Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Angkor Wat

Yeah, I was in Siem Reap, Cambodia on Christmas Day ~ The gateway to Cambodia’s spiritual and cultural heartbeat and the temples of Angkor.

On Boxing Day 2007, I had the chance to visit Angkor Wat or The Angkor temple (one of the UNESCO World Heritage) with the magnificent remains of the Khmer civilization. I didn't bring along my DSLR camera for the trip (as I only have the 18-55 mm kit lens). The price for the 1-day-pass is US20 whilst US40 for the 3-day-pass. The fee includes access to all monuments of Angkor in the Siem Reap area.
Give Me Five. Yeah, I'm finally here.
(Actually hoh, this is the seven headed "Naga" or Serpent)

Looks familiar? Yeah, the Aspara Apsara Dancers carving which are widely seen

Once the so called "Library"...

Up close shot of the top portion of the picture above. Notice the mini statues?

Yeah, I love to take the frame-within-frame shot


Snap snap snap...

More Aspara Apsara Dancers carvings

The "real" Aspara Apsara Dancers

Part of the temple (The top tier or The Third Level) was closed for renovation. I dunno whether I dare to climb up those steep and narrow steps to the top even if it is not closed. Climbing down is definitely more difficult scary than climbing up. One definitely need to use both their hands and feet to climb down those steep steps.

Since the route up to the third level of Angkor Wat was closed for renovation, what I can do is to play around with the optical zoom and took few up close shots.

Cute Angmoh girl :)

Another peak...

Angkor Wat taken from the East Exit

Angkor Wat (taken earlier on) from the West Entrance

Coming up next : The Ta Prohm Temple


L B said...

I feel transported to The Jungle Book, somehow, looking at the Angkor Wat pics.. I imagine Mowgli showing up, and the apes dancing, and SheerKhan prowling, and .... *goes back to lunch*

carcar said...

so basically angkor wat is all about stone, and more stone?



*are u going to post all yr 2k photo frm this trip?*

Chev said...

There is a Jungle Wat coming up next. Hehhhehhee.. might be in few days time :P

What u have for lunch? I had prosperity beef burger for lunch. I'm basically more "prosperous" liao. LOL

Many stones, stones and stones.. But there are plants and trees too, at the Ta Prohm Temple ;)

Kkkkkk... I will only post less than 10% of the total photos taken.

I just remembered... I haven't finish posting the Taiping Zoo Series yet. LOL.. and that was more than one and half years ago liao :P

Selba said...

*hi five*

Cool!!! A must visit someday!!! :D

moz monster said...

Wow ... Angkor Wat ... what a nice place to spend your holiday at !

I'm sure you felt like you were walking back in time while you were there ...

mistipurple said...

you take nice pics. :)
steps scary wor.

mich said...

nice pics!
hope to get there one day..

Chev said...

A nice place indeed. The Bayon, Angkor Thom and Ta Prohm is even nicer :)

That's true. When u wanna visit the place? heheehhehe

Thanks. The steps are indeed scary. Imaging if missing one step. Wah.. can terpelanting and fall down like a ball.. *Cold Sweat*

Thanks. can make plans to visit that place some day in the future. Now Air Asia has direct fly from KL to Siem Reap :)

may said...

that's more like "gimme 7!" 'cos got 7 "fingers" mah... kkkkkk!!

lovely photos. I wanted to go to there for hols some years ago but never got around to do it... I must, I must, before I grow old and grey and that place turns to dust!

(hey, it rhymes)

Wyn said... of my must visit place oh...actually plan to go last year...aihhh...nvm, still got time..hehe..

those steeps steps got meaning de leh..from what i watched from the documentary video...according to the documentary, its for the people to know that its hard to go up to heaven...thats why need to use both hands and legs...

=P dunno true or not leh...

Chev said...

7 fingers ah? LOL. Gimme 7 then ;)

Yeah, u r correct, there are 7 "fingers" altogether. Actually hoh, The stone sculpture are the seven headed Nagas or Serpent. I have just added in the caption ;)

I have taken few hundreds photos of Angkor Wat but too bad I can only post few up ;)

U gotta visit this place sometime later in life ;)

Don't worry, u can always visit Siem Reap again sometime later on.

Really ah? Might be true loh. And while climbing up or down time, they have to lower down their heads too, just as bowing to the deities up there? Since no one can walk up or down in a straight posture mah. Hehehehhe..

keeyit said...

Angkor Wat is a place that I wish to go too. Nice photos you got. Could you please heaps up some information about the accomodations as well as how much you spent there for me as references.. hehe

angeles said...

I garu kepala sikit... Naga is serpent meh?? Serpent is ular wor... *conpuse*

Very Stone-y hor?

narrowband said...

