Saturday, April 26, 2008

Chickpea Mouse

Met up with Fibrate yesterday night and after our Longkang Laksa date, we went to New World Park for second round. We came across some creative handmade handicrafts and souvenirs. What caught our attention is the Chickpea Mouse or Kacang Putih Mouse. How not to fall in love with such chu bee stuff? Even the mini egg is cute too, with soy bean as egg and the green bean as egg yolk.

Nice catching up with you Fibrate, and thanks for this wonderful tikus gift :)


L B said...

So Mickey! So Mousey! So Rat!!!

Kaka, Longkang Laksa? Picture??? I know, you don't want to torture us..

day-dreamer said...

*seconds LB* Thanks for not torturing us. LOL!

Really very chu bee leh, the mousey. I also want!!!!

Cocka Doodle said...

Quick! Bring the mouse trap!!!

Cocka Doodle said...

san che lao shu,
san che lao shu,
pao der kuai
pao der kuai
it che mei you lan pah
it che meh you lan chiao
chern chi kuai
chern chi kuai


*quickly cabut*

angeles said...

hahaahahahaaaa... beh tahan itu cockakakakakaka!!

no chickpea moomoo? eh? fibrate thot u Minnie ah? kekeekekeke... *3-8* said...

nice mouse there leh
Really have to keep from ahboy

mich said...

i wan i wan!!
vr the chuuu beee... said...

wahh!! so cute!! :D :D i've heard the longkang laksa for so long i really should give it a try soon!! when lar i will go penang..

Doreen said...

Awwww...the tikus so very cute! Have you give each of them a cutie name?

Chev said...

And this year is Mousey year hoh?
Must have more mouse in da house..
Those computer mouse, and those cute mouse, but not the real mouse lah..

That longkang laksa needs no further intro nor pict liao.. Kkkkkk...
Actually hoh, the real fact is that.. i was too lazy to take the laksa pict already :P

That longkang laksa really nice.
And the assam laksa in New World Park sucks.. Don't ever eat laksa in that stall...

chu bee lah the mousey.
i very likey too :)
Really love at first sight.

Chev said...

wah.. don't catch nor trap my cute mousey :)

Piak u for changing the lyrics..
Tiger also become mouse liao

Btw, your mouseys very kolian woh, coz no reproductive organs :D

Itu Cocka no medicine to cure already.. Sudah capai tahap terminal :D

The Moo Moo one is not so cute, I think made from Peanut skin if i didn't remember wrongly. The mice are still the cutest :D

*Lup the Mice, err..
I mean the kacang puteh*

Chev said...

very nice leh..

Normally Ah Boy won't touch nor kacau my toys wan unless if i give it to him or give him permission to do so.
He knows what is his and what is not.. :D

Hehhe, don't forget to pay a visit to New World Park on the weekend the next time u balik kampung :)

When lah u will come to Penang?
u flying everywhere but not to Penang geh? :(

LOL, never thought of giving each of them a name yet..

Err.. Might be Ah M, Ah O, Ah U, Ah S and Ah E for M-O-U-S-E?
Since there are 5 of them :P

mistipurple said...

LOL at the 'no productive organs'!!

TZ said...

Awesome artwork! My mom likes to collect things related to Rat/Mouse... i was @ New World Park last Thu but i did not see anything :-p

fibrate said...

You're welcome Chen. I love them mice too!
(psst...longkang+laksa pic coming soon)

rinnah said...

So cute! Edible mice ah? But it's too cute to eat leh...

eve said...

I was there when u gals were having your longkang laksa hor? spirit la...I swear I could almost smell the longkang..hmm..

Trinity said...

Meet a blog buddy is always exciting, isn't it? I wonder why there is so many Malaysian bloggers I found, but only few of Indonesian bloggers I made this year... hm...

btw, hey! That mouse is cute indeed especially becoz they made from peas.. I love their ears (kwaci?) with their round big eyes.. haha

Chev said...

and coz of that, the poor mousey or mice cannot prosper liao..
Must piak Cocka hoh? :P

The mice is the cutest among all the other artworks he had. I think the stalls are only there during weekends, from Friday till Sunday. Which explains why u didn't see it on Thursday :)

So cute...
Especially the big round eyes
psss... Ah Boy has big round eyes too :P

Hehe, waiting and looking forward to what u wanna post regarding the famous longkang laksa :D

Chev said...

hehehhe, the kacang putih is raw leh.. So it's consider as "non edible" lah :P

It's cute to have non edible cute stuff, else sure sayang to eat them wan :P

u were there when I was driving, and on our way to New World Park ;)
But there were 2 packets of Assam Laksa inside my car (I tapao mah).. Which explained why u can smell the longkang.. Hhahahah

Many of my blog buddies have eventually become good friends in real life. Hence i no longer consider them as "blog" buddies :)
So those who say blogging is a waste of time dunno what they miss out in life, hoh? :D

Yeah, the mice are so adorable.
Kudos to the person who produce the artwork. He is so creative :)

L B said...

Fly fly fly...

Leonard said...

so cute!!!

can it be eaten? haha

Chev said...

Flying chickpea mouse?
don't eat my chickpea mouse..

before the chickpea become mouse, it's still edible. But after the mutation, it's no longer edible liao :D

Chen said...

was it yummy?

Chev said...

yummy to the eyes,
but not to the tummy :P