Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Spaghetti Bolognese

Ah Boy wanna eat spaghetti, hence I Spaghetti Bolognese for myself him. Actually hoh, I myself wanna eat the spaghetti but I ti(p)u him, telling him that I cook it specially for him. Don't tell Ah Boy the truth. Ssshhhhhhhh....

Ah Boy is now a happy and contented doggy. :P


yenjai.net said...

I like this spagetthi a lot
Give me a bit?

angel said...

Mak Lipas! Kasi satu pinggan char koay teow! Tambah kerang!

Dan satu barli limau ais!

kyh said...

u said u sayang ah boy and will nvr ti(p)u him wan. ohhhhh u ti(p)u me!

*curi makan spaghetti*

moz monster said...

*slurps a bit of spaghetti* ... hehehehe ... Ah Boy will have to fight for it with me !

L B said...

Waaa, your spaghetti bolognese looks better than mine!!!

stay-at-home mum said...

Yes, I do that too sometimes - tell them its for them but actually its for ME. What they dont know wont hurt them. But most impt, it makes them happy!

Simple American said...

We had spaghetti last night too. :)

Your sauce looks wonderful. Ah Boy is so lucky.

may said...

cook for me, cook for meeeee!!

*slurps up 1 strand*

Giddy Tigress said...

Delicious nye...you cook again today, can?

Berberboo said...

eeee.... how do u know ur dog craves for spaghetti??? i cant tell le... haha

spaghetti yummies!!!

mich said...

i wan mushroom geh..u cook can? hee

Adino said...

Yummy! Btw how do you get your photos framed so nicely? What's your technique?

Jellyfish said...

got poison o not wannnn? :P

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...


but no good ler...dun ti(p)u Ah Boy mah..

later small gigi gugur how? (ti(p)u adult, big gigi gugur) keke...

Chen said...

can, but this round I sudah habis makan liao. Ah Boy finish sapu-ing his share too/
next round loh :D

Faint kaw kaw at cik malaikat
Apalah calling me mak lipas

Wai wai wai
Ini bukan kedai mamak 24 hours leh
Sini tarak jual makanan woi.. :P

since when I say I never ti(p)u him? White lie is good at times mah.. Kkkkkkkk

Piak your hand for curi-ing spaghetti :P

Chen said...

How can u curi makan ah boy’s food?? No wonder Ah Boy showing teeth and gggrrrrrrrrrr at u :P

ah boy says your spaghetti Bolognese taste equally good too.
He will BBBB to both places
(he very tam chiak wan) :P

stay at home mum,
Hehehhe.. at times it’s good to tell white lies. Yeah, as long as they are happy, and nobody is hurt in the process :D

Chen said...

Wow.. great mind thinks alike?

I wanna put in red wine into the sauce to give extra urmmph but at the end I didn’t.. Cos if I put in red wine, then ah boy cannot eat the spaghetti liao :)

or should it be the other way round? Your spaghetti looks equally delish. Both Ah boy and I BBBB and echo-ing "Cook for me, Cook for me"

giddy tigress,
Today tarak ingredients to cook liao. Must go to the market again…
But that will be later in the weekend lah :P

Chen said...

Hahaha, I do mind reading :P
Whatever I eat, he also wants..
LOL, he is a hampalang sapu doggy

Too bad...
I dun have tungku woh.. :P

I did the framing manually.
By selecting the "add border" option.

The first border is the symmetrical black border 3 pixels.
Followed by symmetrical white border 3 pixels. And finally symmetrical black border 20 pixels

Chen said...

walao.. apa pasal got poison pulak?
I dowan to poison myself leh..
Didn’t use any poisonous tungku
So guarantee no poison :P

woof meow,
Your Woof Woof ti(p)u Ah Boy for 2 years already. Didn’t see him gugur small teeth also?

Ah Boy still remember what Ah Woof told him 2 years back.
He is still waiting...

And grrrrr at the same time
Cos mengamuk kena ti(p)u for so long :P

Doreen said...

Wah~~ah boy very "hao ming" wor, got eat spaghetti. Got any left? I want some also. Hehehe

keeyit said...

Yummy yummy.. I also know a friend quite good in cooking the mushroom with tomato topping..

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

jie, he no gugur gigi..

his case more severe....he gugur rambut...


Chen said...

hehehhe... coz we all sayang him mah. I have just uploaded the picture of him eating the spaghetti in his blog :)

All the spaghetti kena sapu liao leh.. No more left over woh :(
Next time i will cook extra ;)

That's great. Does your friend invites u over for spaghetti when he/she cook the dishes? :)

Chen said...

woof meow,
laff die me?
that's the curse of ti(p)u-ing doggy? LOLOLOLOLOL

I just uploaded the picture of Ah Boy eating spaghetti @ his blog. Does your Bobo love spaghetti?

_butt said...

tipu Ah Boy. bad, bad owner. :P

Chen said...

Ah Boy dun mind wan lah.
He ate one big bowl of spaghetti
He was happy, and according to him, his prayer was answered.