Monday, December 03, 2007

Game & Watch : Octopus

Those from my era will know The Game and Watch Octopus handheld electronic game ~ one of the popular games in the mid 80's. This is the one and only handheld video game I had during my childhood primary/secondary school days. The Nintendo games during those days are simple black and white games with simple 2D graphic, such as the Octopus game. As u can see from the photo below, there are only left and right buttons for the game (Besides the Game A, Game B and Time buttons) :P
Well, there are no Game Boy, Brick Games/Tetris nor Play Station in the early days. Later on in life, as time goes, those fortunate ones will get to play the Micro Genius or the Atari video arcade games (using those cassette like cartridge). Reminiscing the Donkey Kong, Parachute, Popeye, Space Invaders, Wild Gun Man, Super Mario Bro, Pac Man, Lode Runner, Balloon Fight etc. Mmmm, I had never played Street Fighter in the past.

I can relive my childhood once again by playing this simple Sotong Octopus game on my PDA, but the thrill is no longer there. And it is no longer as addictive as it was in the past...


Leonard said...

hey, i remember this game. i played it before.

but my favorite is still the western bar..the cowboy game shooting bottles rolling on a bar!

may said...

at one time I was playing the PC version of Octopus and Parachute! kkkkkk!! my brother had the Mickey Mouse one as well, collecting eggs, and a Trojan Horse one... waaaa, all these replaced by Game Boys liao!

kyh said...

got this game one meh? hahaaaa

i lup mario game! so adictive at one time!

Chen said...

Great. Yeah, I played that cow boy shootin bottles game before, but i dunno what is the name of the game. That hand held game is not mine, but my cousin. I can play that games for hours in the past. LOL

I remembered the Mickey Mouse game, but can't remember the Trojan Horse game. Trojan somehow reminds me of the Trojan virus. Hehehehe :P

kyh siu didi, u dunno the Octopus game cos u r too young. Hahahhaa, I guess u were either not yet born or u were still a toddler when I played that game in the past :P

Mario is nice, and i still remember the Tungku :P

angel said...

Haaaaa! We used to call it "Tit Tit Tit". Dunno why.

I wanted to get it so much last time but my parents dowan to buy for me... so sad... so, had to go to school and pinjam kawan mia... my kawan-kawan so lucky... they have those bigger ones, neh.. can open and close wan ah... like Donkey Kong I, Donkey Kong II... donkey kong was my favourite... and then 1-2 years later after the craze my dad bought us Donkey Kong Jr... wah, so happies!

Pssttt... can play Super Mario Bros in FB oso maa... but I uninstalled it last nite liao kkkkkk... too many applications liao!!

Wah piang... so cheong hei!!! :P

mistipurple said...

i liked brick game. ya, so ancient. somemore cannot afford to buy must wait until the craze over then pasar malam sell $2 one piece. happies also then.

Chen said...

cos the game produce the tik tik tik sound kua?
Hehehe, so I'm more lucky than u hoh? Since I have one handheld game, the one and the only, the precious one. LOL

Yeah, I saw the bigger one before. I played the western bar game (the cowboy shooting game) with the bigger "open & close" handheld video games, but that one belongs to my cousin :)

Hehehe, I uninstalled lotsa applications in FaceBook too, close to 50 applications :P

cheong hei once in a while is good mah.. Kkkkk

The first brick game I had was during my university time. Very cham hoh? :P

moz monster said...

In my time, my family could only afford one for me ... and one for my sister ... I had the Donkey Kong one, and it was addictive ! And sometimes, I'd get the Snoopy Tennis game my sister had, which was equally good too.

Ah ... the good old days ..

L B said...

Hahha, I think I vaguely remember Octopus.. Vaguely! I remember one time I went back to Malaysia and Angchai had this NEW Tetris game on his GameBoy! I played all night long, non-stop, till he came home in the morning after his night shift!

_butt said...

this should be the closest one can get to sotong game kekeke

kyh siu didi LOLOLOLOLOL

Zhu said...

I think I actually played that!

But I moved on to the Game Boy pretty quick... ;) said...

I can't afford it last time.
Only can drool at other kids.

If not mistaken, the other favourite 'tit tit gei' will be the 'guys running over two bridges'.

You are supposed to use the two buttons to move the bridge around to support those guys.

keeyit said...

OMG, I used to have the same one during my primary school time.. aiya.. reading your post really brought me back to those old days..


Adino said...

I played this game too! Btw I think there's a version you can play on your PC.

eastcoastlife said...

I very suaku and poor last time.... saw a few of my classmates had this but dunno how to play... even the gameboy or PS3 or Nintendo.... so never buy for my son also... becos I dunno how to play and don't want to learn.

After learn ledi must buy for son and nieces and nephews. hehehe.....

Doreen said...

Aha! I know this game! Used to play it everyday back then. Wah~~~you still got it with you? It is a valuable antique liao. Mine already don't know where liao.

Jellyfish said...

got jellyfish game and watch or not? :P

傻鱼 said...

Adoi.. this really an antique liao o.. i remember last time i have a few games, but cant remember what are the games lioa..

Chen said...

In that case, then u are more lucky then me, coz I was sharing the Octopus handheld Game and Watch together with my younger brother. But we are good siblings and we never fight for the game. LOL

Yeah, the good old days. Those were the days ;)

Vaguely remember niah? Later the Sotong come and haunt u. LOL. I remembered playing the Tetris Brick Games for hours too. Can play till joint pain and muscle ache, especially both thumbs, hands and wrists. Very kua chiong but that was the fact. LOL

The good old days ;)

Chen said...

