Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Red Dates

Fresh Dates from China (also known as Chinese Dates @ Red Dates @ Chinese Jujube @ 紅棗). This is the second time I came across the red dates (bought the fruits from one of the stalls in KL Sentral). The first time was when I was in Beijing, China (in 2002).
The crunchy flesh resembles apple, and tastes like one too (Like Brother, Like Sister? But these are step-siblings as they are not biologically related :P).

I sacrificed one fresh red date - producing my own version of home made dried red date (紅棗) . Saja-saja, just for fun. One of the EFNTD activities. And I'm not wasting food either since the dried red date is edible :P

My gigantic 紅棗 in comparison with the "normal" red dates bought from the market. Leng mou?


mistipurple said...

wah liddat you can start selling already. bigger red dates people sure line up and sapu. :P

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

keke...that phrase "leng mou?" remind me of sum1...jie remember?

anyway, the belum dried red date looked yummy ler...expensive ar?

so big, got juicy not? hehe..those my mum used for soup mia, kecik kecik 1...and kedut kedut...=P

_butt said...

I love the blood blood dei color of the dates. second pic looked a little like peach. :)

by the way, you're tagged! :)

angel said...

U din jemur long enuff ar?

angel said...

Jujube sounds like "chu bee" kkkk... sampat..

L B said...

We got ls of that when in season in Italy too! I love it.. so crunchy, like tiny Apples! *thinks of Leopard*

may said...

you forgot to eat the date, then became dry, then you pretend it to be your own dried red date, ngam mou?

kyh said...

i've never seen un-dried dates b4. thx for showing me. no wonder why i feel the dates i've seen my family use to cook soups so diff from those ones. HAAA rupa2nya they are dried!

i dun like to eat dates. but they make soups taste yummy!!!

Wennnn said...

I also never seen fresh red dates b4.. Nice I also wanna try some la...

moz monster said...

The normal undried ones make popular snacks in Beijing ... and it's delicious in salads ... perhaps you would like to try try ?

yenjai.net said...

Take a deep breath ...

Hou leng


winniethepooh said...

red dates boiled with dried long gans, the kind of tea that u drink on chinese new year? thats one of my fav :)

keeyit said...

I haven't try fresh red dates before BUT I normally will use dry red dates for cooking soup or tong shui..

Red dates are good for health especially women.. :)


Giddy Tiger said...

leng leng!

Zhu said...

I love these!

kat said...

Leng, hou leng!

Now my mouth tham-tham (tawar-tawar), see your post already feel like eating those sticky sickly-sweet red dates!!

Yeah, I had some of those fresh dates before (can't remember when and where!). Quite nice, but so small, have to eat many before can get any satisfaction!

Anonymous said...

some people said that the red dates from china (the china date?) is good for the post natal mother, sort of to make the womb kecut after the delivery. do you know whether it's true or not?

Doreen said...

I've never tasted or seen a fresh date before but I like the dried one especially those chinese sweet dessert. The smell really nice. The "red date tea" also very refreshing.

day-dreamer said...

Wah this is the look of fresh red dates huh? Me katak, first time see. Wahahahaha!!

How you make the dried hong zou yourself?

Jun said...

leng... sui... cantik... ;p r they much bigger than the dried ones, or not much of a difference in size? and do u just eat them raw?

Chen said...

Hahahah, if only I have the red dates plants. But i don't woh.. The only plant I have is the weird plant that doesn't look like a plant. Neh, if u still remember the furry plant i posted last year :P

woof meow,
Hahahha, of coz i remember. Neh, your aiyah daddy mah, who is now in London :P

Nope, it's cheap. Just few ringgits. Taste similar like apple. The dried dates ah? Nope, dried liao cannot be juicy liao mah. Hehhehe. Kedut-kedut is inevitable lah, cos dried stuff sure will chao pei wan :P

Chen said...

Blood symbolized Life. Hence red is good. LOL

Peach ah? Let me go back and look see look see again :P Mmmmm... The seed for peaches are much bigger leh :P

Wah... Another tag ah? Tags are piling up again. LOL. Thanks for tagging :D

I didn't jemur under the sun lah. I just left one out for several days instead of putting it inside the fridge. Hence it became "dehydrated" and dried up automatically loh. Hehehehhe

Besides resembles "chu bee", jujube also sounds like yat pun kia name hoh? Hehehe..

