Monday, April 28, 2008

Liulian Ice Cream

The ever popular good old homemade Durian Ice Cream from Kek Seng Kopitiam..

The place is damn packed with humans homo sapiens during lunch hour. Since no empty seats nor tables available, so i had to tapao food back home.. Including the take away ice cream (RM2 leh ~ not cheap; but according to our "rich" Yenjai, that's not expensive). I post this up just to tease Mozzie and Angeles, the liulian lovers :)


moz monster said...

Piaks Chev for tempting me !!!!!

Now I definately have to stop by next week when I'm wandering about in Georgetown !

Chev said...

piak u back ah..

This place not hard to find..
But don't go during lunch hour lah, cos the place is packed...

Will tell u the direction when u r in town next week :)

day-dreamer said...

OMG! Torture!

mistipurple said...

so nice your place. everything so nostalgic wan. i want to migrate to malaysia in future.

angeles said...

UUUWAAAA!!! i oso want to piak u!! but i e-piak nia... not lke moz kakaka...

i'm hungwee now... lucky i still got liulian ais krim potong in my fridge!! hmmmph!! :p

L B said...

I want to go IKEA.. said...

RM2 is not expensive lar
Piak chen

babe_kl said...

urghhh i remember my uncle brought us all there to have this ice-cream. i was still a little gurl then. hvnt gone back since then :(

i missed balik pulau durians!!!!! are they in season yet???

TZ said...

So tempted to make another trip to Penang :-p hehehe...

I think RM2 for such as small cup is quite expensive. Anyway, next time if i happened to drop by Penang, just wanna to taste this ice cream.

CK Lam said...

Usually ask for double scoop of luilian icecream with the ice kacang.. even forgo the jelly.

didnt know can tah pau. will buy some n keep in fridge to enjoy slowlyyyyy

Trinity said...

Very nice shots! You can't make me drool this time.. got many kind of durian ice cream here.. hahahaha.. but I drool to your camera I think, so nicely shot!

fibrate said...

Hey my husband would insist on you taking us out to this shop on our next trip!

eve said...

You ta pau and fedex to Yenjai and me can ar?

zeroimpact said...

Can fedex to kl ah
Looks very yummy!!!

Doreen said...


*lick the liulian ice cream* haha! The whole cup is mine now! Muahahaha

*busy eating liulian ice cream*

giddy tigress said...

Wah...I am so craving liulian now...and samo liulian ice cream!!! Expensive la, for such a small cup oni...any difference from the Walls or Magnolia ones ah?

Chev said...

day dreamer,
Kkkkk.. sowie
no longkang laksa pict,
but got liulian ice cream pict :P

Hehehe, u should see their table and chair ~ the old days furniture. Very nostalgic wan :)

Err... Malaysians want to leave Malaysia but Misti wanna migrate to Malaysia? Welcoming Misti with Red Carpet, and liulian ice cream :D

Wah.. since when u changed your profile pict to Bee woh? :D

Hehhehe.. next time when u come Penang, we will have liulian feast :D

Chev said...

Go to IKEA and buy liulian lamp?
or liulian sofa?
or liulian desk? :P

Piak Yenjai
u r so rich..

many others say it's expensive leh for such a small portion

it must be nostalgic then..
The kopitiam is available for decades. There is even a hand drawn signboard on the durian items on the wall..

Now is the beginning of durian season. Saw some durians on the roadside since a week or two ago :)

Chev said...

Hehehe, u come to Penang quite frequent, right? Every few weeks I presume? :)

The shop is one of the old shophouse located opposite Komtar in Penang Road. Same row with Maxim Cake House and several other camera shops :)

ck lam,
Hehehe, their ice kacang is different from others as it's serve together with one piece of jelly :D

Yeah, next time u can tapao back home and enjoy the durian ice cream at home :)

Nowadays there are several type of durian snacks available, durian ice cream, durian candy, durian pancake, durian cake etc etc :D

I took the shot with my DSLR :)

Chev said...

Hahah, your hubby is hardcore durian fan hoh? There is even durian tau sar pneah available in Penang. And there is a dim sum place in New World Park serving durian pancake too :)

Sure, no problem. But the kopitiam only opens during day time :)

u tapao the bakuteh and fedex to me. In return i will tapao the liulian and fedex to u. But... the liulian ice cream will become durian juice when reaching PJ. LOL

zero impact,
Hehhehe, by the time it reached KL, it will become durian drink liao. And can made Ice Blended Durian Juice hoh? :D

Chev said...

wah wah wah..
ini doreen main ti(p)u
lick my liulian ice cream..
and made it hers liao since it's full with her saliva.. :P

Durian is now in season again...
It's just the beginning of the liulian season :)

giddy tigress,
Lets go and help yourself with durians......

But since now is only the beginning of durian season, hence the price of the durian will be expensive.

This is the homemade liulian ice cream, hence nicer. U can even taste bits of the liulian texture :)

mich said...

i don go siao for liu lian..
but since so many ppl piak chen..
i pat pat u back..hehe

Jun said...

rm2 for that small, one-mouthful-can-finish durian ice-cream??!!! i thought rm2 was the price of their durian ice-kacang?? (well, at least the last i went back, it was rm2 for the abc...) yikes!

Pink Cotton said...




so cute tub of ice cream...isit small?

Chev said...

Thanks for the pat :)
Btw, don't worry
if they piak me, i will piak them back in return :D

Actually hoh, they put in 2.5 scoop of liulian ice cream inside the container. I think the durian ice kacang prise has increased already. RM 2.50 if i'm not mistaken :)

pink cotton,
u eat so much of high calories stuff lately, so u kenot eat liulian ice cream liao :P

The container is the size of the mini container lah.. like the size of the take away container for KFC coleslaw or marsh potato.

Jason Chan said...

oh.. the liu lian ice cream is from here.. hmmmm sedappppp...

Beruang Madu said...

Chev... apasal u makan yg old old timer punya jer.. tapi itu homemade ice cream, kalau I kat situ pun I tak tolak... sedapnyaaaaa!!!

_butt said...

kopitiam selling ice cream, not bad!!

Big Apple donuts have liulian flavour too, called duren duren kakaka

Chev said...

Yes, that's how the huh hah and piaking with liulian ice cream in our "group conversation" arise :P

beruang madu,
Itu old time mia makanan lebih nostalgic :D

Yang homemade mia barang lebih sedap, dan takde preservative. Lebih bagus kan? :)

This is an old time kopitiam which exist since decades ago, but i dunno for how long already lah.. :D
Kek Seng is famous for their homemade durian ice cream :)

Duren Duren?
So copy cat of Duran Duran
So Garfield..