I think it's "apsara" :p

Hey you'll be surprised what the 18-55mm can do - coupled with the body, it's still a very capable combination. Doesn't mean it's almost useless ma... ;p I did not buy the 18-55mm one, but I have seen photos taken with that lens and I was impressed too.

The last time I went to Cambodia we took lots, and lots of pic. But many were pics of stones... LOL. Really dunno which to select out :p DId you go to the Tonle Sap? Interesting boat-ride.... I have a gallery on my trip there 2 years ago if you've not seen it...

mistipurple said...

wonder how they do renovation on stones.

stay-at-home mum said...

Thanks for sharing those wonderful photos. Thats on my list of places to see before I die. My youngest is too young for me to want to visit it now - hygiene and food worries.

Doreen said...

Impresively spectacular! All nice shots. Reminded me of Tomb Rider. Hehehehe

Zhu said...

What am awesome place to spend Christmas in! Lucky you ;)

I want to visit this part of the world some day. I only know China (pretty well) so far in Asia.

eve said...

Aiks..sejak bila jadik Chev lak?..Eh, ur photography hor..semakin bagus la..ada potensi jadik professional..hehe..

oldman said...

angkor wat produced angkor beer wan rite?

btw u got found any of their national treasure?

yvy said...

*blink blibk* waaaaaaaaaaah......stone oso stone la but nice wor. i oso want to go!!! anyway back tro biz, i hope it's not too late to wish u a happy new year n may 2008 be more productive n your resolutions come true. :) *xoxoxo*

Giddy Tiger said...

Such gorgeous pictures! Wish I could be there...

Ehon said...

syiok betul.. was it huge?! it looks pretty small lerr.. and a lot of ppl ar?

Chev said...

Oh, I'm following tour to Siem Reap and Ho Chi Minh. We were using Vietnam Airlines and flight ticket, accomodation, food, transportation and entrance ticket are all included in for the whole tour.

The tour fee was RM1899 (extra RM 100 for peak season, Christmas) but after adding in airport taxes etc, it comes up to around RM 2550 per person.

Naga is serpent in Sanskrit word mah. Kkkkkkk... They dunno Malay language leh over there :P

Very stone-y
Very batu
Err... reminds me of RPS pulak
I haven't play that for months


Chev said...

Oooh... I saw the name being spelled in two different spelling. So apsara is the correct name? Kekeke, but aspara sounds better. LOL

But the zoom function for the 18-55 mm lens is very very limited and i prefer having the zoom function during vacation. Hence I bring my other digital camera with optical zoom 12x ;)

Yeah, I went to Tonle Sap the following day and took heaps of photos too. Nice eye opening experience. There are many unfortunate poor Cambodians out there :(

Wow, u uploaded 423 photos to your Cambodia trip album :)

The ancient people are clever, aren't there? :)

Chev said...

stay at home mum,
Glad u like the photos. There are many more coming up. I prefer the Ta Phrom temple photo and the Bayon and Angkor Thom photos more :)

The hygiene there is alright provided u eat the food cooked in restaurant and not those road side or hawker food. We drink the bottled mineral water over there :)

Hehehhe, glad u like the shots. Tomb Raider? The subsequent series of photos will mimic more. LOL

China is a great country place to visit with so many interesting places to tour around. I have been to China three times in the past, but to different provinces and I enjoyed my trip over there (except the toilets) LOL

Mr. Goober said...

say..are those Aspara Dancers there for tourist or they're actually living there?

Chev said...

sejak bila ah? More than 2 weeks ago liao. Kkkkkkk..

Wah.. say till lidat, later i terapung-apung and hit my head on the ceiling, then how? Hahahhahhaha

No lah, not to the professional level yet. I still have many things to learn. Saya budak baru belajar :)

old man,
Hahhaha, Good lah u. LOL
Angkor do produce beer, but not from the wat :P

Wah.. i dowan to find their landmines leh. Thanks but no thanks. Will let those treasure lie safely on their supposed locations. LOL

Yeah, u should pay Siem Reap a visit if u have the opportunity :)
Happy New Year, Yvy. The same goes to your little gal and your dear hubby :)

Chev said...

giddy tiger,
Thanks. How about going to Siem Reap for your next vacation trip? ;)

It was huge. This is just a small portion of the temple. If u really want to explore the whole temple compounds, it can take few days to do so.

