Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Flaming Mountain

Those who read the classical chinese novel, "Journey to the West" (西游记) will know about The Flaming Mountain @ Huoyansan (火焰山). If you are a Chinese and dunno or never heard of the famous novel Journey to the West, then you really deserved to be piak-ed. The novel is a fictionalized account of the legends around the Buddhist monk XuanZhang's pilgrimage to India during the Tang dynasty in order to obtain the Buddhist religious texts (sutras) together with his 3 disciples, namely Sun WuKong, Zhu BaJie and Sha WuJing. Although the character Monkey King (孙悟空) is a fiction, but XuanZhang (唐僧/玄奘/三藏法师), the Tang Dynasty Buddhist monk in the story is a real character and the pilgrimage to India did happen.

During noon time, the sun rays are reflected off the red rocks, as though the hillsides are engulfed by tongues of fire. Flaming Mountain is largely made up of bare rock without a single blade of grass but I saw a "sesat" donkey over there.

Btw I really catch no ball what is the donkey doing there. Don't tell me the donkey survive by eating rocks or sands????? OMS.. Poor Donkey. No wonder he is so skinny :(

Flaming mountain is the hottest place in China and temperature sometimes reaches 48 degree centigrade. During summer the temperature can reaches up to 70 degree centigrade. How to survive woh? So hot can die. I really salute the Buddhist monk, XuanZhang :)

And yeah, this is the weapon of the Sun WuKong, the Monkey King character in Journey to the West ;)


moz monster said...

Wa ! I think that Donkey must have been calling the McDonald's Delivery all the time for food ! Otherwise how to survive ?

Chen said...

Hahaha, that's a very canggih donkey liao, can call for delivery. Wonder if the donkey eats Big Mac or Quarter Pounder or French Fries? LOL

Why why why on earth is the donkey there?????
Why why tell me why :(

rainbow angeles said...

no no.. the donkey waiting for ahboy to cum rescue her... but ahboy still in penang.. no cum oso... :'(

psstt.. see moz's time of posting.. yat-yat-sam-pat! kkkkkkkk!!

psssttt... got kamaSUTRA?? kekekeke!

L B said...

Donkey BBQ! Why else standing by at Fire Mountain?

day-dreamer said...

I never read the novel but I know about it wor... coz I watched the drama! Hahaha xD

fibrate said...

Poor donkey! Were you in a bus or walking around on foot?

yenjai.net said...

Did you bring a mobile aircon with you while travelling through this area? ^-^

moz monster said...

I know lar ... it's not a Donkey. It's XuanZhang's horse !!! But wait so many years for SeeFoo to appear, wait until shrinked up and all tanned liao !!!!

That's why Chen thinks it's a black color donkey !

ehonchan.com said...

psst. actually the donkey is the reincarnation of the sunwukong lor. he can mysteriously produce water and food from the ground. i never read the comic ler. i didn't even know it was a comic, only knew it was a drama. :D :D

Chen said...

R Angeles,
Hahaha, Ah Boy will pengsan kepanasan if I put him there :P
no food, no drink, no shelter, no toys..
Ah Boy said he prefers to stay in Penang :P

Walao, lidat also u noticed the time?
really very 3-8 liao :)

kain S-u-tra got lah, but not there...
somewhere else :P

BBQ under the hot sun ah?
Wah wah wah...
Drink leong char better leh :P

Chen said...

Haha, as long as u know the story can liao
be it reading novel, reading comic or watching tv drama series
or dengar cerita orang tua-tua :P

psss.. I didn't watch the TVB monkey king drama series leh..
nice ah? :)

Die loh if have to walk on the foot in that area
drink few litres of water also not enuff :P
Sitting and travelling inside the air conditioned bus most of the time leh..

Hahaha, not to that extend yet
Most people use umbrella, but i didn't
cos my hand is busy holding camera :P

I have a mobile mini fan but i didn't use it :)

Chen said...

Ocipalalah u :P

Tell u hor,
XuanZhang is now resting inside his Dayan Temple or Big Wild Goose Pagoda in Xi'An..
Hence he won't appear in Flaming Mountain liao :P

That poor donkey is pretty skinny
Nothing to eat woh, how to put on weight?

Err.. I dunno the original Journey to the West book is in comic or novel form..
But the one i read is thick comics in 4 volumes during my primary school days
(primary 6 time if i didn't remember wrongly).
It's always more interesting to read comics than novels
more lively mah the characters and the story :)

Nice ah the tv drama series?
I didn't watch it...

khengsiong said...

The 'historical' XuanZhang wasn't a lame monk as depicted in the novel. He must be a very determined person, considered the tough journey to India.

CK Lam said...

Only watch the drama Journey to the West by TVB but now I get to see the photos taken by you....great. Thanks for sharing

giddy tigress said...

I am guilty of always relating Journey to the West with Monkey King. But your photos are once again...superb!

L B said...

Is the Donkey BBQed yet? *BBBB*

Chen said...

Thanks for dropping by. Yeah, the real XuanZhang is totally different from what is portrayed in the novel :)

ck lam,
Thanks for dropping by.
Glad u like the photos :)

giddy tigress,
Thanks GT. Hehehe, I think that has somehow become a norm already and most of us has similar thought as u :)

Ah Boy wants us to have mercy on the donkey. Instead, he will share his doggy food with u since u BBBB. LOL

Mr. Goober said...

ee..maybe got ppl hiding in the dunes there..using the donkey as a decoy

Chen said...

Very scary liao if lidat.
Cos the dune is our temporary mobile washroom in the dessert.

day-dreamer said...

The first version when 张卫健 was 孙悟空 was nicer. ;)

Chen said...

day dreamer,
Huh? Different actor in the second version ah? I didn't watch any of the series or versions but I do know Dicky Cheung act as the Monkey King in the series :)

TZ said...

Did you get a fan to fan the flaming Mountain :->

Chen said...

Hehehe, i have a mobile mini fan inside my bag but didn't use it. Trying to recall what type of fan the Monkey King used to fan the flaming mountain. Issit banana leaves fan? I forgotten liao :P