. i tink dun hv chicken oso.. got meh?? oni got babi mar... no? O.o

eh, what abt the sotong kari... and the "tou miao" that became spinach? haha :P n u oso forgot to say how we bling biz to the shop after we went in?? kakkaka..

thx for the sampat moments! XXX

ps: dun forget send us the 38 pics!!

Chen said...

Heheheh, cos i malas tulis long long mah, hence i cut the story short. But since u bring up hoh, i will amend and include in loh.

Oops, I forgotten wat is inside the hot soup liao. I only remember there's enoki mushroom inside. LOL. Okie okie, let's name it as Ocipala Hot Soup instead :P

Hahaha, earlier on we thought the shop might chap lap soon.. as we are the only customers there. But then hoh, mana tau, in half an hour time, the shop become full house tim.. Kkkkkk..

Thanks for the 38 moments and the laugh. Will send u the 38 picts tomolo, cos today i malas liao, and i haven't upload to the computer yet :)

rainbow angeles said...

haha sampat!

actually how was your tomyam meehoon ah? u din say how it was yesterday. :p

summore got burp Vitamin C leh.. haha...

Chen said...

The tomyam mee hoon is so-so only leh, nothing to shout about. But since hungwee, hampalang sapu :D

LOL at the Vitamin C.
I lupa liao till u mentioned it.
Today Angeles manyak cekap hoh?
Can recall so many things :P

And of course not forgetting CP1's "photos". LOLOL

Doreen said...

No wonder no update lah, too busy burping. BUUUUURRRRRRP!!!!

Pink Cotton said...

wah bloggers week aH?

Chen said...

Yeah, too busy burping and playing some addictive FaceBook games. Hence no time to update. And i wanna burp BKT too, but too bad that is Malay area, hence burp Satay loh, which is nice also :P

pink cotton,
No leh. Actually hoh, I consider them as my good friends woh, instead of just bloggers :P

Redsponge said...

HAHAHA...u spent the whole tuesday just to berehat seketika? ;p

Chen said...

red sponge,
Day time i busy attending lecture leh. But night time i busy playing Pack Rat games on FaceBook, but berehat seketika in between the games. LOL said...

eh? no photo geh?

sbanboy said...

Wah so much burping ...hehe ... wah went to the satay shop twice ah ??? Yeah loh we ordered too much .... :)

Chen said...

Nowadays i seldom took photos of the food i ate during meet up. The photos i took are mainly photos of my friends or group photos with faces inside, hence i didn't post them up :)

We visited the satay shop in different location. The second time we went to the original shop in Kajang. The satay shop is huge (2 storeys). Wonder how much money they made a day :P

I forgot to take picture together with u leh that night. LOL

Wyn said...




emmm...durian smell...kekekeke...

mistipurple said...

i last time sat the sampan ferry hinhin at mines shopping mall.
wish i was there wor. but can imagine all the fun lah. no throwing peanuts ah this time?

Chen said...

wah.. u makan durian ah?
I thought of buying durian but then hoh, i too lazy to go out
Summore today raining the whole day & night.... :P

Aiseh, u so syiok wan..
Get to sit inside the sampan ferry in Mines Shopping Mall.
We only see-see look-look at the sampan ferry niah, and of course not forgetting to look at the gigantic ikan too, since we minum kopi next to the man-made lake (or what is it called?) :P

No throwing peanut woh..
Cos while sampat-ing, we were also busy playing with our iPhone and iPod Touch, and Angeles playing with her N70 too. And not forgetting Kodak moment :D

mistipurple said...

ya, i remember that kopi shop where you can see all the fat koi in the lake. people throwing fries into the lake that's why the fish so fat, lol.

Chen said...

muahhahaa, u very good memory huh?
yeap, the koi there super fat

walao, the koi there so hang fook wan ah? eat fries?
I aso want to eat fries leh..

*O P E N* :P

_butt said...

*follow day-dreamer merajuk at the corner* :P

mudpie said...

heheheh .. Oldtown Kopitiam cheated us on Wifi too :(