Since these are popular tourist spots, yeah.. there are quite a number of tourists, unless u go there early in the morning or during non peak seasons loh :)

mr goober,
Hehhehe, they are there for tourists to take photo together with them :P Abuthen, if they really live there, then good also huh? Can get life performance. LOL

mistipurple said...

manikam sends lokam. :P

_butt said...

wowwww... such detail in carvings and statues... and yes, heard that those steep and narrow steps were built in such a way that as we climb up to the top it looks as if we're bowing to deities. :)

great pictures anyway. thanks for sharing and keep it coming Chev! :D

kyh said...

a must-visit! so gorgeous isn't it? i love these heritage places. so sad when i'm in penang, we always go to those shopping malls and not the cultural sites (cos nobody wanna visit these type of places, except me! :()! must take a tour there someday...

Sean said...

Wah... so many stone...
Nice shot ler... I tot you took from other website, hahah~! Take it as compliment ok?

Redsponge said...

Like the photo with a little girl in it....pandainya! ;p

sengkor said...

the pics look 'quiet'.. is it really that quiet there? not many people?

Kopi Soh said...

Wah so nice, I keep saying wan to go but never got chance to go, sigh i singhkapor oso never been before :(

lynnx01 said...

Happy new year!!

Nice pics you've got there. Heard alot about the place from my friends who went to Cambodia for mission trip.

CresceNet said...

Gostei muito desse post e seu blog é muito interessante, vou passar por aqui sempre =) Depois dá uma passada lá no meu site, que é sobre o CresceNet, espero que goste. O endereço dele é . Um abraço.

Chev said...

Hahhaha, this Manikam really tai sek. I will give him angpow in return ;)

Thanks. I'm sure u will love the subsequent posts more ~ The Bayon and Angkor Thom pictures and also the Ta Prohm pictures :)

Hahhaha, your friends are really shopping kaki-s. Have u visited the Snake Temple and War Museum in Penang? Those places are located not far away from USM. The last time I visited the snake temple was... 8 or 9 years ago?

Hehehe, thanks for your compliment :) Most of the photos in my blog (I would say more than 99% of the photos) is taken my me ;)

Chev said...

Hehehe... siapa yang pandai? The little girl or *ahem* ?? :P

Hahaha, there are actually quite a number of tourists there. I choose the spot with less people to take photo mah. Photo with a huge crowd is not nice mah :P

kopi soh,
U still have chance to go there mah. Btw, I only been to Singapore once leh, although Singapore is so nearby Malaysia ;)

Thanks. Most Cambodians are poor and the country is very corrupted :(

fibrate said...

Nice photos...amazing how you managed the shots without any tourist in sight. It was a circus when I went last year!

Chev said...

Thanks fibrate. In fact there were several tourists when I was there. But I was kinda lucky as I managed to snap few shots without any tourists in sight :)

eastcoastlife said...

Angkor Wat! One of the dream places I wish to visit. mmm....

stev said...

a very nice place to visit def

mmm - all the stone carvings are really something (!)

Chev said...

Do pay this place a visit. But don't visit this place during rainy season (from August till October) :)

Yeah, Siem Reap is indeed worth visiting. Every piece of stone carvings or the bus relief carvings in the temple ruins has their own stories or mythology :)

nyonyapenang said...

Gorgeous pics you have there....I like your frame within frame mia shots...breathtakingly beautiful.

And coming down the steep steps...must be one step at a time and holding on to the banister/sides for dear life.

kyh said...

i've visited snake temple b4, like 10 yrs ago too. but i heard the snakes r slipping away from there now liao?

Chev said...

Thanks nyonya. I love that shot too :)

Those steps are very narrow and steep. And if u look at the picture carefully, there are not banister to hold at. That's why I sked to climb up there. The fear of "how if i miss a step?" ;)

And wearing a pair of good walking shoes plays an important role too :)

Hahahha, u also visited the temple so long ago. I have no idea how is the situation there now. But during my previous visit 9 years ago, the number of snakes are pathetic. I would love to visit the snake temple again one of these days :)

Anonymous said...

omg i was there on boxing day too! gosh. angkor wat was spectacular! went to ta prohm also. but i think i still prefer angkor wat. did you catch the sunrise at angkor wat?

Chev said...

Wow, we were there at Angkor Wat on the same day :) I love Bayon and Angkor Thom too.

Nope, i didn't catch the sunrise at Angkor Wat as we went there later in the morning. But i have seen photos of sunrise in Angkor Wat taken by my sister in law. She visited Angkor Wat in 2006 :)

carcar said...

exactly!! your taiping zoo series like ENDLESS!!~

gosh time really flies......

*told u, i got monitor yr blog, and comments*


Chev said...

very endless indeed. Have to wait till one day when i have nothing else to post, then might be i will continue with my hibernating Taiping Zoo series.. Kkkkkk..

Thanks for monitoring. Did u doze off half way while monitoring? LOL