Sunday, January 06, 2008

It's Time to Prosper

Let's take a short break from the "Temple Talk". Yeah, it is the time of the year again. ~ the time to prosper, since McD prosperity meal and prosperity burger is available in town (which means... Chinese New Year is around the corner). McD is the only one who will prosper in term of monetary gain. :P

This year, McD substitute the Orange McFizz with Jasmine Green Tea. Luckily my favourite crispy Twister Fries is still available. I didn't take photo for the green tea and twister fries coz too busy eating :P

My beloved Prosperity Beef Burger. And up to this day (after so many years), I still don't understand why prosperity beef burger is not available in Sarawak. Sarawak only has the chicken kokokai version, which is not so tasty. Why ah? Why Why Tell Me Why ?? That is just a side ramblings as I can still happily munching my prosperity beef burger in Penang. LOL

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Jemima said...

Maybe Sarawakians prefer kokokai. :p

Fyi, I've never had a prosperity burger. Maybe that explains my poverty. :p

Furkids in Hong Kong said...

We don't get any of the things you mentioned here in HK :(

Send me a bite please.

fibrate said...

Now that you pointed it out...I don't remember having beef prosperity burgers ever in Kuching. Why?

Chev said...

Hehehe, i asked many of my friends in Sarawak in the past. They prefer the beef prosperity burger instead.

Why u never have prosperity burger? U don't love burger or u don't fancy fast food?

I see. If i didn't remember wrongly, prosperity burger is not available in Singapore too. Is it only exclusive in Malaysia? We only have it once a year, around CNY time :)

If i didn't remember wrongly, the prosperity beef burger was available in Sarawak many years back. But they stopped it and over the last few years, only the chicken prosperity burger is available in the Land of Hornbills. Dunno why loh.. A Big Question Mark :)

Doreen said...

Prosperity burger, only heard of it, and now seen it but have never tasted it. Really nice? Does that mean whoever eat this prosperity burger would have a prosperous year? I want to eat also leh.

nyonyapenang said...

The Loyal Supporter Award goes to Prosperity Chev...yyy...yayyyy...

L B said...

I've only had two or three Prosperity Burgers from McD's in my life, but I will forever remember them with much fondness, much like how I remember Yee Sang. Those were the few years I got a chance to come back to Malaysia for two months in Jan..

Chev said...

i love the prosperity burger, especially the black pepper sauce. Might be cos it's only available once a year.. :)

Hehehhe, How good if we can really become prosperous by eating it. But the McD taukeh will really become prosperous ;)

Hahahhaa.. I feel honoured to get such a reward from nyonya. LOL. Yeah, i will sure visit McD for the prosperity meal every year without fail ;)

Will u be home for Christmas/CNY the next few years? Hehehehe.. Then can have prosperity meal and lou yee sang kaw kaw. Talking about Yee Sang, now i feel like eating Yee Sang tim.. *hungwee*

kyh said...

i nvr had one, be it moomoo or kokokai. this is called 无缘. LOL

kat said...

Here McD oso dun have prosperity burger.. I think. But got spring roll.. Eat already, it will become Spring (chun)?? :D

Aiyo... no yee sang oso!! For the first time in many many years, no yee sang for CNY!!! *bawls*

angeles said...

kkkkk... sampat again :P

my boss just belanja me prosperity burger last week... sedap! but i dun quite fancy the bawang tho'... and i dun like the green tea! yuck! gimme the orange fizzzzzzzz!!

Chev said...

Who knows, might be in the future, McD will come up with the vegetarian prosperity burger? :P

Spring Roll in McD? o.O
wah.. is it the steamed spring roll or those fried spring roll? I prefer the steamed spring roll as I dun really like fried food stuff :)

How about making your own yee sang for this coming CNY? ;)

Kkkkk.. Your boss so good geh? Treating u prosperity meal. Err.. Is that the same boss who always MIA wan ah? Sampat a bit mah :P

Green tea is good mah. At least more healthy, hence i likey :P

Berberboo said...

