Saturday, March 08, 2008

Time For Change

Political Tsunami in the 12th general election. The Opposition parties (DAP-PKR-PAS) has taken over Penang state, lead by DAP. (Unofficial result from Malaysiakini).

改变 - - 民主行动党全国大选竞选主题曲

Just Change - - DAP 2008 Election Campaign Song

Berubah - - Lagu Kempen Pilihanraya DAP

It's Time for Change, for a Better Tomorrow :)

Go West (Originally sang by Pet Shop Boys)

Please check for more updates for the 12th General Election from Malaysiakini (mirror) and DAP Elections.

Updates (Guan Eng to be Penang CM - 8th March 2008, 11.59pm):
It is believed that DAP has named party secretary-general Lim Guan Eng as the next Chief Minister of Penang. DAP won all 19 state seats it contested in Penang with PKR winning 6 seats and PAS 2 seats. The opposition has won 27 out of 40 state seats in Penang.


mich said...

i am so so happy!!
samy velu finally can shut!!!

rinnah said...

Hooray, hooray! It's a happy happy day...

L B said...

Wow!!! Way to go, Penang!! Barack Obama would be so proud of you guys!!!

goldiamondrich said...

hehehe. :)

kyh said...

kedah, penang, kelantan, selangor, perak in the Oppo's! WOOHOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kyh said...

no 2/3 for BN! wooohooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

may said...

first of its kind after such long, long time! I hope things change for the better now.

Pink Cotton said...


but sarawak still under BN -_-"

mistipurple said...

so happy for you malaysians and especially penangites! you've got guts and you made it! penang boleh! hip hip horay!

yenjai said...

When the news got to me, I am stunned beyond word:

How did penangites became so united??

mistipurple said...

internet and youtube has changed the way people were forced to think when the main stream media was the only access previously. i hope our (my) people will have as much guts as you folks. really happy for you guys. wah i feel so affected, so emotional, sniff..

moz monster said...


Hard as it was to win seats, it'll be harder still to retain.

How that they have our vote, show us results !!!

Wyn said...

really surprise with the result....

penangites really brave lor...hehe...

really just change it...hopefully everything will be better than previous...

way to go penang !!! and to other states too...=)

day-dreamer said...

I hope Lim Guan Eng won't chase my longkang laksa away... wahahahahaha! (oh no what am I crapping?)

Anonymous said...

Well done Penang! ay

Jason Chan said...

well done ppl! seriously, when all these news came to me from internet (though it was being blocked temporory, i felt tears welling up in my eyes.. *malu*
we were searching for ray in a cloudy sky, but we found the sun, we found hope again in malaysia, its new dawn as anuar said.
it will not being easy future.. lets pray for good governance in our country.. good day and cheers everyone!
PS: the begining of the song sound a bit like 'Give Thanks'

Chen said...

hi yenjai,

we penangites didn't become united. everyone was thinking for themselves but they all happen to think the same thing, that's all.

keeyit said...

This was the news that everyone wants to see. right?

_butt said...

celebraaate good times c'mon!! :D

mudpie said...

really a big tsunami!!!! let us hope it will progress good!!!

*boogie dance*

Ehon said...

MSIANS wanted change, so change they get! hehe.

L B said...

You want to owe me a penang laksa? Yes?

mistipurple said...

so now the longkang laksa going to be franchised and globalised all over the world? one stipulation is must be beside longkang for franchisee lor.
*lines up to apply*

mistipurple said...

chevliu, you is celebrating with angeliu is it? you both donwan to come back blogland ka? :P

Chev said...

Hehehe, it's time for him to rest (after a good bath), after serving so many terms :D

I followed the news on Malaysia kini from 7 pm till 4 am. LOL. The local tv channels are kinda "hopeless", only reporting the victory in Sabah and Sarawak for the first few hours. Thank God there is internet :)

Hehhehe, get to know the news from Malaysia kini at 8 sumthing but the news only came out on tv around 10 sumthing :D

:D :P ;)

Chev said...

Yeah, i have been following the latest updates from Malaysia kini from 7 pm till 4 am. Wow, 9 hours in front the computer :D

Nice Wind of Change..
Love the "breeze" :)

Yeah, and this is the first time that BN was denied 2/3 majority in Parliament and the first time they lost so many states to the opposition :D

pink cotton,
Yeah loh, and Sabah and Sarawak contributes more than 1/3 of BN's parliament seats.

Chev said...

Hehehhe, u suddely sounds so "Malaysian" :P

Everyone is just too fed up with the current government and they want a change, for a better tomorrow :)

I know Opposition will win lotsa seats but didn't except they will win so many seats till able to take over Penang state :)

Yeah, internet has opened our eyes. In fact, I hardly read the mainstream media nor watching tv during the election campaign period. Can get more balanced news from internet :)

Chev said...

A new dawn, and a new era :)

Hopefully will see some changes in few months time :)

The massive turn out (>60,000 participants) during the DAP-PKR talk last Thursday night proved that Penangites want a change, for a better tomorrow :)

day dreamer,
piak Day Dreamer for ocipala-ing here. I haven't eat Longkang Laksa for few months liao.. *Slurp*

The Wind of Change is here :)

Chev said...

I can't believe myself too when I read the news on Malaysia kini that the opposition had taken over Penang around 8 sumthing, and leading in my other states and parliament seats...

Yeah, let's pray for a better tomorrow, a better government and a better Malaysia :)

Yeah, but i didn't except that Gerakan and MCA will be totally wiped out in Penang...

Yeah, most of us are happy and elated with the news but not everyone. There are still someone who is upset with it ;)

Chev said...

hehehe.. and piak those people who spread rumours and threatened that 13 May 1969 might repeat if the opposition wins :D

Despite the political tsunami, there are people who still lives in denial and refuse to accept the truth ;)

And earlier on, our PM said let the Malaysians showed their dissatisfactions through ballots :)

Chev said...

hehehe, when will be our next Longkang Laksa Date? ;)

Wah, now is March liao..
u will fly back to Malaysia in 4 months time. Time really flies, huh? :)

When will u visit Penang?
Wanna see u squatting down and slurping the piping hot assam laksa next to the longkang. LOL

I malas mah earlier on :P

Angeliu was in Penang over the weekend. I think she had reached KL by now as she was taking the night flight back home, and busy piaking mosquitoes in Bayan Lepas Airport 2 hours ago :P

angeles said...

muahahaha.. gosip abt me :P no wonder my ears itchy itchy :PpP

soli no chance to sampat wt u this time! nxt time, wokey?

woohoo!! so happy i "voted" for our new CM ;) he got the CM 'face' compared to that Chow KY... hehe... said...


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See you ya!

Chev said...

Kkkk.. u got sneeze or not?
we heartchu mah.. :P

no problem, i know u r busy..
we can always sampat some other time :)

And yipee, our new CM has waived all the previous unpaid parking summonses issued by MPPP :D

blog msia,
Thanks :)