Sunday, February 04, 2007


I know most people prefer to wear contact lens or have LASIK (Laser Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis) done. But... there are still some who still opt to wear glasses, like yours truly. Most of my short-sighted or myopic doctor colleagues (I will say >95%) still wear spectacles. Our great surgeon, Bernard also wears glasses.

Spectacles also act as the protective gear for our eyes against the blood or any other form of body fluid from patients, especially for surgeons or those who do procedures. It is not a pleasant experience to have blood or body fluid, secretions or discharge to accidentally splash or spurt onto the face, moreover into the eyes !! Wearing that pair of eye goggles is not practical and just too troublesome, unless the patient is known to be Hepatitis or HIV positive.

Remembering the days when my face was splashed with the gush of amniotic fluid aka liqor when the amniotic membrane was nicked during Caesarean Section for a patient with polyhydramnios (excessive liquor) and macrosomia (big baby) - free facial :( Luckily I had my spectacles on. And not forgetting the spurting of blood occasionally when the blood vessel or artery was nicked, and the worst one is vomitus (*&%$#@ yucks !!) I wore contact lens too in the past (during my undergraduate time) but I find it a bit troublesome. Meticulous and needs to be handled with care.

I know most of you here wear contact lens but I will still say YES to glasses.
Pssss... last but not least, don't you think those who wear glasses looks more intelligent? LOL


Will said...

chup chup chup chup chup

i wanna do lasik... but it's so expensive...

zeroimpact said...

I don't know why but I like glasses
I like people in glasses more than contacts, depending too on times
I should be wearing but then I'm not, not even contacts

angel said...

excuse sekejap har...
zeroimpact, that means u dun like me larrr?? cos i no wear glasses :(

kkkkk! u got look more 'intelligent' meh?? wait.. lemme go ask ah boy... :P

a^ben said...

i wanna do laksa :x

ppl say my spects not nice wor! shud change again liaw..

Mr. Goober said...


so for docs, classes are protective goggles..why not just wear protective goggles, solid rubber suit and carry a walkie talkie to talk during surgeries??


Redsponge said...

hmm...both spectables and contact lenses no good de..

wearing spectacles for too long time, my telinga sakit.

wearing contact lenses for too long, my eyes not happy.

itu lasik...hmm doctor, u go try then tell me! ROF!!!!

Winn said...

yaya i look more intelligent with glasses! not so bodo..but a bit 'lui'( canto..)...
hahah......but too bad. i have healthy eye sigh.:P

Chen said...

bkt bkt bkt bkt bkt

save $$$ from now loh
Will Tabung
anyone wanna contribute?
I "dong" in 5 cents :P

Wah.. u like people in glasses ah?
*ahem*, Clear-clear throat :D

u r short sighted too? Must be mild, i presume?

angel got wear sunglasses mah..
Very yeng leh, ada gaya summore ;)

U wanna ask the intelligent dog ah?
Can, can.. of coz can :)
He will definitely give u a favourable answer :P

Chen said...

no $$ to do lasik, then u go do laksa instead?
lidat also can meh?

Your spect okie mah..
Abuthen, I change my spec sumthing like once a year too :P
Time to change to a new pair soon liao ;)

at least to me lah..
furthermore i lazy to wear contact lens mah..
I know this peanut wear glasses too, right? ;)

Very uncomfortable leh to wear goggles.
Not practical :P
And summore look so suku wearing the goggles :P

walkie talkie to talk?
wai wai wai, there is something called "handphone" leh !!! :P

Chen said...

red sponge,
in dilemma liao leh?
dunno which one to choose?
I tot u join the "dark" side liao - wearing contact lens?

I dowan to try LASIK yet lah...

ah winn really very bergaya woh wear glasses
the one with black frames wan ;)

But, u mana ada bodo woh
u very seng muk tim ;)
Winn BOLEH !!

lynnx01 said...

