Monday, January 07, 2008

Bayon and Angkor Thom

After leaving our foot prints in Angkor Wat and Ta Prohm in Siem Reap, our next destination was Bayon and Angkor Thom. Bayon is famous for the gigantic stone faces (the face towers) usually set in groups of four around a central prang (tower).
Statues on the alley along the causeway, in Angkor Thom

The carving of the Jayavarman head statue, taken at one of the Gates of Angkor Thom

Bayon of Angkor Thom, with numerous giant faces or face towers with enigmatic smiles.

A closer view of the headless Lion and the Broken Naga (Seven headed Serpent) with Smiling Face Towers at the background.

A suitable location for playing hide-and-seek? ;)

Apsara dancers again. Mmm... They are "everywhere".

Imagine if walking here in the middle of the night.. The only available light source is the moonlight, plus the torchlight. Mmmmm...

More ruins....

Smiling faces are seen everywhere.

*Smile*, You are on Candid Camera ;)

There are faces tower everywhere, which means.. Someone is watching at your steps ;)

How many smiling faces u see in this face tower? Two are visible here, out of four.

The serenity of the smiling faces. Don't you love Bayon and Angkor Thom?

If you are tired at the end of the day after a long walk, u can enjoy the elephant ride back home.


L B said...

Excellent photos again! But still no sign of Mowgli, or Bagheera.. or Lormaikai..

moz monster said...

Wow ... it looks like more adventure in the Cambodian jungle !!

So ... did you get inspired to start dancing ala Apsara ?

carcar said...

im tired of taking bus to work, can ride elephant not?

Chev said...

Terima kasih. Mowgli is now busy eating Lormaikai in town. Bagheera is taking his evening nap, hence u won't see them here loh. Hahahhaha

are u interested? Mari mari..
Made Siem Reap your next tour destination (definitely not for biz trip lah) :P

Tarak dancing over there woh. But i watched the apsara dance performance for a short while at night time lah while having buffet dinner.

Not only that, after makan, we went for the Cambodian Body Massage at night. Can't remember the price liao, either US 10 or US 20 per hour :P

if u want, u can ride horse to work, or even ride cows. Kkkkkkkk

Furkids in Hong Kong said...

Wonderful weather at a wonderful place.

All those columns.....if Ah Boy was there it would take him a long time to mark them all. :D

Pink Winnie said...

wal... *wordless* :p

kyh said...

wah so much ruins to see... Chen the Tomb Raider. LOL

Chev said...

Yeah, the weather is good that day. Great for touring and photo shooting.

Hahahhaa, i never thought of that. But the sad thing is.. pets are not allowed there. So Ah Boy can only enjoy the scenes from the photos ;)

pink winnie,
I'm sure u would like to pay this place a visit someday in the future :)

Hahhaha, my only weapon is the camera. LOL

I will end my angkor series here, but not the Cambodia series yet. The following post will be the Tonle Sap Lake episodes ;)

Wyn said...

ahhh...saw that in documentary too...hehe..

dat smiling face got 4 sides de...each with diff facial expression..hehe...

jie got sit the elephant ride? =P

giddy tigress said...

Whoa...this is like history lesson relived! The names sound fresh out of my old textbook. Gorgeous pics Chen!

Chev said...

hahhaha.. u really love watching documentaries, don't u? Did u watch the documentaries on Tonle Sap lake too? :)

Yeah, there are four stone face on each face tower. Each facing a different direction :)

I didn't take a ride on the elephant. I took the tour van ride instead :)

angeles said...

how come no colourful ruins or batu geh? i want colourful ruins and batus! :P

Chev said...

giddy tigress,
Thanks for your compliment. Btw, we studied this in our history lessons in the past ah? I can't remember liao.

Cos my last history lesson was during SRP time, which was almost 2 decades ago. I took geography for SPM :)

hehehhe.. batu are supposed to be no colour wan mah. Unless Angeles pour paint on the batu and made it into rainbow colour.


Doreen said...

Excellent photos again! But still no sign of Angelina Jolie...(Garfield LB) hehehe

Pandabonium said...

Oh, my, doctor! Well first, let me wish you a very Happy New Year. May 2008 bring you many blessing of happiness, peace, and good health.

I haven't visited for some time - sorry to say - mostly because of our differences in food preferences (as I am vegetarian). But I see that in not visiting I am missing out on some wondrous posts! So perhaps I'll stop in more often.

Thank you for sharing these pictures and experiences. I studied South East Asian History while in college (in the early 1970's) and my teacher was from Cambodia. Angkor Wat still fascinates me. These posts are wonderful. Needless to say, I'll be spending my free time here for a while now. Thank you again.

Chev said...

Thanks Doreen. Hahahhaha, u r not exactly "garfield-ing" LB, since u he is hoping to see Mowgli, and u wanna see Angelina Jolie. Kkkkkkk...

Now my turn to Garfield. No sign of.. err.. no sign of who leh? Hahhahaha..

Happy New Year Panda.
Great to see u once again.
Glad u like the posts. I will post up posts related to Tonle Sap lake soon. Hope u will like those posts too :)

Leonard said...

really sound interesting to explore the place in the dark under the moonlight.

but would be difficult to take photos!!

mistipurple said...

heard you ate wrong food when away ah? sayangz chenliu.

_butt said...

great great pictures! :D

now I really wonder what it's like to explore around the places in the middle of the night, with smilling faces 'surrounding' you hehe

Chev said...

Yeah, it will be difficult to take photo under the moonlight, but on the other hand, it can give the photo the mysterious look. ;)

Thank Misti. Nope, i was okie when i was in Cambodia and Vietnam. But i ate the wrong thing when i was in Penang last week. Very jialat, but i'm okie liao :P

Thanks Butt. Hehhehe, I don't think I will do that. I rather sleep at night than to wander around in the dark. LOL.

Imagine the mysterious and creepy feel.. Hahahha.. Sounds fun, right? But i still want my sleep :P

Kenny Ng said...

Oh my....!!!! So beautiful the place, must go in future!

Chev said...

Yeah, do pay Siem Reap and Angkor Wat a visit after u come back from Dubai. Btw, I would like to visit Dubai too, but dunno when yet. Would love to visit Egypt first :)

narrowband said...

Nice pics. Did you know that no buildings or monuments in Siem Reap can be built taller than the Angkor Wat's peak? My tour-guide-cum-driver told me one :p

I remember some kind of warm, 'damped' smell in some of the interiors of the temples. I think it was due to bird droppings... they smelled so bad ;p

Chev said...

oh.. i dunno about that. Thanks for the info.

Luckily i didn't smell anything weird nor smelly during my recent trip there. Phew.. :)