Sunday, June 29, 2008

A night in Turpan

Roast Lamb is a known delicacy in XinJiang province. Tonight our tour group had the whole roast lamb for dinner.. The photo above showing our whole roasted lamb (together with it's head) before ending up subsequently inside our tummy. Didn't take photo of the dishes as too busy makan-ing :)

It was a long day in Turpan. After dinner it was time to check in the hotel. It's already 9:35 pm at night but the sky was still bright, which was good as we had more time for sightseeing. For your info, the photo in the earlier Flaming Mountain post was taken around 7:30 pm at night but the sun was still shinning brightly.

Yeah, this is our hotel entrance gate. Kinda unique huh? Of course I took photos of the gate door and the knob too but I decided not to post it up this time.. If not Jason will become worried again with my obsession. By the way, did u notice the donkey cart opposite the road?This is a nearer view of the donkey cart if u didn't notice or see it properly in the previous picture. The donkey cart serves like a taxi in Turpan. You can take it to tour around the town :)
More donkey carts on the road.. This particular donkey cart carried greens and vegetables.

We see mainly motorbikes, bicycles and donkey carts on the road. Picture showing one old wise Muslim man riding bicycle on the road (I saja saja call him wise man).

Another wise old Muslim man on the road. This scene somehow reminds me of Kelantan. And he looks like Nik Aziz from afar. Hehehehe

And yeah, this is the hotel that we stayed for the night. Since it was already 10 pm and we had a long day in Turpan, it's time to go back to the hotel and Zzzzz... And the following day we will have a long journey to Hami, the melon town.


day-dreamer said...

If you never mention it was at night, I thought that 9.35 was in the morning! Hahaha~

That roasted lamb looks kinda small to me. :P

Doreen said...

The donkey cart so cute! The hotel looks like those old English castle. *Steal a bite of the roast lamb*

L B said...

Poor lamb! Summore with knife stuck in it! Waaa, so dramatic.. Yeah, it's 5:45am now and it's bright outside too!

fibrate said...

How cool. More daylight for photography. Summer there?

Chen said...

day dreamer,
Yeah loh, the first day when I arrived at Urumqi, I was kinda surprised cos the sky was still bright although it was already 9 something at night. Cos never experience summer or winter in Malaysia.

So not used to the sun getting up or down at weird hours. But at least it's good to have long "day time" as more time for sightseeing :D

Although not that huge, but the meat is tender and yummy :)

Can take the donkey cart ride around the town for.. can't remember whether it's 30 or 40 yuen. But we didn't lah..

Just snap few photos outside the hotel and on the road and balik Zzzz liao :)

Hehehe, there's only leftover bones of the roast lamb. Wanna wanna? Ah Boy doesn't mind though :P

Chen said...

Hehehe, the lamb was ready to be slaughtered.. Oops, it's dead already by the way. Should be, ready to be cut open and to be eaten :P

Very yummy leh the roast lamb.
I wanna eat again..

I presume u r now inside the flight already and the tick tock tick tock continues..

Any flying peanut inside the flight? :D

Yeah, it's Summer over there.
And it's very rare to have rain over that area, which is good.

One of our worst enemy when we go traveling is the bad weather, including the rain. Really jialat if raining whole day :P

The bright sunlight is a bonus point, good for photo shooting.. but on the other hand, it's hot lah :P

mistipurple said...

i am sure there are wrinkles on the wise man. kakakaka

moz monster said...

Where are the camels ????

*waits till neck long long liao ...*

rainbow angeles said...

kesian mia lamb.. wear like bride (got red veil ma) n then kena makan :p

kyh said...

wud love to experience daylight in late night!

all humble-looking old men are wise hor? :P

Chen said...

Hahaha, old wise men have lotsa wrinkles wan..
White hair and wrinkles signifies wisdom mah :P

Although i don't have wrinkles but i do have grey/white hair, so i have wisdom too, LOL
Ngek ngek :P

The camels...
Those cute animals are Zzzz somewhere inside my photo folder at my external HDD :P

The horses and the sheep/lambs will appear next, and hopefully not long following that, the camels will appear liao :D

Chen said...

Wah... u very observant huh?
Actually hoh, before they cut the lamb, there's a show performance wan.. but i didn't put up the photos :)

But nevertheless, the lamb is still yummy, and i want MORE :P

Hahaha, good for u since your biological clock is upside down and inside out in the past. I still remember u sleep at around 6 am in the past, before u enter uni time :P

Yes, all the humble looking old men are wise. Those arrogant and selfish old men (u know who lah, manyak in our countries) are vice versa :P

Wyn said...

wah...9.35 still so bright...i thought its morning if u din mention to sleep with the sky so bright ne?

poor lamb...mary lost her little lamb d...

kyh said...

not in the past, now oso. check out the timestamp. hahaha!!!

kyh said...

walao 6.00 AM SHARP heheheeheh... :P

Chen said...

how to sleep ah?
very easy lah...
close all the curtain loh, then u won't know whether the sky is bright or dark outside :P

By the way, most of the time I slept around midnight when I was there.
By that time the sky was already dark :)

My Goodness
u don't have to attend lecture wan ah?
yeah lah yeah lah, now is your holiday time :P

Err.. Something wrong with your time ah?
How come the first comment was at 6:00.00 sharp and the second comment was also clocked at the same time 6:00.00? Impossible mah.. the second comment's time shouldn't be 6:00.00 liao :P

I know already, the second function in the time was ti(p)u wan. As when i scrolled up, all the other comments' was recorded as 00 seconds too. The seconds was just for show :P

khengsiong said...

Xinjiang uses (is forced to use) Beijing Time, but the two places are actually 3 time zones away. So when it is 9.35pm in Turpan it is something like 6.35pm in Beijing.

Chen said...

kheng siong,
Our local tour guide told us the time difference is 2 hours compared with Beijing time. Yeah, China use the same time zone for the whole country. :)

Although there is time difference, it's still better to travel to this regionduring summer time compared to winter time as the sky becomes dark pretty fast during winter season in XinJiang :)

Redsponge said...

can u sleep that night? ;p

Chen said...

red sponge,
Can, can sleep very well
cos didn't do anything guilty mah
hence can sleep well at night loh
Hahahahhaha :P said...

The taxi so 'open' gar?
Won't fall onto the road meh?

may said...

I thought that roast lamb was roast suckling pig! I miss the crispy skin... yum yum

Chen said...

Hehehe, i presume the donkey won't speed at the rate of 100 km/hr lah :P

correct correct correct :)
It looks like roast suckling pig and taste like one too :P