OMG OMG... I WANT!!!! *drools* and yea... agree with fibrate...we never have beef ones in Kuching... only chick chick chickennnn flavor which is erm... not that nice... sighss... I WANT BEEF!!!!

day-dreamer said...

I cannot eat beef... so I'm contented with the chicken version. Muahahaha!!

Time to head to McD soon~ :D

Chev said...

Dunno why the prosperity beef burger is not available nowadays in Sarawak. It was once available in Sarawak several years back. Yeah loh, Beef burger taste much better than the chicken burger :)

day dreamer,
I see I see. Enjoy your prosperity kokokai burger with the curly twister fries and green tea, since u will be heading to McD soon ;)

mistipurple said...

i think got in singapore. ever see like that. i think quite spicy. last year my stomach abit sensitive, but this year better liao. i will eat it! hhehe.
but my back pain instead. sigh.

rinnah said...

Time for me to head down to McD's for my yearly dose of Prosperity Burger! Hehehe.

Chev said...

That's great. I love the spicy black pepper sauce. The more the better (cos i love spicy stuff). LOL

Gotta apply more koyok for your backache? Might be shoulder and back massage session will help. I go for shoulder massage session regularly too.

Hehehhe, this prosperity burger is one of the "must eat" stuff since it's only available once a year. LOL. I will go for my "second dose" too. Might be in two weeks time?

Pink Cotton said...


i went to mcd last nite and didnt wanto order prosperity liao!


Jun said...

aiyo, and i thought u were gonna review the red bean sundae/mcflurry as well cos ever since i saw its ad, i've been waiting for a chance to try ;) i miss all these "asian" flavours in aus la, that's why *LOL*

pelfy said...

My sister loves prosperity burger, I like the side dish. hehehe (= That's why we only order one set. haahaa

Chev said...

pink cotton,
u should write in their suggestion box that u all wants Beef Prosperity Burger! Else McD won't know mah :)

I didn't try the red bean sundae nor mcflurry. Only order the standard prosperity meal set. I'm not a big eater and I even have difficulty to finish the standard meal set ;)

Hahahha, that's great. Sharing the prosperity set and each one get to eat their favourite food. I love the curly twister fries too ;)

_butt said...

do they still have chicken prosperity burger? I cannot take beef :( but I absolutely lurrrrve curly fries!! :D

_butt said...

wait, curly fries is the one in A&W izit?? LOLOLOL sorry was referring to twister fries haha

Chev said...

yeah, the KKK prosperity burger (the Kokokai aka chicken) will be available in the market starting from.. Err.. can't remember the exact date liao (not yet available at the moment but in a week time kua). But the beef burger is available since end of December.

The twister fries is also a bit curly mah. So, can call them as curly fries also lah. Hehehheheh.. The fries are so crispy and i'm lovin' it :P

slurp! said...

hmmm .. you haven't watch/read "Fast Food nation" or "super size me" yet ah? ;P

Wennnn said...

Prosperity burger... I like too... Yerrr is new year and I am here... said...

chev, is the burger nice?
But I guess looking at all the comment, it is quite tasty?

winn said...

ahboy dont get to taste?

papercrazy said...

kuching sure tarak boring wan kuching

even if ada, just chicken nia

eve said...

Never like the burger..too much stomach will

Blur Angel said...

hey ! i want a prosperity burger too!! i haven't have it for the past years!!!!

Kristopher said...

WOW!!! i really need to update myself. Prosperity meal is back? i hope it will not be the chicken version. :)

I prefer the lamb Prosperity burger.

Giddy Tiger said...

I actually prefer the samurai burger which they don't have anymore. but if I see someone ordering truckloads of prosperity burgers in any Penang Mc-D's I'll be sure to come up and say hi! Oh yeah, forgot to tell you...I tagged you here!

