Friday, June 27, 2008

Imin Minaret (Sugong Pagoda)

Let's continue with the series in Turpan, XinJiang Province again... And I'm still stuck at Day 3 out of the 10 days tour.. o.O
Sugong Pagoda (苏公塔) also known as Imin Minaret was completed in 1778. It is the largest ancient tower in XinJiang Province. It is also the only Islamic old tower among the hundreds famous towers in China.
The magnificent Imin Minaret or Sugong Pagoda. The tower is 44 metre in height with a base of 10 metre in diameter.
The pagoda body assumes the shape of a cylinder with a column in the center of the tower and 72 flights of stairs. The pagoda was built with bricks and woods and displays features of Uyghur architecture.

Let's have a closer view how the bricks were arranged. There is an observation room on the tower roof. There are windows on four sides of the tower roof for a complete view of Turpan town.
This is just a saja-saja photo.. Since i like to snap here and there. Nothing significance :P

The door and the door knob again.. My obsession :P

A stone tablet at the entrance of the tower with Uygur and Chinese writing at the bottom. I still cannot figure out what is the drawing on the stone tablet :P
Wooden roof and the ornamental windows..

Praying ground with red carpets. This is a mosque mah :)

Cross sign, which reminds me of hospital. Hehehe, but of course this building has nothing to do with health related service lah :P

And Misti, this Uyghur young chap has smooth skin without any wrinkles.. Unlike the donkey cart uncle and 100+ years old grandpa in the previous two posts . ;)

And.. several raisin stalls outside the Sugong Pagoda with ith different names and colours. There's even raisins for different gender :P


Doreen said...

Impressive pagoda! I can see you will have a long instalment on this silk road tour of yours. Hehehehe. said...

why got for different genders one?!

Chen said...

Hopefully i won't become lazy half way. Just as I haven't finish with my previous Vietnam trip yet, and stopped half way. Hahhaha

Different raisin for different effect mah, such as skin texture, sexuality etc etc as claimed. Whether effective or not, I dunno lah :P

mistipurple said...

HHAHAHAA. laff till peng. wrinkle free man!!

mistipurple said...

72 flight of stairs! pengsan.

Chen said...

hehehe, he is still wrinkle free at this moment, just like Ah Boy (Although Ah Boy has white hair or white fur liao, just like his owner)

Dun pengsan..
I didn't walk up the staircase lah
If not, I will pengsan together with u :P

rainbow angeles said...

look like cocka... 20 yrs ago... kekekeke...

giddy tigress said...

The pagoda's bricks are placed just like that ah? No cement all?

Jason Chan said...

nice door and its knob!
but i worry about your obsession towards it... dont your hubby worry too? :-)

Wyn said...

wow...dat pagoda very nice lor...d structure very amazing...

makan raisin also can for different genders...jiejie din buy some to makan ar?

hehe...anyway, got raisin for to become more pandai ar? =P

L B said...

I am having visions of Ali Baba and Raphunzel having a Ball!!! *throws a flying raisin*

Chen said...

Cocka young time skin so smooth and so lengchai wan meh?
Better don't let him read this :P

Giddy Tigress,
Dangerous loh if the bricks were just arranged like that. Got, got cement to secure it. This somehow reminds me of the story of the 3 piggies and the wolf. If not , if the bad wolf blows, then the whole building will collapse liao :P

Piak Jason for being ocipala.

So, I better don't post up any door & door knob in the next post. But will resume again subsequently. Hhahahhaha

Chen said...

Yeap, unique Uyghur architecture with different designs.

If u enlarge the picture, u can see the name for the raisins, but written in Chinese character lah. Some are for guys and some are for gals :)

I bought little bit nia cause cannot carry back so many stuff. LOL, if eating raisin can become more pandai then I will buy more liao :P

*Imagination runs wild*
Ah Boy (although in Penang) also wondering whats going on :P

Flying Raisin and Flying Peanut
What a scene :)

Will the flying raisin drop into Angeles' c...... again? (reminisce the event that occured 2 years ago) LOL

moz monster said...

Where are the camelssssssssssssssssss ???? Arggggghhhh ... everytime I wait and wait and wait ... then new post come ... and no camels.

BTW, got samples of the raisins ar ?

Chen said...

Hehehe, sorry woh.. coz i wrote the post according to the days. As I have categorized my photos according to days and location already :)

Riding horse on Day 4 and riding camel on day 5 :)

I bought some raisins back, and at the moment still have some inside the fridge. If u happened to visit Penang and if there is I haven't finish makan-ing the raisins, then u can sample the raisins too :)

L B said...

LOL!!!! And will come out the other end as a fresh grape!

Chen said...

Hahaha, can we recycle that fresh grape and fly it again? :P said...

You can't help but wonder how long did it took to arrange those bricks into that pattern?

fibrate said...

Baru 3rd day? It seemed like you have shown us the whole country :)

Can start a travelogue already. Better than Lonely Planet!

mistipurple said...

wah piang can recycle raisins and fresh grapes via the rainbowone! :P

Chen said...

Err.. dunno leh
never thought of that before
And I know I won't have the patience to do that task, I mean arranging the bricks :P

Yeah loh.. In fact the posts that I showed up are only for 2 days nia..
Cos I didn't show the 1st day as it's travelling day

Hahaha, writing a travelogue?
Never thought of that,
but god idea huh?
coz can earn moolah :P

Keng leh?
Ini dunia semua pun boleh :P

Redsponge said...

yoo...the carving on the pagoda...keng ah!

kyh said...

wah such a brilliant way to build a minaret! imagine how many years they took just to assemble that o.O

kyh said...

aiyo since u so lup to snap snap snap, u shud brave urself and climb up the minaret just for the view!

Chen said...

And if I didn't remember wrongly, there are 17 types of different Uyghur designs on the pagoda wall leh :)

The ancient people mostly are very cekap wan. They can built such magnificent architecture with limited resources and help :)

Climbing all the way up to the minaret? U must be kidding. Kekekeke, following that i might have no energy to go for sight seeing elsewhere liao :P

Miss Bimbo said... the architecture! and you captured them well.

Chen said...

Miss Bimbo,
Thanks for dropping by, Miss Bimbo
Glad u like the picture :)

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Did you go with a tour?

Chen said...

Yeah, I followed tour.
It's hard to travel on our own if going for the Silk Road Tour :)