Thursday, June 19, 2008

Kereta 3 Roda

Guess what's my impression the first time I saw those 3-wheeled vehicles in China? None other than.. the infamous and mean MR BEAN. Hahaha, cos prior to watching Mr Bean series, I have never see another 3-wheeled car till I visit Beijing in 2002. I get so excited the first time I saw such a car in real life. LOL
And I saw these 3-wheeled vehicles quite frequently in XinJiang and GanSu province. Everytime I see those cars, it will definitely bring a smile to my face. Cos.. they are cute mah.
See? I didn't bluff you. So many of those kereta-tiga-roda on the road :)
And... there's even 3-wheeled mini lorry. Geng Mou? China BOLEH !!


Wyn said...

wah...really keng leh...

hopefully, wunt like d car in Mr.Bean lor...langgar abit nia, terbalik d...

keke...=P but hor, in malaysia here got, bagus also petrol mer...


rainbow angeles said...

akakaka.. maciam mini tuk-tuk liddat!

eh.. mr.bean's car got 4 roda leh.. no meh???

rainbow angeles said...

eh yalor yalor... u think we can import to malaisiya???

Chen said...

Hahahha, that is what I remembered about the car. Terbalik like the tortoise when bullied by Mr Bean :P

R Angeles,
This one more canggih looking than mini tuk-tuk cos it's all covered up, exactly like a car :P

Err.. I'm not talking about Mr Bean's car leh, but the car which was always being bullied by Mr Bean - till the car falling sideway :P

China produce another cute car, by the name QQ. The name itself is so cute liao. Hehehhe..

day-dreamer said...

Doesn't look very stable to me... hehe. :D said...

san lun ce pao de khuai, sang mien cuo ke lau tai tai, yao wu mao kei yi khuai ni suo ci kuai bu ci kuai! said...

I am not sure if it really save petrol

L B said...

Wahaha, if you ever come to Italy, you'll see these three wheelers all over the place, called Api!!

Chen said...

day dreamer,
I agree with u. Looks like it can turn aside easily.. cos only 3 wheels mah :P

Hahaha, the famous childhood song :P

I think should be consuming the same amount of petrol kua? Dunno..
But I still prefer driving 4-wheeled vehicle lah. At least it's more stable :P

Wah.. I dunno about this.
I want to see Api in Italy.
More reasons to visit Italy liao. LOL

CK Lam said...

So cute little cars... 3 wheelers good in a way... no need to buy extra one more tyre...haha

Kenny Ng said...

Reminds me the Mr Bean... he alwats bully the kereta 3 roda 1... wakakaka

Chen said...

Hahaha, but 3 wheels are not so stable as 4 wheels. Harder to balance :D

Yeah loh, that cheeky Mr Bean always bully the 3-wheeled car driver.

Pink Cotton said...

i wonder if u kick it will peng or not...


mistipurple said...

hahah pink cotton so mean. :P

Chen said...

pink cotton,
Actually hoh, tell u lah..
I tempted to do so also leh,
but i manage to refrain myself from pushing or kicking the 3-wheeled vehicle.

cos at times we are curious mah..

the consequences of watching too much Mr Bean's series.. :P

may said...

yeah I saw a few of these when I was in Beijing a couple of years ago too. easy to get around! but safe anot, that's another question ler... sure kena honk like mad if in KL wan, haha!

Doreen said...

The 3-wheeled cars so cute! There is one in Mr. Bean series right?

THANK YOU for sending me your photo! You really look like a college student *even more envy now*

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

The Mr Bean car is the Robin Reliant. It's quite well-known. Hahahah. An old British make.

One can still see them on the roads in the UK sometimes.

Another car that is quite dingy looking is the French Citroën 2CV. The Thompson Twins in Tintin have driven one of these.

The 2CV was still fairly common when I was in Europe about a decade ago.

Chen said...

And I cannot imagine Malaysians' responses if they see this car on the road. Sure will create a big huh-hah. LOL

Yeah, and Mr Bean always bully that poor car. I just found out the name of that 3-wheeled car from CSC's comment below your comment ~ the Robin Reliant :)

Glad u received the photo. Hahaha, u look very young also leh :P

Thanks for the info, I didn't know the details regarding the cars earlier on. The 3 wheeled cars are kinda cute and it would be fun seeing them on the road.

I can't imagine what will be the responses of folks in our hometown if they see such a car on the road in Malaysia or Singapore :D

fibrate said...

Aren't these tuk-tuks we see in neighboring ASEAN countries? Wouldn't mind driving one to work...if got no fancy continental make head-turner at least this will do ;)

Chen said...

One of the differences is the body of tuk tuk is not fully "covered" unlike these 3 wheeled vehicles. These are more solid looking. And u won't get to inhale dust if sitting inside these cars, unlike tuk-tuk :P

seefei said...

how come no pic of you taking a ride in the cutie? what biz bring to you to dongbei of china?

Chen said...

Cos i didn't take a ride inside the unique car. I took the normal 4 wheeled cab instead :D

I went there for vacation, taking the Silk Road tour.

eastcoastlife said...

cute hor. I took photos of them too when I was in China.

Long time no see, Imperial Doctor. The Emperor will be coming soon.
*go for spa, massages, facials, shop for more clothes!!! dress nice nice...*

Chen said...

Yeah loh, something different from what we normally see in Malaysia or Singapore :)

Hahhaa, time really flies. I still remember meeting up with the invalid, oops.. injured ECL a year ago inside G Hotel ;)

Redsponge said...


so mini...quite cute!

Chen said...

red sponge,
Earlier on, I didn't know those cars are so common overseas as we never see it in Malaysia.

Apparently u can see the 3 wheeled car (known as Api) all over the place in Italy (get the info from LB in his comment above), and when I EFND time, I googled about it - Api Days

The 3 wheeled car is also available in UK, such as Reliant Robin, which always appear in Mr Bean's series. I get the info regarding RR from CSC :P

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Sadly, it is no longer in production.

Chen said...

Too bad it's no longer in production.
But on the other hand, the 3 wheeled vehicle (different model) is still available in China and Italy :)