Somehow one day I know I should opt back to glasses. But then again, I prefer contact lenses when playing sports. Nowadays, I wear glasses more often (makes me look geeky) because my eyes just can't take the prolong wear of contacts.

kyh said...

i oso wanna do lasik leh... but too poor :(

contact lens very mafan. not for me! i lazy wash and rinse the lenses one...

specs can block dark circles from being too obvious to others! this is one of the nice features which i like from wearing specs... and specs oso make u stand out from a gang of non-specs wearers.

Cocka Doodle said...

These days, I graduated to wearing magnifying glass liao. LOL

Chen said...

Contact lens is good when playing games or sports, and when eating too !! No annoying vapours @ the glass :P

Have to bear in mind that there are possible complications when doing lasik too ;)

Hahah, u always have those "panda eyes" cos lack of sleep? ;)

Magnifying glass?
The wise one has spoken !!
Congrats for your great achievement!! lol

_butt said...

chen, me, me!! me number one fan of wearing glasses!!! :D

I dun think I would do lasik even if I had the money.. and contact lens.. well, after seeing wut happen to my friend (her eyes got infected and takes one year to heal and all that).. think I'll stick to glasses anytime.

and yeah, I think it makes one looks intelligent too.. like you and para doktor sekalian :)

So guys, what are you waiting for? Go get yourself a pair of glasses and look smart!! :D

ps: agrees with kyh specs can block dark circles.. :P

King's wife said...

I know what you mean.
- Another intelligent looking person.


JL said...

*nods head

agree... cause i look funny withour my glasses on :P

Selba said...

Aaaahhh... now I know the reason why you back wearing glasses since the last time you were contact lens during you college years :D

Well, since about 1/2 year ago, when I got irritation with my contact lens, I've been wearing back my glasses again but not daily, so it's like 2 days glasses, 2 days contact lens because my eyes got so dry these days, not so sure why? Uhmmm is it because getting old? LOL

Pink Cotton said...


me also wear specs de!!!

hehehe..i was NERD 'x'!!

oops i don mean ppl who wear specs r nerds ah :P

eee i think ur glasses very dirtyyyyyy pls don let me touch it when u come nxt week


Chen said...

Hi 5 ;)
Now I count-count & see-see look-look back.. Actually got few people here wearing glasses too ;) Not all wear contact lens :P

Yeah, need to take precautions when wearing contact lens. Must practise strict hygiene and no meddling the lens with dirty hands ;)

TQ TQ for acknowledge that !!

And I didn't add in this point earlier on - My eyes are disproportionate - one slightly bigger & one slightly smaller. People normally won't notice the difference when I wear glasses, cos it's not so obvious then :P !! Kkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Chen said...

That is one of the reasons. Another one is... I'm lazy. Hahha, wearing contact lens more troublesome mah.. Needs meticulous care & strict hygiene.

If u have dry eyes, then u shouldn't wear contact lens liao :) Very discomfort to the eyes, especially if u r working in the air conditioned place. The eyes will get even dryer..

Pink Cotton,
*drop jaw*
Since when pink cotton wear back glasses? I tot all these while u wear contact lens geh? :P

Apa pasal call yourself NERD pulak?
Waiiiiiiiiiiii... Luckily u mentioned "i don mean ppl who wear specs r nerds " else I will sure bok u! LOL

Sikui, say my glasses are dirty :(
If lidat, then my hands are even more dirty loh.. :P Must remember to touch u more when I see u next time !!! Kkkkkkkkkkk

Sin Ling said...

chen, i am not wearng spec, but if i do, i prefer to wear glasses than contats lens. i didnt wear spec, i am not a nerd, hehe.. :p

^@lViN^ said...

Yes agreed.. I wear glasses as well.. so I look more intelligent.. :P

Kenny Ng said...

Luckily I no need wear spectacles, I eyes still good... kekeke.

Chen said...

sin ling,
wah.. regarding your statement "i didnt wear spec, i am not a nerd". Then, u mean those who are wearing spect are nerds????