Sorry woh, yesterday night I tidur early. I zzzz before 12 midnight liao. See if can meet up with u tonight (online lah) :P

Chen said...

italy dates are called.. Italy dates? hehheheh.. since not from China, cannot call it as Chinese dates liao. Very ocipala :P

Kakakkaka.. u r poisoned with apple liao. Talk about edible apple, Emperor's mind will automatically think about the inedible "Apple".
And this forbidden fruit is very expensive wan :P

Kakakkakka... I like your thinking and reasoning. I likey very much.

Kekekkeke. I left one of the fruits on the table (instead of keeping it in the fridge) and as time goes, the poor red dates become dehydrated and dried up automatically loh. Hehehhehhe

Chen said...

Next time tried to look out in the market or supermarket. Might be if u are lucky, u will able to spot one. I bought those fresh dates in KL Sentral in September.

The fresh one are crunchy, just like apples. But apples taste better ;)

Kkkkkkk.. Imagine it as mini apples. LOL. It is crunchy but not as nice as apple. A bit tasteless though in comparison with apples.

Salads? I can imagine the taste. Just like the fruit salad we used to have (using apples, rock melons, pear, pineapples etc). I had consumed all the red dates in September. Nil in stock liao at the moment :P

Chen said...

Let's inhale together (provided the air is clean and not polluted with smoke or haze etc) :P

The red dates are very happy cos u praised them leng. Hehehe

Yeah, we used to cook soups and desserts or tong sui with the dried red dates. It is very nutritious.

Yeah, red dates is very nutritious with medicinal values. Some people eat it as snacks :)

And soup with red dates are extremely yummy :)

Chen said...

giddy tiger,
Hahaha, no wonder the red dates are smiling happily :P

Delicious and nutritious ;)

mouth tham-tham ah? Searching for assam or soey boey or prickled fruits for u :)

I haven't have those sticky dried sweet red dates for ages. Used to love it in the past but it is very sweet. I saw the opened packet in my sister's house (when I was in Kuching end of October) but I didn't eat it.

Chen said...

i know the red dates are nutritious and can help to improve blood circulation, hence is taken by those who feel fatigue, anaemic or post natal. Regarding making the womb kecut after the delivery, this one I'm not aware of, hence I dunno whether it is true or not.

Kkkkk.. now u know how the fresh red dates look like liao :P I used to like the sticky sweet dried red dates in the past. Definitely have to wash hand after eating it cos it is so sticky :P

I haven't try the red dates tea yet. Saw it several times in the supermarket but didn't buy it. I will try it out next time :)

Chen said...

day dreamer,
Hahahah, u r now no longer katak liao since u saw it already. I dunno whether is it a seasonal fruit. I bought it in September 2002 in China in the past and this time I bought it in September too. Might be u can try and look out for it in September next year. LOL

Hehhee, I left one fruit out (instead of putting it in the fridge) and few days later the fruit become dehydrated and dried up by itself (without drying it under the sun). LOL

The fresh one is similar in size with the dried one. Just that the dried one are more chao pei with wrinkles :P

Yeah, the fresh red dates are eaten raw. Taste similar like apple ~ the mini apple :D

BaBy_oN_BoArd said...

i love red dates.. they are just nice and sweet. For cooking soup, they can generate a very nice smell and the soup is just sweet... Yummy!!!!

rinnah said...

I also so suaku... never see fresh red dates before. But I love the yummy dates in my soup!

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

yea yea...keke...he "wear grass" to London d...hehe..

those dried stuff chao pei because din use moisturizer lor...keke..din use lotion..=P

Chen said...

baby on board,
Thanks for dropping by. Yeah, I love soup with red dates.

But at least now u know how it looks like liao. Next time if u happened to see it in the market, then u will know what is it ;)

woof meow,
so bad, say he "wear grass" to London. LOL

if they apply lotion, u still dare to eat meh? :P

Simple American said...

Something I got to try when I visit. Have not seen that one over here. :)

Chen said...

Hopefully u r lucky to see it when u visit. I presume the dates is seasonal fruits, but too lazy to check out in internet. Hehehhe