Hehehe, can call this as Sotong game too. In fact, my handheld version of this game is called Sotong. Very sotong liao. LOL

kyh is so young, so he is siu didi loh ;)

I played this Octopus game for quite a while. But occasionally I will go to my cousin's place to play the Atari video arcade games. I only had the Tetris brick games during university days :)

Reminiscing those good old days ;)

Chen said...

Poor yenjai. Yeah, most of us are not from rich families. I shared the Game & Watch Octopus game with my younger brother, but we never fight for the game. Some of my friends have several of such handheld games.

The bridge game u mentioned sounds familiar but I can't remember the name :)

If I didn't remember wrongly, I had this game when I was in Primary Six. Or is it Form One?

Life was simple during those days, but we still enjoy our childhood days. Those good old days :D

Chen said...

Yeah, nowadays most of those "Old Days" games are available online, including the pc version and handheld version.

I prefer downloading the games into my PDA as it is portable and I can play it anywhere and anytime :)

Hehhehe.. I never had Micro Genius, Atari, Play Station nor Nintendo too.

Nowadays I'm not that into video games or pc games, except handheld games to kill time or when I'm waiting for someone. It's a good past time activities when waiting for people to turn up during appointment. LOL

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

never play this game before tim...hehe...

im addicted to mario, pacman, donkey kong and etc...hehe...but that was some time ago liao lo....


Chen said...

play it everyday?
Wah.. Doreen is the Queen of Octopus game liao. Well, life is simple during those days ;)

I don't have it with me liao. The photo was taken from internet. It was somewhere in my old house in Sarikei but after my family shifted house few years back, I guess that handheld game was gone with the wind liao..

Jellyfish Sushi got lah..
U wanna makan? LOL

Thinking what other jellyfish snacks I can offer u :P

Chen said...

Thanks for dropping by :)

Hehehe, u are more lucky than most of us then since u have few games. It is fun to reminisce back those good old days. Time really flies.

woof meow,
Hehhee, kyh is the siu didi here, and u r siu mui mui, since both of u are too young to know this game. LOL

Nowadays there are too many new and sophisticated 3D games available. And yeah, u were once addicted to Dinner Dash not long ago too, right? Or is that you? or someone else? Hehehhe

Ehon said...

*io io io*

Mario is fun!! :D i still love Mario. why i never heard of this game one?

fibrate said...

"Game and Watch"...I had the Manhole one and the rescue-people-from-building one (forgot its name). Ah, those good ol' days. Are these available for download for PDA?

Chen said...

Mario is cute, especially when he hit the Tungku (the super mushroom) with his head, and hence increasing or double his size :P

Why u never heard of this game ah?
Very easy wan the answer. Cos u r too young. Hehehhe.. Another siu didi on the move :P

I never played the game u mentioned. Might be u can try and search those games. It should be available online, probably the pc version :)

Those good old days. And, time flies....

sbanboy said...

one of my all time favorite games !!!!!

Big Pumpkin said...

Hi! I stopped by because my Mom is from Taiping! Anyway, coincidentally, my family were just discussing these game & watch thingies just yesterday cuz my 3 year old daughter is into playing games and they dont have much options out there apart from the RM700 gameboy! I wish these Game & Watch thingies still existed. I used to LOVE them!!!

Giddy Tiger said...

I have the Whale game and watch! Really hooked on it man!

kat said...

Tit tit gei!! I like the diver, it's so cute!! Can download the game to PC meh??

Redsponge said...

hee...i play this game too!!!!

fun ho? hehehe...i play brick game 2!

i play street fighter 3!

i play nintendo 4!

i play psp 5!

just to emphasize that i am younger la ;p

Chen said...

i presume that "all time favourite" was in the past? Hehehe, since nowadays we have so many other more interesting games. And Bejeweled is one of the evil ones. And I still love Bejeweled 2 :P

big pumpkin,
Hi, thanks for dropping by.
RM 700 game boy for a 3-year-old girl is expensive. Might be u can try the pasar malam or night market? They have cheaper handheld video games :)

Chen said...

giddy tiger,
Yeah, The Whale Game !! I have forgotten about this game till u mentioned it. I played it before in the past. Hehehhe..

There are several of this games available online. U can try and search for it. I prefer playing the handheld version (on pda) cos it is portable and I can play it anytime and anywhere :D

red sponge,
Hahahhaha.. Definitely u r younger, and u r luckier too (cos u played nintendo and play station mah).

Ngek ngek :P

CFC said...

Well, you can make it addictive in the sense of trying to see how much you can stay "underwater" and get as much treasure before going up the boat again.

I loved it to bits but too bad it has no backlighting so i cannot play then under the blankets..........

Chen said...

Thanks for your suggestion. Nowadays I'm more interested with other handheld pda games such as Bejeweled 2 (i was hooked to Bejeweled earlier on, but now it's Bejeweled 2), Chuzzle, Candy Crunch, Fruit Frolic, Monopoly, Super Bounced Out, Text Twist, Chain etc etc instead ;)

doc said...

yeah, very addictive - once start, cannot stop. mine was the parachute version.

Chen said...

I can't remember whether I had played the parachute version in the past. Likely i haven't cos i couldn't remember playing it :)

YTSL said...

Omigod, what a blast from the past! I loved that Octopus game when I was young!!! :b

Stephen W. said...

I'm the high score of this game, still miss the game.

Stephen W. said...

My father brought me this game, n I was top high score, still miss the game. Thank you father we all love you.