Hehe, another one with specs. Welcome to the "Intellectual Club" ;)

u r one of the few lucky ones here, just like Angel ;)

blueheeler said...

i've had glasses since I was 7, which is about 30 years ago. sometimes when i play golf with contacts on, i still unconsciously reach for my glasses when i wipe my face... i'll nvr get rid of my glasses.

Pink Cotton said...


got leh!..i wear glasses when i cannot wake up on lol

but i must admit really got intelligent professional look with glasses


day-dreamer said...

I also wear spectacles. My dad doesn't allow me to wear contact lens.

Maybe I'll do Lasik when I have the money... but scared will be not used when don't have to wear specs. Hehe.

Chen said...

started wearing glasses at 7 years old? Earlier than me - I started wearing glasses at 13 years old, during my secondary school time :)

I think that has become a habit ;)
I remembered doing the similar act when I wore contact lens in the past - unconsciously wanna adjust my glasses on & off ;)

guan lai ane..
i thought since when u started wearing glasses back :P

I wanna see u in that intelligent rofessional look too !! Show me show me when I balik Kuching time ;)

day dreamer,
Kkkkkkkk... I do know u wear spect, your profile pict gives us the clue liao ;)

13th Panda said...

Not wearing glass/ contacts, but would like to try tinted contacts. But i am sked ler.

Got so scary one kah?blood splurtings..vomitus :-s

sengkor said...

i asked someone if i look more intelligent with glasses but she says no difference..

Chen said...

13th panda,
another lucky one with perfect eye sights !!

Those things that I mentioned is my real life experience & encounter leh..Luckily those spurting of blood etc lepisodes only occur once in a blue moon.. But u never know when that gonna happen. Just like kena lottery lidat ... Cannot predict wan :)

Not to mention vomitus.. I kena patient's urine on my hands & my feet before too :(

What tat someone said might be true mah, since u already look intelligent like professor liao, so no need to look "more intelligent" lah ;)

mistipurple said...

doctors very noble. *respect*
i vomitted on my doc's feet a little last week. he couldn't 'siam' in time, and i don't know how to vomit (control). so the paiseh.

i peeped at dr. bernard's blog. now hin-hin, don't think want to eat pork or look at chopped liver for a while...

YD said...

me wearing glasses too. instead of looking "clever", ppl say i look like "nerd". *cry cry* haha...

I have planned to do LASIK, but dunno which doctor is more experienced. I heard penang got, dunno whether lokun Chen can recommend any good doctor? :-) would be glad to give u my email for further details, cuz i think lokun cannot do advertisement one rite?

mistipurple said...

i drink milo kosong for this period. bring you one milo kosong si. (with carnation milk very nice)

Chen said...

Poor Misti.. and poor tat doctor whose feet kena vomitus ;)

Well, it's hard to control vomit, especially if it just came to sudden.. it's sometime just "out of control" wan.. So don't feel so bad about it lah.. :)

Kkkkkkkkkk... hope u don't get a shock out of your life after seeing the so called "gross" picture over there ;)

Poor YD
Must piak those people so liao, who so bad mouth??

I know Lasik is available in Island Hospital. But how good issit I dunno loh, so I can't give u any recommendation lah, sorry woh :)

TQ TQ. I always drink Milo Kosong or Milo O too ;) With Carnation Milk? This one I never tried leh.. Nice ah? then I sapu too !!! Terima Kasih Banyak-Banyak.

yenchiew said...

spectacles people UNITE!!
am an avid fan of the specs thingy since i was in form 1?
'cos don't fancy the idea of sticking things into the eyeball.. LOL..
furthermore, like what you've said, it gives you an intellectual look as well.. hahahaha.. said...

I will stick to my spects
No way I am going to do Lasik

mistipurple said...

i lap loctor chen.
(just so liu know!) :)

papercrazy said...

YES to the intelligent glass wearers!!!


