Sunday, July 20, 2008

Ah Boy & Mangoes

Cleaning and drying up the mangoes on the floor...

Our Health Inspector on duty come, sniffing the mangoes. To ensure that the mangoes are safe for consumption.

And yeah, no untoward events occur after eating the mangoes. Many thanks to Ah Boy, the Wonder Dog, for doing such a fabulous job :P


mistipurple said...

hahhaha. ah boy the number 1 health inspector! :P

steve said...

hi dr! am back from tanjung rambutan. just when i want to give u some rambutan, u got mangoes pulak. looks so good.

ah boy eats them too?

Wyn said... likey mangoes...

yummm yummm...

keke...ahboy like bobo lor...likes to inspect things...=P

check here check there...

day-dreamer said...

OMG I love the last shot. *drools*

Chen said...

Hehehhe, not only that, he will sniff his food before consuming it. He is pretty cautious with his food leh :P

Hehehhe, glad to see u again :)
Mangoes or rambutan,
i hampalang sapu :D
Liulian also i sapu :)

Ah Boy's favourite fruits are durian and mangoes.
He loves it very much :)

The photos were taken few weeks back. Nowadays not so many (cheap) mangoes in the market liao :(

LOL, are all min pin so kay poh wan? Ah Boy very curious and busy body too. LOL

day dreamer,
u mangoes lover too? :D

yenjai said...

so you freeze the mango for ah boy too? :P

_butt said...

ah boy come! get one of those lovely mangoes for me! hehehe

rainbow angeles said...

*look like mango custard*

mudpie said...

mango empat segi heheheh

Chen said...

hi chen #2. how ya doing?

seefei said...

the mangoes are bigger that ah boy head. either ah boy is a very small dog or the mangoes are frankenstein!!! nice macro in the 3rd pic

Pink Cotton said...

wah..u so pandai cut the mangoes...
teach teach!!!

anyway...i just curi-ed ur post... my latest post

Redsponge said...

How I wish I can have mango now! ;p

Chen said...

Didn't try the frozen mango. Only eat it fresh :)

Those photos were taken some time ago liao, during the mango season period. I think few weeks ago kua :)

Kekekke, u want Ah Boy to steal the mangoes for u ah?

Mangoes are Ah Boy's favourite fruit leh (besides Durian). So very likely he won't give it to u. LOL

Mango Custard ah?
*Looking Hi & Lo"
Got meh? :P

Chen said...

Hehehhe, looks cute mah
cutting it into cubes :P
Might be next time I will try and cut the mangoes into different shapes...

Hi there :)
How are u?
I'm fine, thanks for asking :)

Ah Boy is a miniature pinscher, and he is very small (similar like the size of a cat). Thoes mangoes are the normal-sized mangoes :)

Chen said...

pink cotton,
very easy leh to cut mangoes that way. Just cut the mango into half in the middle (but don't cut the seed lah) and then slice it vertically and horizontally niah.

Hehhehe, dunno whether u understand what i'm talking about or not :P

Muahahhaa, u also bully the cockles ah?
Poor kerang :P

red sponge,
U cannot have mangoes now meh? :P
Never mind, u can have it soon ;)

kyh said...

the last pic makes me droollzzzz... like nata de coco :P

seefei said...

ic... so small can put in LV bag right? like in legally blonde the movie muahahaha

Doreen said...

Chev, how could you do this to me. *watch and drool at the last picture*

Chen said...

Now i feel like eating mangoes too
Dunno why leh, the mangoes look more delicious when cut that way, in comparison to our conventional way of slicing the mangoes.

see fei,
Theoretically he can be put inside the LV bag, but practically we can't do so cos he won't stay still inside and will struggle to jump out from the bag.


Mmmm... and how can i do this to myself too? :P

Cos i suffer the same fate as u
and i want to eat mango too, now..

Psss.. the picture was taken several weeks back during the mangoes season..

TZ said...

can ahBoy inspect Durian... which Durian is nice and good quality... if so, can i get ahBoy service...

I wanted to buy some Durian and don't know how to differentiate which one is nice and which one is not :-p

Chen said...

Hehe, if Ah Boy can choose durian, i will definitely bring him out each time i buy durian liao :)

Ah Boy loves durian and each time we buy durian back home. He will go and sniff the durian. Sometimes he even put his paws on the durian (trying to open the durian kua?) :D