Monday, December 31, 2007


Time Flies...
Few more hours to go...
Before we bid farewell to 2007
and welcome 2008 with ????
(dunno with what yet)
Most people will do a reflection on themselves,
or what they have accomplished in 2007
But I won't do so this time since I'm lazy tired...
and no New Year Resolution either
(Well, I have never made any new year resolution all these years) :P
I just came back from holiday mah..
So, what u wanna expect? :P

Happy New Year 2008
Happy Liu Yer
See you all next year


Wyn said...

Happy New Year, jiejie...

wish you "san tai kin hong"

kekeke...sound like those oldies birthday wishes plak...=P

did you have fun during your hoilday?

may said...

Happy 2008, Chen! I'm off to see the fireworks, whee!!

L B said...

Haha, I like Lazy Butts too! Good for you! Not conforming eh? Master of the Monopoly Universe enough, hor?

Happy New Year, Chechen!!! Good 2008, and more Lormaikai! And Siew Pai Kuat!! And Longkang Laksa, and kkkkkkkkkkkkk™

Doreen said...

Happy New Year Chen! May your 2008 be a great year with lots of laughter.

day-dreamer said...

Happy 2008!

New year resolutions. *act blur* Apa itu ar? :P

moz monster said...

Happy New Year !!!

Faitit blog about the holiday ! And then plan for next holiday !

Ehon said...


Welcome new year with more sampat-ness. Hehehehe.

Jee said...

Happy New Year.

mistipurple said...

Happy New Year Chen, and Chen's half, and Ah Boy!
when you not so tired, tell how you cross the streets in saigon!

Selba said...


This is a simple and cute one!

Selamat Tahun Baru to Chen, Mr. Chen and Ah Boy :)

slurp! said...

well, i suppose most would expect some teaser photos from your holiday trip mah. but since new year approaching, you're forgiven LOLz juz kidding

Happy New Year 2008
May all your resolutions come true! :D

p.s: oops! forgot you haven't made any yet! ... fast fast less than an hour to go LOLz

Anonymous said...

happpy new year to you!!!

giddy tiger said...

happy new year Chen!

Winn said...

i think ahboy shld do notti..haha..

happy new year!!

angeles said...

i oso nvr do any reflection... i see my reflection everyday in the mirror kkkkk...

kung hei fatt choy!!! angpow! angpow!!! hehehe...

Jemima said...

Happy New Year!!! :)

Furkids in Hong Kong said...

Good to see you're back safe and sound!

Hope you had a great time in Saigon - remember to post about it!

Happy Happy New Year to all of you!!

Wishing you all the best.

Chev said...

Hehhehe, Thanks Wynnie
LOL, sounds like Birthday wishes pulak. Kekekkeke...

Holidays is always fun
Not having to go to work is fun too
I have fun looking back at the photos yesterday night too ;)

*Happy New Year 2008*

Nice woh your fireworks shot
I saw your Youtube video shot liao, wanna comment but forgotten what is my password for my youtube account. KKkkk.... Have to recall back slowly :P

Nearby my area not much fireworks leh.. Only mini fireworks :(

*Happy New Year 2008*

Chev said...

LOLOLOLOL at the Master of the Monopoly Universe :P
On the other hand, I just remembered I have abandoned RPS for months liao. KKkkkkkkk...
Too many distractions lately

I want Penang Longkang Laksa. I want Penang Char Koay Teow. Too much beef noodle when i was in Vietnam and Cambodia liao. Kkkkk

Cheers with instant Teh Tarik for a better 2008 :)

*Happy New Year 2008*

Cheers with Iced Lemon Tea for a better 2008 ;)

*Happy New Year 2008*

New Year resolutions ah? Those are... err.. urr... something not important loh, since i never made any. Kkkkk.. so it is something that can be ignored. Kekkekkekkee

*Happy New Year 2008*

Chev said...

Kekekkekke, I'm having fun looking back at those 2000+ photos taken. See till eye blur-blur liao yesterday night cos too many :P

Might be I wanna visit Bali for my next trip. *Thinking*

*Happy New Year 2008*

Cheers with sampat drink for a better 2008. Which sampat drink? Teh C peng loh, but not the kiasu 5 layer teh c peng :P

*Happy New Year 2008*

*Happy New Year 2008*

Chev said...