Chev said...

No woh, I seldom or hardly read novels nor watch DVD/movies ;).

Don't worry. I seldom visit those fast food outlets. Only once in few months, except during CNY (cos of the prosperity burger and twister fries) :D

Prosperity burger is not available at your place, right? A virtual prosperity burger for u then :P

Gong Xi Gong Xi

It's up to individual. Some cannot take the spicy black pepper sauce, but I love it. Do get yourself a prosperity burger from the nearest McD outlet. I'm sure u will love it, unless if u don't take spicy food lah :D

Chev said...

Don't say out so loud.
I feed him something else instead.

Yeah, Sarawak (still) don't have prosperity beef burger this year, only the prosperity chicken burger. That is what I saw from the printed leaflet in McD.

Psss.. file in a complaint in the McD comment box lah, saying u all want prosperity beef burger.

Aiyak, u r the only one here who doesn't like the burger. Kkkkkk..
The outstanding one ;) Never mind, u can give me your share next time. I will sapu the burger :D

Chev said...

blur angel,
Time to get one, before the "prosperity meal period" ends. One more month to go. I will have another set of prosperity meal in a week or two's time too. LOL

Yeah, prosperity meal (beef) is back since 27th December in Peninsular. The chicken prosperity burger will only be out somewhere mid of January. Can't remember the exact date. Only the chicken version is available in Sarawak.

Err.. where u eat the lamb prosperity burger ah?

giddy tiger,
Samurai Burger? I think i never eat that before. The name sounds good. LOL

Hahhaa, I won't buy truckloads of burger leh. One is more than enough per meal ;)

Thanks for the tag. But err.. I never made any new year resolutions woh.. Will come up with one then, just for the tag. LOL

Mr. Goober said...

cause our cow's population is lesser??

a^ben said...

cos the cows in sarawak all kidnapped by the cow vendor in PENANG lor~~~ ahemz :X ahahahahahhahahahahah

Wyn said...

Yumm Yumm, prosperity burger`s back!!!

but the kokokai version only start`s on the 14th of Jan...

Chev said...

Lesser cow population ah? Is it that all the cows were shooed off by the yakking peanut? LOL

Ahem. Cow vendor pulak?
Hhahahahhah. I only have Moo Moo toys and figurines leh :P

u dun take beef too?
but at least at the moment u can taste the crispy twister fries while waiting for the availability of the kokokai prosperity burger :)

carcar said...

eh? bila ada ini post? i thought i monitor yr blog daily? kekeke...

the prosperity burger tv advertisement in singapore is a long... heart warming, family re-union type of setting.

is a good one i would say.

*but who will eat mcD as re-union dinner?*

Chev said...

Ini post ada sejak pukul 12:15 pm semalam. LOL

Eating McD for reunion dinner?
Huh? Err.. Really sounds so Not Right. The only person who will eat McD on CNY eve is those who doesn't get to balik kampung for reunion dinner, huh? ;)

How come i never see any McD prosperity meal advertisement on tv geh? I know why liao.. cos i seldom watch tv :P

Adino said...

I love prosperity burgers! But I preferred the Orange Fizz. I'm not sure if I'll enjoy green tea, but I can't wait to try the red bean sundae.

Kristopher said...

Chen, I had the Lamb version at KL Sentral last year. :)

Chev said...

The green tea is just as the packet drinks green tea, nothing special though, but it's more healthy ;)

Might be I will go for my second servings of prosperity meal (beef burger, of course) next week. Hahhahah.. since i only get to eat it once a year, so must get hold of the chance.

I see. I never know there is a lamb version of the prosperity burger :)

Will said...

maybe because not selling well in sarawak (maybe sarawakians don't eat much beef) :P

Chev said...

hehehe, i don't think so leh.
My Sarawakians friends and those Sarawakians bloggers that I know of mostly prefer the prosperity beef burger more than the prosperity chicken burger :)