Thursday, March 27, 2008


This is one of the sad song (明星/Star) that I had been listening to today. Although my heart is still aching and in the grieving stage, I would like to thank everyone here for the condolences and hugs. Although my dear friend is no longer with us physically, but her presence will always remains in our hearts. And she still bring hopes to those in need, as she had pledged for organ donations earlier on. She will still continue "living" through others and I hope that those who gets her organs for transplantation later on will be blessed throughout their lives.

明星 (Anita Mui)

当你见到天上星星 可会想起我?
当你记起当年往事 你又会会如何

我像那银河星星 为你默默爱过
更让那柔柔光辉 为你解痛楚
当你见到天上星星 请你想想起我
当你见到星河灿烂 求你在心中记住我


day-dreamer said...


moz monster said...

Stay strong, be calm.

Doreen said...


L B said...

*Gives you lots of love..*

angeles said...

Dear Chev,

From the words you used in this entry and in the previous entry, I could feel your pain, almost literally. I wish I could say something to heal you but I'm unable to do so... I've been thinking in the past hour how to write this comment, and have no idea what's gonna come out from my fingers actually... but nvm, I'll let my thots flow.

I was thinking, maybe (if u'd like to, just a suggestion) you might want to share with us your memories of you and your friend? Maybe an obituary? I'm just giving it a shot here, not sure how u'd see this.. maybe by sharing, we can help enlighten the emotional burden u are carrying?

But I'm very sorry if u find this errr.. weird? I'm very willing to share your pain and go thru' this journey with you. Eventhough we might be physically far apart, but you are constantly in my thoughts.


mistipurple said...

i'm abit paiseh to say i was misty when i read your last post, and this.
my friend, a doc also, his father is living out his last. i went to see him past 1am and this afternoon. it's a sad time.

read angeles'. and i love her too. whatever it takes ya? we always feel better when we write, directly or indirectly.
whatever you do, whichever, we'll always be near, though far.

_butt said...

my heart goes out to your friend, Doc Chen. stay strong. we're here for you... :)

*bigs comforting hugs for you* said...

fibrate said...

*hugs* Sorry, have been away.

Wennnn said...

Chev, big hugs to U... Can feel how U felt.. U stay strong, ok! We are all here and we lup U!!

mudpie said...

it is just another journey to life .. my shoulder is always here for a head to lean on ..

Kopi Soh said...

Huggsss, the pain does get a little better as time pass by, 3 years ago on this day I lost my dad......I am so sorry stay strong my dear chev.

kyh said...

stay strong. bless her soul. time will heal everything. :)

mistipurple said...

i'm always thinking of you.
wow, that makes me sound like a stalker. said...

i actually agree with angeles. i can only imagine how tough and painful it is. this journey.

when my best friend passed away, i literally died with him. it was painful. very very painful, yet we duno the source of the pain. its everywhere. i was angry, i was sad, i was mad. i wantd to curl into a ball and sleep forever.

and everytime i speak of memories of him, i feel the pain, i cry sometimes. but i realise, that's part of the grieving process. and by crying, i am acknowledging his passing, and his life. i am letting go. i am moving on. and that is what i believe what my friend would want.


Will said...

my condolences :(

Chev said...

Thanks Day dreamer, moz, doreen, LB, angeles, misti, butt, yenjai, fibrate, wenn, mudpie, kopi soh, kyh, ehon and will for the words of comfort and hugs.

Angeles, yeah, I have shared my thoughts and feelings with my colleagues and close friends whom are closed with her, and also with u and Misti too. Thanks for listening. Her remain is back today and my friends and I will visit her place to pay respect tonight.

Ehon, it is indeed a tough and painful journey, especially the last few days. May God bless her soul.

If u read the Malaysia newspaper or news online today, u will come across her news in the local papers, and also headlines of the chinese newspapers.

Steve said...

Dr, I know this is not easy, but please take care. We are here for you.

chandra said...

I knew Beehooi when she was in the UK - this news is shocking - her son was born here and stayed as a newborn with me. I feel that those who have received her organs will feel the difference - esp the heart recipient. She will never be forgotten here in the UK.
My heart goes out to her family and her son.

mistipurple said...

we love you too. come back to blogland k? miss you kaw kaw.

Hazel said...

be patient, have a nice day

Redsponge said...

I just searched and read the news.



Cocka Doodle said...

It was indeed very noble of her to have donated her organs. Even in death, she has not neglected those who needs it most. Truly a remarkable doctor.