Hahhahha, crossing the main road in Saigon is indeed an unforgettable experience. Since the motorbikes and cars won't really slow down or stop when they see people crossing. And there are hardly any traffic lights there. Even if there is, not all motorists will follow the rules. Have to cross the road in a big crowds. LOL

Cheers for 2008 with Susu Lembu cap Misti ;)

*Happy New Year 2008*

Simple is always good. Kekkekekke

Hopefully Lulu will be a more obedient doggy this year and won't be so naughty and rebelious :)

Cheers for 2008 with the yummy Starfruit Juice :)

*Happy New Year 2008*

Chev said...

Haha, I'm still very "busy" looking at the 2000+ photos taken during the short trip.

Aiyak, haven't make any new year resolutions yet. And it's already 2008. How ah? LOL

*Happy New Year 2008*

Have a great year ahead, Misha :)
*Happy New Year 2008*

giddy tiger,
Cheers for the New Year with sparkling peach juice ;)

*Happy New Year 2008*

Ah Boy put on his innocent looking facial expression and asked, he where got notti woh? Hhahahhaha..

*Happy New Year 2008*

Chev said...

kkkakakka.. i love that. Seeing our reflections via the mirror. And also on the pool of clear water or the lake or whatever clear liquid lah :P

Cheers with Ice Blended Durian ;)

*Happy New Year 2008*
Happy Tikus Year
Squeak Squeak ;)

Happy New Year 2008, Jemima

Yeah, I have a good time in Siem Reap and Saigon. Still enjoy looking back at the photos taken :)

Cheers for a better 2008 with Diet Coke :)

*Happy New Year 2008*

narrowband said...

Hahahah... lawaks.... Happy 'liu' year :P

Resolutions rarely work for me also hehe!

Happy 2008!

Jackson said...

Happy New Year!!

zewt said...

happy new year doc.

sengkor said...

heppi new year loktor..

rinnah said...

Happy 2008, chen! Here's to more holidays and happies and funnies for all of us!

nyonyapenang said...

Happy New Year.....Happy New Day....

Cocka Doodle said...

Happy New Year, Dr Jekyll.
2008 how many kkc you're gonna re-attach? LOL

pelf said...

Happy New Year, Chen! And may the new year brings you more hopes, joy, success, happiness, love and all things sweet and beautiful! :D

_butt said...

Happy New Year 2008 to you and family!! may you have a fruitful year ahead :D pretty soon it's Chinese New Year!!! Yeah!

eh, btw, Chev?

kyh said...

happy 2008!!! may u make lots of BBs tis yr! :P

Sean said...

Happy New Year... Gong Xi Fa Cai... ah... not yet ah...

winniethepooh said...

happy new year chen!

Zhu said...

Happy new year! May 2008 be a really good one for you!

Jun said...

happy happy "liu yer"!!! so good, no need to work eh? can't wait to read abt ur viet adventures-- if u're gonna write abt it that is :)

Kenny Ng said...

Happy New year to u too...

Chev said...

I guess if I made any new year resolution, I will forget what is it about in few months time. LOL

*Happy New Year 2008*

Happy New Year, Jackson

Happy New Year, Zewt

Hepi New Year, Seng Seng

Happy Happy
And I just had Prosperity Meal - prosperity beef burger, twister fries and green tea. Very happy indeed. LOL

Happy New year, Rinnah :)

Chev said...

Happy New Year, Nyonya

Cheers for a better year. More chit chat and makan session this year.

Yummm Senggggggggggg :)

Happy New Year, Kokokai
Btw, this is definitely not a good year for our Health Minister.
Aiyh aiyh aiyh aiyh..

Happy New Year, Pelf
Wish u all the best in this new year. Cheers :)

Chev said...

Happy New Year, Butt

Yeah, Chinese New Year is just around the corner. I just bought one box of Lokam from TESCO. Can start playing CNY songs liao. But I gotta search where I put the CNY songs CD. LOL

Kkkkk, new name for the new year loh. Actually hoh, I changed the profile name 2 weeks ago liao :)

Happy New Year, KYH

Make lotsa BB?
wah.. My version of BB = Big Bowl leh. kakkakkakakkakkak

Happy New Year, Sean
Well, well.. CNY is coming soon...
In 5 weeks time.
Gong Xi Fa Cai in advance. LOL

Chev said...

Happy New Year, Winnie :)

Happy New Year, Zhu
Cheers for a better 2008 :)

Happy New Year, Jun.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. So must take time off and go for vacation mah. LOL.

It might take a while before I start writing about my trip coz too many photos liao. Dunno where to start from. LOL

Happy New Year, Kenny :)

babe_kl said...

phew now only had time to read blogs... happy new year doc!

Chev said...

Happy New Year, BabeKL.
Cheers for a better year :)