Saturday, March 08, 2008


8th March 2008
~ 3.8 (sampat) Day
~ International Women's Day
~ Malaysia's 12th General Election Polling Day
~ LB's Birthday
~ Sami Vellu's Birthday?

Last year, the talking dim sum took the limelight...
This year the Talking Sotong steal the show :P

Happy Birthday Albie
爱尔比, 祝你生日快乐

Hope u have a fabulous birthday celebration on this 3-8 aka sampat day
Errr... What happened to the 48 Concubines Series?

p/s: Let's vote for a better MALAYSIA this coming General Election 2008. Vote for those who will stand up for the TRUTH, RIGHTEOUSNESS, HUMAN RIGHTS etc. Vote wisely.


mistipurple said...

may you have all the sotongs you want in the world and all the lormaikais too!! more more more!
have a fabulous day and walking in your birthday suit later? :P

L B said...

Hahaha, Cucumber Chen! I want to dip you in sauce and swallow you whole.. :-) Thank you for such a nice wish, and may you have extra five dozen babies soon!

Thank you too, mistiblue! *preens off bare buttocks*

angeles said...

O.o @ LB dipping CC... wah... what big mouth u have, Daddy LB!! Muahahaahaaha!

Yayayaya... itu Semi Value mia bday oso.. *faint* 72 yo liao?

Happy Hip Hop Sotongless Birthday, Dadda LB!!!

Hugs & Kisses for CC! ;)

ps: U think if I wear red to vote later, they'll stop me?? ;)

kyh said...

happy bday ai er bi! WAHAHAHAHAAAA!

piak that sotong flat flat :P

chen #1 said...


thank you.

ehon said...


Happy SOTONG liuliu birthday LB! Hehe.

Selba said...

happy... happy... happy b'day to a bee!

women's day is today? wah... :D

Ah.. yes, today the vote day in m'sia. Heard it in the news on how unfair it is the campaigns for the opposition parties.

may said...

Happy Sotong Day LB!! lots of hot sotong for you to eat on your birthday...

Doreen said...

Happy Sotong Birthday
Happy Sampat Birthday
Happy Voting Birthday
Happy Happy Birthday LB!

eastcoastlife said...

Happy 3-8 Sampat Birthday, LB!!

Erection Day for Malaysians!! More babies next year?

alison said...

thanks for dropping by me blog and the wishes. the spr people never gimme door gift for my birthday! we'll see the results tonight, interesting scene this time around.

Chev said...

Sotong with Lormaikai?
Hahahha, a new dimsum dish liao :D

**Happy Birthday LB**

Apple LB, walao.. don't mah swallow me. I still wanna watch the 12 GE poll result live telecast leh.

Let's KFC that Ah Boy will prosper and will have several dozen babies

pss.. Misti busy snapping photo :P

**Happy Birthday LB**

LB busy eating Sotong..
The BBQ Sotong :P

Dunno Semi Value mia age woh..
tarak minat tau, hahaahahahaha

Wear Red, red is nice
5xMom also wearing red leh..
Just Change, for Malaysia
Just Change, we will overcome
Just Change, we will see the sun

**Happy Birthday LB**

Chev said...

Walao.. don't lah piak the poor Sotong. It's already flatten liao before u beat him :P

**Happy Birthday LB**

Just change, for Malaysia :)

Waiting anxiously for the poll result tonight. Will glue myself infront of tv :)

**Happy Birthday LB**

Wanna vote for u woh, but u didn't stand up as candidate geh?

**Happy Birthday LB**

Yeah, 38 is International Women's Day :)

Yeah, the local newspaper and local tv channel are controlled by the gov. Hence the coverage for opposition is very very very minimal. I stopped buying newspaper during these period of time. We can get more unbiased and balanced info on internet, such as, etc, and not forgetting blogs :)

**Happy Birthday LB**

Chev said...

And dip the Sotong into the AgroMas Hot Sauce before eating it.

**Happy Birthday LB**

Hehehe.. How's your Food Tour in Sarawak? I presume u have eaten most of the Swak delicacies :)

How long is your stay in Sarawak? :)

**Happy Birthday LB**

I'm very anxious waiting for the 12th GE poll result tonight.
*Keep Finger Crossed*

**Happy Birthday LB**

Happy Birthday Alison. I have 2 other friends celebrating their birthdays today :)

Yeah, I will glue myself infront of tv tonight. Will have my dinner early :)

mistipurple said...

so exciting hor voting time and especially the results. i also stopped buying newspapers long ago. *wink*

Jason Chan said...

wa! its your big day today woh... happy ocipala sam-pat day! your sotong very yummy hor!!!

Jason Chan said...

chen, i am so proud of you!!!! a lot of gomen ppl dont even dare to face the dirty truth of current politic! me too glue to TV with my wireless laptop at the side! KFC yeah!

TZ said...

Today also my blog 1st year birthday :-p

I have casted my vote today... watching TV rite now for result ;-)

Chev said...

The tv result is too slow. I'm getting the updates online, from Malaysiakini. Have been reading that website since 7 pm. Wow.. 4 hours liao :)

Hehhee, i get the updates mostly online from malaysiakini as the updates from tv is just too slow. Wow, this time many BN big shots lost in this 12th GE.

Happy 1st Blogiversary, TZ :)

u can get the updates faster online compared with watching tv :)

_butt said...