Sunday, December 30, 2007

Goodbye Saigon

Greetings from Saigon Ho Chih Minh Airport, Vietnam. Awaiting for the flight back to Malaysia.

Goodbye Saigon, Hello Malaysia


Wyn said...

welcome home, jiejie...

safe flight home oh..=)

Ehon said...

tick tock tick tock.. :D

so happy.. so holiday!

Firehorse aka Kopi Soh said...

Happy New YEar!!!!

angeles said...

welcome home!!!

may said...

H E L L O C H E N ! ! !

L B said...

G O O D M O R N I N N N G G G G G C H E C H H E E E E E N N ! ! ! ! And Happy New Year!

rinnah said...

So that's where you've been... Happy New Year to Chen & Ah Boy!

Selba said...

You were in Vietnam!!! Cool! I was there too in December 2004 :D
Must be a lot of pictures to share... Did you visit Cao Dai temple? Ah.. yummy viatnemese food.... I miss it!

Pink Cotton said...

there you are!!

tidak tau u pegi mana le saya....hmmm

mich said...

welcome home!!
a big big hug and also a TAG waiting for u!!
and happy new year to u!

moz monster said...

Welcome ... it's called Tan Son Nhat International Airport lah ... =P

How ocipala was your holiday ? Tried the good stuff at Quan An Ngon ?

narrowband said...

Selamat datang ke Malaysia dan untuk warganegara Malaysia, selamat pulang ke tanahair!

That was the text used by the flight stewardess the last time I returned to tanahair from abroad. LoL...~

Welcome home! In time to usher in the new year at home!

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Happy new year!

Doreen said...

welcome home! Waiting for your post about the trip. Excited excited! said...

Safe journey and Happy New Year

kyh said...

i'm guessing u to be touring somewhere else, just nvr thought u were actually going overseas!

welcome home! *vietnamese hugz*

Giddy Tiger said...

Welcome home and a happy New Year to you, Chen!

eastcoastlife said...

Welcome home!

Happy New Year 2008! Awaiting your sexciting horniday posts! hehe....

TZ said...

Happy New Year :->

Anonymous said...

happy new year 2008 to you jiejie!!!!

eve said...

Weii...Happy New Yr..*hugs*

kat said...

Wah.. you got excited by cocka's post, issit? Also want to try roast woof-woof ah?? :D

Happy New Year, lokter!

Chev said...

Thanks Wyn. I just reached Penang today. Stayed overnight in KL yesterday :)

finally tick tock back home to Penang liao. I miss Penang Assam Laksa. LOL

Happy New Year 2008
wah.. time flies..
less than 7 hours to go (Msia time)

wah.. u also tukar nama ah?
Kkkkkk... Terima kasih manyak manyak. Thanks for the meet up, your company, the food and the pressie. Love the Moo. I zzz early yest night after going back to hotel ;)

Chev said...

Hello May
waves hands and legs ;)

Happy New Year May

Good evening LBbbbbbbbbb
Happy New Year
Niu Niu Yer Yer
Finally I'm back home to Penang :)

This is not the only place i had been over the last few days as i also went to Siem Reap earlier on ;)

Happy New Year Rinnah

Chev said...

yeah, i was in Vietnam and Cambodia over the last few days. I enjoyed my trip but I won't want to stay there for long :)

Didn't visit the Cao Dai temple.
I like their salad :)
But I hate their traffic condition on the road. Millions of motorbike. Crossing the road is a nightmare. LOL

pink cotton,
At least now u know mah..
Still not too late :P

Thanks for the big big hug :)
Wah.. end of the year liao still wanna tag ppl? *faint* LOL
I still have few more tags to answer leh. Kkkkkk... next year, next year :)

Chev said...

hehehe, yeah, that's the name. I lazy to type the long name mah since i was using my pda to write the post in the airport. This Tan Son Nhat International Airport looks like a "mini KLIA" but the mineral water here damn expensive leh.. US 3 per 500ml bottle. *faint*

The trip is nice. Now I know what u mean when u asked me to tell u how i will cross the road in Saigon. kekekekkeke... What an experience :P

Didn't visit the Quan An Ngon restaurant woh :(

Hehehhe, I used Vietnam Airlines hence i didn't get such welcome home greetings from the flight stewardess. LOL

I took the Vietnam Airlines 4 times. And the flight was delayed 3 out of the 4 flights I took. Grrrrrrr....

Happy New Year 2008 :)

Chev said...

hor ny angmoh,
Happy New Year 2008 :)

yeah, I'm now finally back home to Penang. Was in KL yesterday night. Posting about the trip ah? Might take a while since i lazy mah. Hahhahahha

thanks yenjai
i arrived home "selamat dan berbunyi". Safe and sound mah

Happy New Year 2008

Pandai pun. Yeah, i was in Cambodia and Vietnam the last few days :)

Cambodia Hugs in return. Thanks ;)

Chev said...

giddy tiger,
Hehehe, now u r back to giddy tiger (no more giddy tigress ?) ;)

Thanks and Happy New Year 2008

Kekekkeke, i will write and post little bit by little bit since i lazy mah. And i have taken 2000+ photos. LOL

happy new year 2008 :)

happy new year, misha :)

*2008 hugs*
*eve eve hugs*
Happy New Year :)

i very kind wan, i only eat roast kokokai and roast pig. LOL
Happy New Year Kat :)