Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Guess what?
Meow again :)


Chuang Shyue Chou said...

You got a new kitty? Yes? Pictures! Pictures!

Mr. Goober said...

kuching!!!! reached?

day-dreamer said...

Wah you seem to go back often this year... :D

moz monster said...

wah ... lagi back in kuching. no wonder packing yesterday nite lar ...

mistipurple said...

you went to pussyland!!
where is lb? haha
or cocka for that matter. :p

Wyn said...

woah...jiejie go travel again ya? hehe

happy meow meow-ing oh...

rainbow angeles said...

woof!! woof!! WOOF!!!

teh si peng 5 layer!!
kueh chap!!
din bian hu!!
sambal midin!!
kolo mee!!
kennysiau! :p

L B said...

What's up, Pussycat?

Kkkkkkk, thanks for ALL your 8 SMSes to let me know you've landed safe and sound! Poor Ah Boy crying...

eve said...

Amboiiiiiiiiiiiii....balik Kuching ye?.. Enjoy yourself ler..Eh hardly see you online liao?

Chen said...

Hehehe, no lah.
I cannot keep a kitty, else my little doggy will sure fight with the cat. :P

I'm now in Kuching, the city of cat statues. Yeah, cat statues but not the real cats :)

Yeah, reached Kuching yesterday night. Going straight to airport after work :)
And had wantan for dinner yesterday night :)

day dreamer,
mana ada woh? :)

This is only the 2nd time i go back to Kuching. The previous one was during CNY leh. Thanks to AA with direct flight to Kch, now easier to go back home liao, and much cheaper too. If taking MAS will cost me RM1300+ just for the return tickets !!!

Chen said...

the last time i went back was in February leh, during CNY time :P

I need to pack on Tuesday night cos working on Wednesday. I went to airport straight after work. Reach Kuching yesterday night :)

Yeah, me now in Cat City, for few days only lah, till the weekends. LB busy counting days in Italy since he will balik kampung too in few days time :)

Cocka busy chasing chicken kua? :P

Chen said...

This is not consider as travel lah.
It's balik kampung trip.
Just go back to relax and makan and tidur, and not forgetting to go online too.
Hahhahah.. won't go jalan-jalan :P

Yeah, i see more Woof Woof in Cat City than Meow Meow. Only have cat statues here, no real cats wan in the street :P

Just finish makan-ing kampua and slurping the 2 layer Teh C panas just now at Expert Food Court. Didn't take the kiasu 5 layer Teh C Peng lah. Or should I take that tomorrow morning on your behalf? :P

Will take the other food the other days since I will be here till the weekend. Going back on Monday mah :)

KennySiau? Hahhahaha...
u notti lah tukar nama olang :P

Chen said...

very sot sot
very sotong liao :)
Especially after the quarter chicken set meal at Kenny Rogers :P
Yeah, i ate the real ayam, not Cocka lah :P

Dunno what Ah Boy doing now..
I think he is waiting for his chicken rice lunch kua? :P

I bought the AA flight ticket end of last year liao. Came back for few days till the weekend. Reach here yesterday night. And zzz well :)

I did go online but just that didn't on MSN or YM much lah. Didn't have time to chat mah for the last few days :)

giddy tigress said...

You're in Kuching?! Meowrrrrllll!!!! said...

I didn't know you in Kuching
Sorry for kacau u just now

Doreen said...

You in Kuching again? Now?

Meow~~~~woof woof~~

Doreen said...

Please, eat lots and lots of laksa and kolomee for me....

mistipurple said...

kakakaka you changed my name to lb! oppsie. runs from skunkie

Chen said...

giddy tigress,
Yeap, me @ the Land of Hornbills.
Now busy eating bilin sambal belachan :P
And going to eat more of the Sarawak delicacies tomolo..
which is not available in Peninsular Malaysia :)


why say sorry woh?
Ini Yenjai too hak hei liao :P
u mana ada kacau woh?
just tok tok only mah :P
Tarak kacau lah :P

*Poke back*

Chen said...

With AA, now everyone can fly.
Hehehe, thanks to the AA direct flight from Pg to Kch, make life much easier :)
I haven't eat laksa or kolo mee yet. Had kampua this morning and just now eating bilin sambal belachan :P

Hahahaha, didn't notice that till u mentioned it. One of the Sotong moment again.

Blame it on u loh..
Cos u talk about LB & Cocka in your comment earlier on
Made me salah taip pulak :P

Btw, why run from Skunkie?
Should run from Sotong lah

mudpie said...

meow meow meow ... fish fish fish ..

kyh said...

this yr u manyak fly here fly there hor? i so envious...

fibrate said...

Hey enjoy your stay! I wish I were "back" there too :)

Chen said...

Kekeke, now u made me feel like eating ikan goreng pulak :P

Yeah, I flight quite frequently this year under my own expenses. Not like those who do business trips, can get to travel freely.. lagi syiok :)

On the brighter side, with Air Asia now everyone can fly :)
U can start flying too after u habis studying :)

Thanks Fibrate.
I still remember our yum char and chit chat moment during CNY time in Coffee Bean during CNY time :)

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Ahhh.. Gotcha.

Hmm.. your dog will fight with a cat? Hmm..

Chen said...

I presume so, since he never mix around with a cat all these while :)