*catch Chen's hand and shout YES together*

There was an attempt last nite by somebody insisting that I use contact lenses....

papercrazy said...

the only disadvantage of wearing glasses is that u cannot use the kay si kay si branded sunglasses lor ....

either use sunglasses with degree wan or clip-on nia

papercrazy said...

i prefer guys with specs!!! LOL

papercrazy said...

I still like the framelss glasses....Mine now is semi...might want to change to frameless soon....but dilemma lei...cannot find clip-on shade...

papercrazy said...

Ai see ah...I spammed lokter's blog

Chen said...

Welcome to the "Intellectual Club"
Lol at your description of sticking things onto the eyeball :P
Summore before that, must clean hands lah..
This & that lah...
so troublesome hoh? :P

Yeah, same here.
I dun think I will do Lasik too..

I have many ophthalmologist & optometrists friends who are still "faithfully" wearing glasses ;)

TQ very much for lapping me
So sweet woh :)
My heart melt liao leh
I sayang Misti too :)

Chen said...

Let’s shout out aloud !!!
Alamak.. shout too loud till no voice liao..
How leh? :P

Tell that someone wearing glasses is GOOD

Can still use the branded sunglasses lah..
As u say, sunglasses with "degree" wan..
I’m using RayBan sunglasses too :P
Just have to change the lens & chip in another few hundred bucks :P

Frameless glasses is good
I have been wearing frameless glasses with plastic lens for years already..
Very light, like not wearing any glasses lidat ;)
Got clip on shade for frameless glasses too leh..
I saw from the spectacles shop that I used to frequent ;)

New spammer on the move ;)

papercrazy said...

I no voice liaw after shouting the Yes so loud!!!

Ya lor....I kena tipu-ed lor....When I did my half-framed glass, the nicompoop optician said tarak ada like that wan...then I chat chat with another optician (after I did mine) he said ada lor..

Too late liaw....budget already finished for the year, have to wait next year lor...

Waisehman, u use rayban ah??? I used Reben (Ribbon) lor...

like crocs = krok
Coca cola = kura kura

Monk[+]Icon said...

glasses all the way! wheee~

nyonyapenang said...

your glasses make you look...look...err..err sexy lar.

Chen said...

let's drink iced honey lemon tea ;)

Tat opticion so bad geh?
tipu u?
boycott him kaw kaw liao next time!!!

wah... got such thing called ribbon ah? I know reuben lah. Yummy yummy.. now i rasa hungry pulak :P

gero gero gero

nyonya pg,
lu mai cincai kong lah

Simple American said...

Oh yes. Very intelligent. Quite so. ;) Kkkkkkkkkkk

Blood, amniotic fluids, vomitus!

Thats why I'm an accountant.

Chen said...

I saw u wearing spec in your younger days.. Nowadays, u no more wearing spec liao? ;)

But accountant have to deal with accounts and taxes woh..
XX( too :P

Bernard said...

Uahh.. out of soooo many ppl wearing specs you mention me ah?? LOL.

I'm wearing plastic specs too.. frameless 'cos it's lighter. I've had countless specs broken (twice while playing futsal) already but I still like them compared to contacts (tried them once while waiting for a pair of glasses to be ready) 'cos contacts make my eyes itch.

Recently I was thinking of trying contacts again while playing but haven't gotten to it yet.

And yes, i prefer my specs to goggles (they fog up) ... and pinch my nose ... and I look wierd and not hensem at all in goggles.

Last but not least, (cheong hei) i agree that I look more "academic" in specs. ;-)

Chen said...

Hehehe, u r the privileged one mah!
Can see u with your spect on @ the profile pict :)

Frameless & plastic lens. Very light, just like not wearing spect. The down side is can get scratched easily loh, hence need to handle with greater care :) That day I wore back my old glass lens glasses for a while.. Wow.. so heavy!!

Very irritating when the goggles fog up during surgery.. Everything become blurrrrrrrr...

More academic, intellectual & more handsome too !!! ;)